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Andrew Blaeser, Abby Williams, And even Jack Dugdale!

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2 Andrew Blaeser, Abby Williams, And even Jack Dugdale!

3 Echoing through the gloaming Filled with a magic so strong. The boatman has heard, it has bound him In throes of desire and love. He's blind to the reefs that surround him, He sees but the Maiden above. And now the wild waters awaken Then boat and the boatman are gone. And this is what with her singing, The Lorelei has done. THE LORELEI I wish I knew the meaning, A sadness has fallen on me. The ghost of an ancient legend That will not let me be. The air is cool in the twilight And gently flows the Rhine; A mountain peak in the setting sun Catches the faltering shine. The highest peak still gleaming Reveals enthroned in the air, A Siren lost in her dreaming Combing her golden hair. With golden combs she caresses Her hair as she sings her song ;

4 The Lorelei Theme The theme of this poem is destruction of beauty, due to the Lorelei. The Lorelei uses the sea, which is supposed to be beautiful and part of nature, and turns it into a monstrous killer. She combines her beauty and the sea to lure sailors into crashing into the rocks.

5 HEINRICH HEIN. Heinrich Heine was one of the most influential German poets of the 19th century. He is best know outside German for his lyric poetry. His radical political views led to many of his works being banned by German authorities. Girl with golden hair and a golden voice sits on top of the rock and sings causing old sailors of Germany to crash into the rocks, making this rock a symbol for a place in Germany and for heinrich’s poem

6 POEMS BY HEINRICH HEIN Dialogue on the Paderborn Heath Geoffry Rudel and Melisanda of Tripoll Goethe's Monument at Frankfort-On The-Main, 1821. Goethe's Monument at Frankfort-On The-Main, 1821. Halle In Port Princess Ilse The Hostile Brothers The Lorelei

7 Journal Questionnaire Is there something that you want? Is something luring it to you? Tell Andrew,Jack, and Abby your answers after you write them on your own paper.

8 Romantic Elements Looking for something lost Explains how he feels with the twilight Talks about hair being combs of gold metaphorically Concerned about the waves destroying his ship Idealistic about how beautiful the air flows into the Mountains. Looks towards the beauty of the skies

9 The Lorelei Rhyme Scheme Rhyme Scheme of The Lorelei Abab Cdcd Efef Ghgh Ijij Klkl

10 MY OPINION I don’t really have a strong opinion of this poem. I don’t not like it but I don’t really say “wow! I love this poem”! or “I hate this poem”! But that is MY opinion! MY

11 ONLY ABBY’s OPINION! Abby William’s thinks that this poem is AWESOME

12 JACK’s OPINION Jack says that he thinks that the poem is great and is full of details that makes him emotional.

13 ALL OF OUR OPINION AS A GROUP We all think that this poem Is great!

14 Our life experience This relates to a life experience very strongly in this way. In crab fishing because I watch Deadliest Catch, there have been several crab fishing vessels that crashed into mountains on small islands and were trapped.

15 Hidden Literary devices Anastophie Cool is the air in the twilight End rhyme in lines in stanzas Lines 1 and 3: Lines 2 and 4



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