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From AlmaLaurea to EAL-NET prof. Andrea Cammelli University of Bologna AlmaLaurea Director Conference Budapest, 2006

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1 From AlmaLaurea to EAL-NET prof. Andrea Cammelli University of Bologna AlmaLaurea Director Conference Budapest, 2006

2 Why AlmaLaurea has been established? To respond to requirements: –To verify the effectiveness and the quality of the university careers –To overwhelm gaps in official statistics –To facilitate the access of graduates in the job market –To consolidate relations between Universities and Companies –To increase in value the Italian University system

3 Why AlmaLaurea has been established?? Objectives: –To provide the University Authorities with complete, punctual and reliable documentation –To put at companies disposal a tool to search high qualified human resources –To promote the widest and better placement of graduates on the Italian and foreign job market

4 AlmaLaurea story 1988 –First pioneering study on the foreign graduates of the University of Bologna. In the framework of the celebrations for IX centenarian of the University of Bologna The social origin, the secondary education programmes, the university studies performance, the social and professional position was inquired. It turned out that the subject of the research should be extended to all people who had studied in Bologna

5 AlmaLaurea story 1993 –The Statistical Observatory of the University of Bologna set up AlmaLaurea Project A questionnaire to be fill in by the graduating students A questionnaire is provided to the secretariats before leaving the University Integration with administrative data 1994 –The data base of the University of Bologna was set up Year of ‘birth’ of Monster in USA

6 1996 –Extension of the Project at national level The entrance of all Universities of the Region and the University of Florence –Ministry of Education, University and Research gave its support to the Project AlmaLaurea story

7 1997 –The data base available on line AlmaLaurea among Internet Pioneers in Italy 2001 –Establishment of Interuniversity Consortium AlmaLaurea –With a partecipation of 21 universities that have joined the Project

8 AlmaLaurea Consortium today 2006 –49 Universities in Italy –790.000 CV in Data Base –66% out of all Italian graduates yearly –4.000 companies have used the offered services –35 employees –4,5 Million Euro of turnover –Financing channels: 40% associated universities 25% Ministry of University 35% customer Companies

9 Siena Viterbo Bari Firenze Trento Venezia IUAV Udine Ferrara Modena e Reggio E. Parma Piemonte Orientale Catanzaro Cassino Genova Calabria MI-IULM Roma LUMSA Padova Verona Perugia Salerno Sassari Basilicata Bolzano Foggia Reggio Calabria Roma III VE-Ca’ Foscari Torino Politecnico Università di Torino Bologna Trieste Chieti Molise Catania Messina Lecce Perugia Stranieri Roma La Sapienza Cagliari Camerino MI – San Raffaele L’Aquila Roma Campus Bio-Medico Napoli SUN. Teramo Roma IUSM Aosta - Valle d’Aosta Castellanza - LIUC

10 Graduates Universities Companies

11 From AlmaLaurea to EuroAlmaLaurea As a response to challenges: –Internationalization of the labour markets –Integration of European Higher Education Systems (Bologna Process) –Comparability of statistics at European level

12 Coherence with the dictation of the Bologna Declaration EuroAlmaLaurea aims: –to facilitate “the attainment of a major compatibility and comparability of the higher education systems […] supporting concrete measures that will allow to realize tangible progress” –“to favor the occupability of the European citizens and the international competitiveness of the European Higher Education System”

13 A response: EAL-NET Project. Objectives of the Project: –To realize a prototype of the European Graduates Data Base –To merge CV of graduates from Project’s Partner Universities and those Italian consortiated in AlmaLaurea –To test the prototype in collaboration with Universities and Companies –To create a multi languages tool for the publication of CVs and their search

14 The Project’s Consortium AlmaLaurea (I) Coordinator AlmaLaurea (I) Coordinator INTRASOFT (B) IT Company INTRASOFT (B) IT Company TARKI RT (H) Research Centre TARKI RT (H) Research Centre U. Varsavia (PL) ELTE U. Budapest (H) U. Maastricht (NL) U. Marne-la-Vallée (F) CINECA (I) IT Company CINECA (I) IT Company

15 EAL-NET Project Duration: 20 months (July 2005 – February 2007) European Commission, eTEN Programme Financing: 810.000 €

16 EAL-NET Project Aims achieved: –Common format of curriculum vitae –Multi languages functionalities of the portal –Compatibility of the Privacy Laws of each country –Searching the database according to type of degree and field of study –Inclusion of CVs in data base to TEST the system –Identification of the user group that is testing the system

17 EAL-NET Project Prospectives –Start up of the entire data base at the beginning of 2007 –Extension of the Project to other Universities –Establishment of a University Consortium (alike AlmaLaurea) in each country –To awaken the University Authorities –The entrance into the Project of other Universities, European and not


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