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1 What Can WE Do To Assist In Earth's Vibrational Advancement? or, how can we help the Earth and ourselves, as well… in the face of a very unapparent threat*?

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1 1 What Can WE Do To Assist In Earth's Vibrational Advancement? or, how can we help the Earth and ourselves, as well… in the face of a very unapparent threat*? Don Chapin RVML Presentation of June 12, 2007

2 2 Quick Bio Electronics Tech & Team Chief Multidiscipline R&D/Systems Engineer Business start-ups in DE, NV, CA & HK “Armchair seeker” for over 30 years, before becoming an “Active seeker” in '88 Apprenticeship in elementary psychic defense ( Ordination: April 15, ‘97 Currently “retired” & a SCORE volunteer Education: BS, MS, Ph.D.

3 3 But... (in a slight digression) Marciniak, “Bringers of the Dawn,” p. 93: “The education system is another area where you are controlled. Most of what you are taught is malarkey.” “Education is actually the pursuit of knowledge, and knowledge can come from a walk in the desert. It does not have to come from flipping pages in a book. It is not harmful to explore a little bit of schooling, but don’t buy into the idea that what you are taught is correct.” (A later Marciniak book holds the view that our mathematics concepts are “extremely complex,” yet “limited.” ) So, what do our B.S., M.S., Ph.D. “titles” REALLY stand for???

4 4 Heraclitus, 500 B.C. “The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one” So, what “apparent/apparent connection” are we talking about???

5 5 A Wake-Up Call? (Aliens among us and controlling human development?) Catherine Larkin’s presentation on August 30, ‘05 (RVML DVD #LAR10508301, “Connecting the Dots: Seeing the Hidden Threat to Human Freedom”), where she presented the channeled messages from Marshall Vian Summers’ and advocated the Steps to Knowledge program (some references currently in this Library). Ref. “These” ETs were generally described as “alien in form,” possessing a high technology capability, with high mental capabilities.

6 6 WHAT??? - UFOs?/ETs?  “Foo fighters” over Europe in ’44, ’45. Roswell, NM, “alleged” UFO crash on July 2, ’47.  ’58 sighting by Kenneth Arnold @ Mt. Rainier.  Heavily undermanned USAF Projects Sign (’47) Grudge (’48) and Blue Book (’52-’69).  Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” and others.  Crop circles by Arcturians and Andromedans. (1)  Crusaders like Greer, Friedman, Salas and others.  Various abduction (2)(3) scenarios (the Hills in 1961), and animal mutilations, still going on. (1) (2), (preincarnation agreements) Robert Schwartz, and his book titled “Courageous Souls…”, 2007 (3) Daryl Anka, “Bashar: Blueprint for Change” 1990 Alan Watts, “UFO Visitation,” Cassell, PLC, 1996 Dana Redfield, “Summoned” or “The FT-Human Link,” somewhere...? The Buddha Consciousness in private sessions But, another aspect?

7 7 As usual, I needed corroboration. Looked to additional sources, such as… - George Andrews book “Extra-Terrestrials Among Us,” Llewellyn Pubs, 1986 - Zecharia Sitchin’s many works of an alternate human history, based upon the Anunnaki culture from the planet Nibiru - Various other works that were based on human deduction, offering differing concepts, yet seemed to be mostly “left brain” material. Cautious, Somewhat Skeptical SO, NOTHING MATERIALIZED

8 8 Uh-Oh! The Unapparent Connection? July 30, ‘06 - I learned that a highly capable friend, (the Commander*) in helping someone under psychic attack, had run across a “new form of human”... TREMENDOUS mental and other abilities, under contract to Dept. of Homeland Security, being used to attack someone, an “advocate”... Appeared to be considerably more capable of direct actions than the HK group that had tried to kill first my late wife (with a spinal ‘vine’), and later me. Then I heard about another (maybe unrelated?) situation involving an attempt to “muzzle” a woman ex-military member (w/3 dangerously interconnected blocks)... “8 to10 years ago.”

9 9 A channeled message had warned us about some ‘dangerous devices’ in my townhouse office. Although I had trouble seeing any devices, I thought this might be a good ‘training exercise’ for a student. On Jan 13, '95 one of the Commander's students, working from home, projected her consciousness to 'enter' my townhouse office. Her observations: (1) Inside door to immediate left and on top of a tall cabinet - a yellow device, with a cord, to cause confusion and scattered thinking. (2) On the control panel, a shorter and wider object with a purple cord, to collect and transmit psychic energy. (3) The telephone/fax machine has an object with a black tail which was a tracker of information. (4) The computer also had a black-cord tracker for the same purpose. (5) On top of the bookcase in the far right corner, there was a black box to record sound in the room and to cause water damage. (6) In the same area was a smaller object - red dynamite sticks - MOST POTENT and which could go off at any time. (7) A sea of doubt was spread across the room floor, to work in conjunction with the 1st device. (8) High, center of room, a brown 'icky' object that was watching for any movement in the room. Extract from “A TRUE Psychic Attack/Defense Story” - 1

10 10 The student then became conscious that Item #8 was watching HER, so let a 'breeze’ blow her out the window. She returned home and to her body, since she was conscious of this device watching her for another two hours! (Part of this operation was edited by the ‘Commander’ for security purposes.) On Jan 14, when the Commander came to verify the findings and neutralize the devices, additional information came to light: (9) The information from the room could be perceived remotely via a crystal ball.There was an additional 'seeing eye' in the ceiling. (10) There was a secondary system set up 'for death' (to appear as 'natural causes'), but it had not yet been activated. It was there as a contingency, could be focused on either the heart or brain and designed to emit an intense light burst. (11) Each device was a part of a holographic field, plugged into a 'computer field' with artificial intelligence, then wired back to 'F' from a connection outside of the townhouse. (12) 'F' had fabricated the devices (actually, seeds, or 'pods'), sent them to 'C' and she, being our Trojan Horse house-guest at the time, then installed them in the appropriate 3-dimensional place (in the astral plane). (13) A 'being' came by periodically to ensure that all was 'as it should be.’ The ‘Commander’ easily took care of the various devices. A follow-up attempt to plant another pod by ‘C’ was thwarted by a front door key change. Extract from “A TRUE Psychic Attack/Defense Story” - 2

11 11 Additional Corroboration Ultimately, within RVML, I ran across a series of channeled references that provided some very good explanations, independent of Catherine's source. Milanovich, Rice and Ploski, “We, the Arcturians,” 1990, Athena Pubs Barbara Marciniak, “Bringers of the Dawn; Teachings from the Pleiadians,” 1992, Bear & Co. (Quote from p.25: “You are in for a culture shock - a big surprise.”) Milanovich and McCune, “The Light Shall Set You Free,” 1996, Athena Not channeled, but well referenced works: George. C. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” 1993, Illuminet Press… much more detailed and far better-documented than his 1986 book! Alan Watts, “UFO Visitation,” Cassell, PLC, 1996 Ray Robinson, “The Alien Intent,” Blandford, 1998

12 12 per Marciniak (and others) Earth is going through a positive shift into the 5 th dimension (the 4 th dimension was initiated by Jesus and others that had incarnated with him), <--key with the assistance of its inhabitants, <--key while there is an attempt to hold Earth and its inhabitants in servitude to a race that, many years ago, supposedly “downshifted” our DNA structure and represented themselves as gods (such as in the Sitchen and the Von Danigen series), solely for their own benefit. They have played a Machiavellian** role in our history ever since, for their own purposes, but seem to be even more “active” at a particularly delicate time in Earth history. ** “Machiavellian” is primarily the term some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. The concept is named after Renaissance diplomat and writer Niccolò Machiavelli, who wrote Il Principe (The Prince). Machiavellianism can also refer to the doctrine Machiavelli established. - Wikipedia

13 13 An Aside - The Sitchin “Chronicles” Remember earlier? After dismissing this series as “left brain” (slide #7), I have found far too many references that support the basic concept of alien manipulation of Earth’s humans, including our religions. If anything, Sitchin* may not have gone far enough... “We, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty.”

14 14 Adding to the Dilemma :<) “… anthropology and archaeology were (are?) guesswork and personal interpretation backed up by a smidgen of logic to make it look more scientific.” Paul Christopher, “Michelangelo’s Notebook,” Onyx/New American Library, 2005 “Michelangelo’s Notebook” is a mystery of a similar genre as “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown Yet, after this presentation, I’ve reviewed more authoritative texts, such as

15 15 There Are Species... There are cultures/species that feed off of consciousness. There are cultures/species that feed off of love energy. … And there is a large number of positively- oriented species/cultures that are “here” to help us, some of them being... There are species such / \ ----.---- | as I ran into in the hills... above Reno, NV (5/26/92). / \ |

16 16 SOME of the (+) Species/Cultures… per: Geo. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” Illuminet Press, 1993 also ref: * and LoPear & Ross, “World in Translation,” SFTAUFOS, 1987, for a slightly different lists. Arcturians - “To educate the souls on Earth on the health, education, and welfare issues that will affect their lives in the future and the fifth dimension.” Orions - “Aid in the development of smoothly running systems on Earth. To stabilize intuitive powers within human consciousness.” Alpha Centurians - “Finding ways to bring advanced concepts of the universe to the level of human understanding.” Beings from Sirius(A) - “Bridge the gap between theoretical levels of knowledge and the practical application of those ideas.” On Salla’s (-) list for Beings from Sirius-B Beings from Hydra - “Transforming Earth's energy to new and usable forms of beautification.” Beings from Lyra - “Teaching Earth to ‘lighten up(?)’” The Pleiadians - “Change the rhythm of the planet with new forms of music. Open up humans' higher centers.” YET...

17 17 Categorization “... all beings of higher intelligence fall into two simple categories. They are either working for the ‘free choice’ system or the domination-reflection system. As beings of ‘reflection,’ they are in an exact opposite to the reality of the Creator's choice system. Higher-level entities who rule most of Earth's domination-oriented systems are cut off from even understanding or recognizing the choice system of the Creator. While in these other dimensions, these higher-level beings actually feel they are the creators of the Earth and feel humanity should give them allegiance.” Geo. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” Illuminet Press, 1993 And, the popularly-known species...

18 18 “The Grays” - 1 Because of a genetic deficiency, their main interest seems to be in conducting an Intergenerational Breeding Program with humans - Apparently, such a program with the human species is more successful than with other species they have tried this with. Reportedly done in phases: Hybrid 1 - a cross between alien and human; Hybrid 2 - a human egg & sperm are assimilated with Hybrid 1 genetic material; Hybrid 3 - a human egg & sperm are assimilated with Hybrid 2 genetic material. David Jacobs, PhD, “The Threat,” Simon & Schuster, 1998 Grays seem to be primarily responsible for most animal killings/mutilations, because of a severe digestive problem.

19 19 “The Grays” - 2 Unfortunately, even the Hybrid 3’s, while appearing quite human, seem to lack a conscience, are not monogamous, and can be quite sexually abusive… knowing they have the ability to alter a person’s memory of any such abuse event. Also, this hybridization scheme seems to be coming to some form of fruition and “frank” discussions between abductees and aliens or hybrids, seem to point to a “future” where only the abductees, hybrids and grays exist in a form of “happiness,” while the rest of humanity is relegated to a contingency status “in case anything goes wrong” with the hybridization program. David Jacobs, PhD, “The Threat,” Simon & Schuster, 1998 But, what about our “known history”?

20 20 Despite all, positive things ARE happening!!! On the left is E.A., the Anunnaki scientist featured in the Sitchin’s Sumerian epic poems. The Gnostics called him ‘the Great Light.’ He came to Earth in search of raw materials in the company of a group of gods called Anunnaki, the sons of the great Anu. (paraphrased from William Henry’s “Secrets of the Cathars”) E.A. shown as half-human, half-serpent offering the secrets of the stars (also from W. Henry’s website, Sumerian Legends

21 21 Cultures That Have Referenced Reptiles In Their History - Pro or Con (Note: The Pleiadians themselves state that they are part bird and part reptile.) Babylonians Egyptians Akkadians Celts PersiansPhoenicians Ewe tribe Middle East Africa Dogans - knows about the Sirius’ 3-star system! & chaptr6.htm the Fon people Zimbabwe the vhaVenda Jews Christians Minoans (Crete) Greece Europe Romans Norse/Vikings Native Americans Source: The Divine Serpent In Myth And Legend, Robert T. Mason Northern Cree Ohio Mound Builders Chippewa Sioux Comanches Mayan Toltecs Aztec Oceana the Solomons Fijithe Tuamotua Gilbert Islands New Guinea New Britain Philippines New HebridesMelanesiaHawaii Asia China Vietnam JapanIndiaTibet Australian aborigines Admiralty islands Sumerians

22 22 “The Threat” Characteristics - 1 from: Marciniak’s, “Bringers of the Dawn” They are heavily mental and fear-based. They often exist in other dimensions, but have the ability to become physical (3-dimensional), although they do not time travel as other species/cultures *. This last stipulation is not in agreement with other references. They do not honor life (but use life) and do not understand their connection to it. They supposedly genetically re-arranged us to decrease our inherent powers, including interdimensionality. They are masters of creating holographically generated, interactive events that we take for reality (similar to how we create a film, but we’re in it!).

23 23 “The Threat” Characteristics - 2 Marciniak’s, “Bringers of the Dawn” The grays seem to be subservient to other, part human and part reptilian, species.* The grays are in fear of these other species. ** * Alan Watts, “UFO Visitation,” Cassell, PLC, 1996, p. 158, and other accounts, including abductees. ** David Icke, “Tales from the Timeless Loop,” Bridge of Love, 2003 They rob us of our psychic energy by giving us a false picture of “reality” in every way imaginable. The Middle East “portal” involves manipulation of the human population to serve them. Technically, they are very advanced compared to our capabilities. They have set up devices on Earth that can broadcast and magnify emotional turmoil.

24 24 References to Stargate Portals What is a Stargate? From: A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. There are numerous references in the literature and all over the internet, with varying degrees of repeats. In his presentation on Apr 28, ‘07, William Henry showed many historical (interpreted) references. Some of the other locations mentioned in Marciniak’s work are in L.A., NYC, etc. And each geographical area mentioned seems to have a high degree of unrest/turmoil, often a lower vibratory rate associated with that respective area, although none quite as bad as the Middle East. “Startrek” version “Manyfold” Dimension version

25 25 “The Threat” Characteristics - 3 per David Icke, “Tales from the Timeless Loop,” 2003 Ceremonial re-enactments. Personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts. Slavish conformance to old way of doing things. Obsessive compulsive behavior. Obeisance to precedents, as in legal, religious, cultural and other matters. All manner of deceptions. Cold-blooded behavior with no empathy for victims. Territoriality - controlling the world around them. Obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control. Aggression. “Might is right - the winner takes all.”

26 26 The Greer/Sala Debate Dr. Greer: “Today, we see racist appellations applied to certain alleged ET groups - The Grays! The Reptilians! The Tall White Ones! Must we go down this tired, dirty path again? Must we replay the sordid history of human racism, prejudice, and xenophobia* as we begin our first steps toward the stars?” (Why this approach???) Dr. Sala: “Indeed, these sources point to a long historical presence where humanity has been used as an exploitable resource by some extraterrestrial groups whose motivations and activities are certainly questionable… ” * Xenophobia is a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers. The term is typically used to describe fear or dislike of foreigners or, in general, of people different from one's self. - Wikipedia Also, Alfred Webre, another pioneer in dev’t of exopolitics.

27 27 Typical Scenario for Producing Social Change through Artificial Manipulation of Society * (Does any of this look familiar? A Current Situation?) Step 1: Withdraw social programs. This will cause an increase in crime rate and seemingly "justify" an increase in control. Cause specific social problems. (perhaps helped along with an “event”??) Step 2: Apply authoritarian measures. Reap benefits. Incarcerate "troublemakers." Step 3: State publicly that the measures have been sufficient and that a new department has been created to deal with this "new problem.” (Homeland Security?) Step 4: Reap benefits from newly created institution. Profits come in from dealing with artificially created social situation. Step 5: Institute new social programs that have a higher level of control over the individual.… * Geo. C. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” Illuminet Press, 1993

28 28 Current Situation - 1 They have forged agreements within our “shadow government” since ‘54 (Eisenhower era) * and ‘69-’71 (Nixon era), thereby circumventing other, more suitable advanced species from directly working with us.** *, “[This] truth has gotten more people killed trying to state it publicly than will ever be known.” **Geo. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe” 25 ’80’s British Star Wars scientists listed by R. Robinson in “The Alien Intent,” 1998 They are the only ET group that has agreed to “share” advanced technologies with our “shadow government.” Our “shadow government” has chosen to keep these technologies from us, but there is now a counter-move at (Dr. Greer’s website) to get our formal government to accept these technologies from - “a benevolent extraterrestrial group.”

29 29 IF our formal government accepts this “offer,” it would be FAR worse than the Native Americans selling Long Island for the proverbial $24 worth of trinkets!!! Current Situation - 2 Yet, this ET group is not dumb, because there is now considerably more UFO activity over 2nd & 3rd world countries. Obviously, if formal agreements are made with these countries, then the 1st world countries may be forced to do the same from a feared “power imbalance.” This appears to be a continuation of “the Positives*” of the ‘90s, where there was no balance between different ET motivations - “They’re ALL enlightened!” * Jacobs, “The Threat,” ch11

30 30 CURRENT SITUATION - WHY EARTH? “ 'Your world is marvelous,' Julio was informed by the cosmonauts. 'Its biological richness is unbelievable. There are very few worlds like it. We ourselves don't know of a single other one like it. It is a veritable mine, a well-nigh inexhaustible mine of many of the things that we need, and that we do not have; water for one. Unfortunately, you yourselves have already begun the process of destruction of this world. It is a story that has been repeated on many other occasions: it happened in our own world once, centuries ago... ’ ” Timothy Good, “Unearthly Disclosure,” Arrow Books, 2000, p 138; quoting from: ‘The Soria Abduction: Part III,’ p 7 The literature is replete with channeled descriptions of what these (-) species have done to other worlds after they have infiltrated and taken them over, just as they are now working to do with Earth. So, just who are these (-) species?

31 31 The Known (-) Species/Cultures… in “pecking order” per:* Also, per David Icke, “Tales from the Timeless Loop” Reptilians, Off-World (from Alpha Draconis) - They think they were the “first intelligent species” and regard anything else as at their disposal… literally! “Royal Line” (Chiakars) - 7’ - 8’ tall, winged, w/ heavy psychic abilities. “Warrior Caste” - Dreaded throughout their known range in the universe. Reptilians, Earth-Based - Subterranean, had a hand in some of humanity’s modifications; have agreements with gov’ts; integrates with (sometimes assists) and reportedly “harvests” humans; alters human history. Tall Gray/Tall Whites - (Between 7’ - 8’ tall, no hair or white hair. Responsible for negotiating treaties. Lower ranking military personnel report them as having an almost explosive temper, with promise and full capability to kill. Oversees the short grays. Short Gray (from Zeta Reticulum and Orion Constellation) - working to develop a human/gray hybrid race, use mind control and implants to monitor humans… particularly likened to mercenaries. Also on this list: Beings from *Sirius and the Anunnaki

32 32 So, How Long Has This Been Going On? As far as the reptilian species is concerned, millions of years! Then, why all the hullabaloo now? 1) “The closer you move to 2012*, the more all of existence will be abuzz about your location. Where is Earth? Is it happening? The legends have said that Earth is awakening, and you may wonder how can this be, that Earth will awaken.” Barbara Marciniak, “Family of Light,” Bear & Co., 1999, p. 206 Also ref. predictions from Mayan**, Biblical, Nostradomas, Cheops Pyramid (Rosicrucians), etc. * **, C. Larkin, "Aligning with the World Tree" 2) Human self-determination!!! These particular reptilian species want to retain their historic “control” of Earth and its inhabitants, and realize they could lose control.

33 33 Despite all, positive things ARE happening!!!

34 34 “There may also be revolt within the ranks of the Grays, based on widespread discontent with their rigid hierarchical caste system. In the process of infiltrating a species, the Grays cannot avoid being influenced by that species, and some of them who had never thought of questioning authority are beginning to do so, because of the influence of human contact.* The Grays are having problems not only within their own ranks, but also on other planets they have colonized. As a species they are afflicted with severe, perhaps terminal, health problems. They have substantial captive populations of Blond, human and other prisoners of war, eager to join a revolt at the slightest opportunity.” from: Geo. C. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” 1993 * note - maybe we can “help” a little bit, here :<) ! Within the Gray Ranks...

35 35 Some Positive World Events The Northern Ireland/Catholic-Protestant conflict resolved ?? -------- About 1,920,000 “Googled” sites for “India and Pakistan peace.” -------- The potential for an Israeli-Palistinian accord may be approaching, right in the heart of the Middle-East portal, as more and more of the citizenry on each side gets tired of the on-going conflicts! The Big Hug of Jerusalem Israeli’s Ohmert and Palestine's Abbas still trying to work through discussions. (as of 5/30/07) -------- Bush actually talking about putting pressure on Sudan ( 5/30/07), re. Darfur! Maybe from CNN spotlight and the Save Darfur Coalition, since there is no known oil potential in Darfur? (6/1/07) --------

36 36 “The Threat” Characteristics - 4 from: Marciniak’s, “Bringers of the Dawn” They create systems that are “uninformed” (current administration? :<) because that is how they believe they must operate. They have forgotten their “gods,” they have forgotten who created them. The Grays fought among themselves (with the Procyons, the “Blonds”) and, as a result, separated themselves from “knowledge” (their inner knowing of who they are). IN OTHER WORDS...

37 37 “The Threat” Characteristics - 5 IN OTHER WORDS... They have vulnerabilities... They are slowly becoming “infected” with the human penchant for individuality, “questioning authority,” our potential for a “direct connection” with God/Central Sun/The Universe (or??) and... They do not understand, nor can they deal with, Creative Thinking/ Spiritualized Thinking/ Spiritual Development Marciniak, “Bringers of the Dawn; Teachings from the Pleiadians,” 1992, and Geo. C. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” 1993 They have a “hive mentality,” therefore are not creative thinkers and believe THEY are “god” to us,

38 38 How Can We Exploit That? Perform the greatest “service” possible: Work on ourselves and Earth’s development, at the same time. And, we can do ALL of this anywhere, anytime, and without meditation (at least meditation in the usual sense). Stay AWAY from negative thoughts and emotions, no matter what, because they feed on that! Change the level of our consciousness from linear thinking to multi-dimensional awareness. Be Non-Confrontational!!!

39 39 So, How Can We Help the Earth and Ourselves, As Well? Remember the earlier quote from Marciniak’s book? <--key point “… with the assistance of it’s inhabitants...” <--key point ^--key point “The journey we speak of is one of love, Light, mastery, and adventure. It encompasses the Ascended Master’s plan to raise Earth’s vibrations through the process of raising our own.” (Milanovich & Meltesen, “Sacred Journey to Atlantis.”) ^--key point <--key point “The only way to victory is through the strength of your own consciousness.” <--key point (Geo. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” p 157) <--key point “… though many (ETS & others) are here to help, only we (Earth humans) can act, because (those) who love us cannot directly engage in battle... for to do so would be a violation against the very things we need to survive - our wills.” <--key point (Milanovich & Meltesen, “Sacred Journey to Atlantis.”)

40 40 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!" Margaret Mead Again, How Can We Exploit That? Become a Spiritual Warrior

41 41 Again, Heraclitus, 500 B.C. “The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one” Unapparent connections: Unfriendly aliens among us/spiritual responses along with friendly aliens Apparent connections: UFOs and abductions/military responses

42 42  As Earth uplifts in its frequency, the universe is also uplifted.*  As humanity uplifts, so those that desire to control humanity are affected (with who knows what final results for them?).**  And for the <--key items? “It should never be forgotten that, when you turn over all hope to mythical superheroes who promise that they will save the day, then you get no second chance if Superman doesn’t show up.”*** * per many TBC public & private sessions -, Alan Watts, “UFO Visitation,” Cassell, PLC, 1996, and many other sources ** per 4/26/07 w/Maetreyii Nolan at RVML, channeled session, “Humanity and Gaia in Transition” (no tape or CD available) *** Randles, “Star Children,” Sterling Pubs., 1995 WRAP Become a Spiritual Warrior

43 43 Referenced Books Robert Schwartz, “Courageous Souls…”, 2007 Daryl Anka, “Bashar: Blueprint for Change” 1990 Alan Watts, “UFO Visitation,” Cassell, PLC, 1996 Dana Redfield, “Summoned” and “The FT-Human Link” The Buddha Consciousness in private sessions, only at Summers, “Steps to Knowledge” (in RVML library) George Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrials Among Us,” Llewellyn Pubs, 1986 Zecharia Sitchin’s many works, particularly “The 12th Planet” Milanovich, Rice and Ploski, “We, the Arcturians,” Athena Pubs, 1990, Barbara Marciniak, “Bringers of the Dawn” 1992, Bear & Co. Milanovich and McCune, “The Light Shall Set You Free,” Athena, 1996, George. C. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” Illuminet Press, 1993 Raymond Robinson in “The Alien Intent,” Blandford, 1998 Paul Christopher, “Michelangelo’s Notebook,” Onyx/New American Library, 2005 LoPear & Ross, “World in Translation,” SFTAUFOS, 1987 David Icke, “Tales from the Timeless Loop,” Bridge of Love, 2003 Timothy Good, “Unearthly Disclosure,” Arrow Books, 2000 Milanovich & Meltesen, “Sacred Journey to Atlantis,”Athena Pubs, 1992 Barbara Marciniak, “Family of Light,” Bear & Co., 1999

44 44 Pertinent Web Pages, (Michael Heiser, PhD) Google “The Divine Serpent in Myth and Legend” to also find (for Mason’s well-researched list from slide #17), “The Power of the Heart” “precession of the equinoxes”, and

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