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Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler

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1 Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler
Chapter 12 Business Research Methods DMS 502 Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler Irwin/McGraw-Hill


3 Instruments for Respondent Communication
Chapter 12 Instruments for Respondent Communication (The Questionaire)

4 Instrument Design Process
Slide Phase 1: Developing the instrument design strategy Phase 2: Constructing and refining the measurement questions Phase 3: Drafting and refining the instrument

5 Developing the Instrument Design Strategy
Slide Management-Research Question Hierarchy: The management problem/question Research question(s) Measurement questions

6 Strategic Concerns of Instrument Design
Slide What type of data is needed to answer the management question? What communication approach will be used? Should the questions be structured, unstructured, or some combination? Should the questions be disguised or undisguised?

7 Ways to Interact with the Respondent
Slide Personal interview Telephone Mail Computer

8 Types of Measurement Questions?
Slide Target Classification Administrative

9 Appropriate Question Content
Slide Should this question be asked? Is the question of proper scope and coverage? Can the respondent adequately answer this question, as asked? Will the respondent willingly answer this question, as asked?

10 How to Test a Respondent’s Appropriateness
Slide Filter questions Screen questions

11 Question Wording Criteria
Slide Is the question stated in terms of a shared vocabulary? Does the question contain vocabulary with a single meaning? Does the question contain unsupported assumptions? Is the question correctly personalized? Are adequate alternatives presented within the question?

12 What Dictates Your Response Strategy?
Slide Characteristics of respondents Nature of the topic(s) being studied Type of data needed Your analysis plan

13 Types of Response Questions
Slide Free-response Dichotomous Multiple-choice Checklist Rating Ranking

14 Guidelines to Refining the Instrument
Slide Awaken the respondent's interest Use buffer questions as a guide to request sensitive information Use the funnel approach to move to more specific questions

15 Improving Survey Results
Slide Pretesting is an established practice for discovering errors and useful for training the research team

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