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Leadership & Motivation Trends in Leadership. “Do, or do not. There is no “try”.” Master Yoda.

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1 Leadership & Motivation Trends in Leadership

2 “Do, or do not. There is no “try”.” Master Yoda

3 Trends in Leadership Development What is Transformational Leadership?  Use of charisma and related qualities to raise aspirations and shift people and organizational systems into new high- performance patterns

4 Profile – Rudy Giuliani “Tomorrow New York is going to be here. And we're going to rebuild, and we're going to be stronger than we were before... I want the people of New York to be an example to the rest of the country, and the rest of the world, that terrorism can't stop us.” Source Eric Pooley (2001-12-31). "Mayor of the world". of the worldttp:// Using the resources available to you, profile the actions and leadership style of this former NYC Mayor.

5 Trends in Leadership Development Transactional Leadership  Use of tasks, rewards and structures to help followers meet their needs while working to accomplish organizational objectives

6 Trends in Leadership Development Qualities of Transformational Leaders  vision  charisma  symbolism  empowerment  intellectual stimulation  Integrity  TED Talks – John Wooden on True SuccessWooden  Summative Assignment # 3 – Coach K

7 Trends in Leadership Development Gender and Leadership  Women may be more prone to democratic and participative behaviors  Men may be more transactional Why we have too few women leaders?

8 Trends in Leadership Development “Good Old-Fashioned” Leadership  define and establish a sense of mission  accept leadership as responsibility rather than rank  earn and keep trust of others  Exercise – Not on Company Time, Gramps…Not on Company Time, Gramps

9 Trends in Leadership Development Ethical Aspects of Leadership  responsibility to set high ethical standards  obligation to supply necessary spark to awaken potential  high expectations tend to generate high performance

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