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The e-gov services by the Regional Public Administration Unified Network (RUPAR) The Apulian E-GOV experience of “Centro Tecnico” RUPAR PUGLIA Poznan,

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1 The e-gov services by the Regional Public Administration Unified Network (RUPAR) The Apulian E-GOV experience of “Centro Tecnico” RUPAR PUGLIA Poznan, 23 june 2006 – Chiara Valerio

2 2 Information Society in Puglia Information Society strategy at the regional level is perfomed by using:  POR (Regional Operative Program) 2000-2006  Measure 6.2 (Local Projects on IS)  Measure 6.3 (RUPAR, Centro Tecnico - Tecnopolis)  e-Government National Action Plan (SCATEL, G2C) Objective: Connecting P.A. through the creation of physical and organizational infrastructures to deliver on-line services to citizens, enterprises, public administrations

3 3 RUPAR PUGLIA Sinergies between regional and national e-Gov initiatives favour:  improving of the P.A. effectiveness, thanks to administration networking connection (Back Office)  improving of the citizens access to services, through internet access to on-line services (Front Office)

4 4 Regional initiatives Regional initiatives E-Government Technologies :  RUPAR Puglia (Unitary Network for Regional Public Administrations)  Applications Cooperation  Digital Signature  Certified electronic mail  Digital register service Information Society Technologies to be completed:  Broadband: optical fibres and wireless  Digital Television

5 5 RUPAR Puglia: innovative charateristics  Services network, not only a technological infrastructure  Online Services delivered by market operators (ISP), not by the regional organization  Open Model (Several ISP to garantee technological & market competition)  Secure network, with a backbone not reachable by Internet, but available to regional P.A. for applications cooperation  Connected to Internet to deliver services to citizens  Conneted by 5 EPO, one for each province  The Bari EPO provides all the centralized services offered by the “Centro Tecnico RUPAR Puglia”.

6 6 RUPAR Puglia RUPAR Applications Cooperation Digital Signature Internet Citizens Enterprises Public Administrations Internet

7 7 RUPAR Puglia: architecture

8 8 RUPAR Puglia: how it works Birth Declaration Residence change Certificates issue Med Visit reservations Choose of family doctor Access to medical reports Health service request Citizen Rupar Internet Other P.A. CV entry Job offer Applications Cooperation LabourRegistry Office Health Service Public Administration

9 9 RUPAR Puglia: some figures  Operating from January 2004  Connecting 280 PAL  Cables: 10.000 km  Data transfer speed: 2 Mbps  Work station connected: 13.000  Administrations adopting Digital Signature Smart card: 73  Investiment: 45 M E (50% public, 50% private)

10 10 Evaluations about RUPAR Puglia  Innovative model of network based on several providers  This model has been adopted 3 years later by the National Center for P.A. Innovation (CNIPA)  RUPAR Puglia is compliant to the standards adopted by SPC (Public System of Connectivity)  Open space to regional providers  Responsabilization of providers due to their co-financing the investments (50%)

11 11 The SCATEL e-Government project (2003-2005) SCATEL e-Gov project, developed by the Centro tecnico RUPAR, realized Applications Cooperation services and infrastructures, now available on RUPAR Puglia. Applications Cooperation allows domains, based on different legacy Information Systems, to cooperate together, thanks to the application services that interchange structured information. A domain is the set of resources (procedures, data and services) and policies of an organization.

12 12 SCATEL Cooperation Services  Publish & Subscribe  Services Directory  Inter-administrative Workflow  Digital register service  Certified electronic mail  Domain Port (Porte di Dominio)  E-learning Platform on realized services

13 13 The SCATEL e-Government project Domain Port Digital Registry Service Certified e-mail Inter- administration WorkFlow SCATEL cooperation services SCATEL Cross services RUPAR base services Transport Interoperability Digital Signature Registry of services Local Repository P&S b) a)

14 14 SCATEL action lines Four parallel action lines:  Design and development of Cooperation services  Continuous comparison and alignment to innovative national changes, at normative, technological and organizational level  Educational action for public employees, to:  awaken them to innovation  create opportunity to use the services  Consultancy to I.S. designers and developers to adopt cooperation services

15 15 The G2C e-Gov projects The e-Gov projects, addressed to offer services to citizens, require a near cooperation between the P.A. offering/requiring services and local ICT firms that develop those services, by using the application cooperation infrastructure, already available on RUPAR Puglia.

16 16 The G2C e-Gov projects The main projects in Puglia are:  APULIE, involving 175 municipalities on a total of 258,  RISO, involving the three southern provinces (Lecce, Brindisi, Taranto) and their municipalities,  CARE, involving the northern area (Foggia) The main services provided will be: Citizen Relationship Management, Geographical Information System, Territorial Marketing, Registry office service, Health, Taxes, Business, General Services, Employment

17 17 State of art at 31/12/2005: No. of P.A. Connected to RUPAR Puglia

18 18 State of art 31/12/2005: RUPAR Puglia used services

19 19 State of art at 31/12/2005: SCATEL education: functionaries attendency May 2004 – December 2005 59443Total 74502805 3° Application Cooperation 25613928018 2° Digital Signature - Certificated Electronic Mail 26415328020 1°- Information Society/Digital Register Service No. Partecipating Functionaries No. Partecipating Admin.s No. Invited Admin.s No. Meetings Arguments

20 20 State of art at 31/12/2005: SCATEL services utilization Apulie ProjectApplication Cooperation 4Certificated E-mail 70 (54 demo - 16 on service)Digital Register Service No. User Administrations Service type

21 21 State of art: on-line services to citizens services On next july 2006, APULIE e-Gov project will make the following on–line services available using the SCATEL cooperation infrastructure:  Taxes Service  Business  Territorial Marketing  Geographical Information System

22 22 Evolution Within 2006, integration of networking services:  Creation of Regional Health System Network to deliver services to health operators and citizens  Increasing regional infrastructure (RUPAR2/SPC):  Wireless Applications in Health Emergency and Civil Protection  Advanced online services (Video-communication, Digital TV, NAP to internet)  Broadband  Geographical Information System

23 23 Pros&Cons  Infrastructure already available (RUPAR network, Applications Cooperation, Certified e-mail, digital register service)  Service centres (public and private) connected to RUPAR Use of national and international standards Continuing education including e-learning Quick spread of utilization New national laws on digital P.A. SPC compliance Strength  Low level of I.T. within P.A.  Need of re-engineering of administrative processes and procedures G2C Initial low awareness inside the P.A. Need of technological, organizational and law innovation SCATEL Initial low awareness inside the P.A. Low speed of network connections, improved in 2005 RUPAR WeaknessProject

24 24 Best practices  Guarantor of network and services reliability  Only Manager of Cooperation Infrastructure Centro tecnico RUPAR Human Resources EducationSCATEL ISP Co-financing Open Model Rewarding Local P.A.: - 2005 for data traffic - 2006 for using of services Sinergy among RUPAR, Broadband & Digital TV RUPAR Best practice Project

25 25 eGovernment/Organization & Human resources n % of municipalities/local authorities that use e-learning to provide training [8.9 %] eGovernment/ICT Policies n % of municipalities/Local authorities with an e-Government strategy [21.8 %] eGovernment/ICT systems n % of local authority civil servants with a recognised digital signature [36.5 %] n% of employees who use a PC for their work [77.4 %] eEurope - Does the municipality/local authority use any of the following systems? n Classic electronic filing (i.e. electronic storage of information on documents and cases, e.g. date of receipt, sender, etc.) [68.3 %] n Electronic document handling system (i.e. electronic recording and storage of documents of a case – scanned or internal documents) [17.1 %] nElectronic case administration (i.e. supporting the entire handling of a case and work flow between case officers) [8.8 %] Benchmarking e-Gov indicators

26 26 eGovernment/Internet/Broadband connection n % of municipalities/local authorities with an Internet connection [100 %] n % of municipalities/local authorities with an Internet connection provided by: –Public Administration [86.44 %] –Private ISP [82.11 %] n % of municipalities/local authorities with a broadband connection [81.98 %] n % of municipalities/local authorities with a broadband connection, by type: – xDSL equal or above 2Mbps [67.03 %] Benchmarking e-Gov indicators

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