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1 Mentoring the Mentor Stuart White, DC, DACBN, CCN Whole Health Associates 1406 Vermont Houston, Texas 77006 713/522-6336

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2 1 Mentoring the Mentor Stuart White, DC, DACBN, CCN Whole Health Associates 1406 Vermont Houston, Texas 77006 713/522-6336

3 2 Mentor goals: Ò To declare what is possible and establish a commitment to that possibility Ò Address personal and professional barriers limiting the ability to serve Ò Evolution of vision/mission/ethics that drive success Ò Create immediate action steps to apply learning and growth Ò Construct the round table of applied trophologists

4 3 Mentoring the mentor: Ò Who are the mentors? – Practitioners Ò Who are we mentoring? – Patients and GAP Ò What’s the purpose? – Optimized life Ò How does it work? – Whatever you learn you teach someone else (anyone else) Ò Who’s is included? – Self selection, you pick yourself

5 4 Mentoring the mentor: Ò Each participant attends monthly teleconferences (1 hour in duration, 4 th Thursday of month) creating a round table discussion/exploration of the dynamics and details of a nutrition-based wholistic practice Ò Each participant chooses a colleague in his/her world to convey the notes and information – no information squandering Ò Issues/problems/questions are considered a learning process for everyone, although individual’s remain anonymous Ò All questions, comments, case studies to be directed through email to SP rep who will compile and include in next teleconference ( must be submitted 10 days prior)

6 5 Core Concept Effect – symptoms, suffering, resistive to change, treadmill, temporal Cause – Invisible, inviolate, unable to access, absolute law, ultimate purpose is learning, eternal Healing potential – Causal link in chain of events, Realm of the wizard, Cause of suffering Cause Effect Chain of events

7 6 Serving our patients People long for one thing only – some fulfillment of why they came in to the world – a spiritual quantity So much learning and wounding have taken so many people away from the possibility of that fulfillment Healing returns them to the path of their own destiny

8 7 Healing practitioners understand what is occurring, and what can occur Ò Nutrition therapy delivers trophic, adaptogenic, post biological development – thus it empowers, fuels and liberates people to their full development Ò People are stuck, bogged down, and not in their full potency – save them Ò As the patient manifest us we are available to take them as far as they cause us to

9 8 Precious service  Service is the virtue that distinguished the great of all times and which they will be remembered by. It places a mark of nobility upon its disciples. It is the dividing line that separates the two great groups of the world -those who help and those who hinder, those who lift and those who lean, those who contribute and those who only consume. How much better it is to give than receive. Service in any form is comely and beautiful. To give encouragement, to impart sympathy, to show interest, to banish fear, to build self-confidence and awaken hope in the hearts of others, in short - to love them and to show it - is to render the most precious service. Bryant Hinckley

10 9 Standard of Care The public is tired of chasing symptoms, and wants more than that from a nutritional program – there must be goals, philosophy, accountability, and long-term, sustainable practices.

11 10 Core Concept Effect – symptoms, suffering intensifying learning, victims Cause – Inaccessible, Patient is the cause and chooses the moment to manifest the doctor Healing cascade – Causal link in chain of events, Seven Pillars of Health, Ease the Cause of suffering Cause Effect Chain of events

12 11 Chain of events Cause is invisible Effect

13 12 7 Pillars of Healing – Chain of Events  Endocrine/Hormonal – Disruption & Depression  Glycemic Management – Insulin/Cortisol Dysregulation  pH Bioterrain – Net Acid Excess  Inflammatory status – Cumulative Repair Deficit  Immune burden - Toxicity, Infection & Infestation  Circulatory Status – Arterial, Venous & Lymphatic Competence  CompleteTropho-Restorative Cycles – Uninterrupted Processes of Repair, Fortification & Synchrony

14 13 7 Pillars Protocols  Endocrine/Hormonal – Symplex F/M, Hypothalmex, Black Currant Seed Oil  Glycemic Management – Phase I/II Diet, AF Betafood  pH Bioterrain – Calcifood, Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Lactate, Green Food, Organic Minerals  Inflammatory status – Eliminate food allergies, Cataplex AC  Immune burden – Thymex, Sesame Seed Oil, Congaplex, Allerplex, Immuplex, Zymex, Zymex II, Multizyme, Wormwood  Circulatory Status – Cardioplus, Vasculin, Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne, Horse Chestnut  CompleteTropho-Restorative Cycles – Each program copletes the initial symptomatic response and continues through clinical silence to the other side of deeper unburdening and fortification

15 14 Trophology  The discovery of the physiological mechanism of the automatic regulation of growth and repair  Initial “histamine reaction” indicates accuracy and effectiveness of therapy  PMG is a protein/mineral complex that can act as a decoy to the natural tissue antibodies, thus reducing the catabolic load of a tissue  Use of PMG is clinically observed within two weeks of onset of therapy

16 15 Trophology  PMG’s have been nicknamed “nuclear vitamins” because they activate and support the nuclear DNA/RNA repair synthesis mechanisms  Tissue response requires vitamin/mineral supply as well as PMG to repair target tissue  Always start with PMG and general nutrition before employing herbal stimulants/depressants or hormone precursors or HRT

17 16 Adaptogenic -  Unique to nutrients and some herbs  The ability to bring to center, to promote homeostasis - if it’s hypo it will encourage and increase, if it’s hyper it will reduce it  All nutrients generally are adaptogenic

18 17 Post Biological Development  The completion of normal biological cycles that have been interrupted at a time later than is naturally intended  Cycles are interrupted by insulted endocrine, neurological and nutritional processes  Insults can be physical and metaphysical  Idea first introduced by Joseph Chilton Pierce

19 18 Bringing out the real person-  There are quantities of human being, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. Rainer Maria Rilke  A man finds room in the few square inches of his face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history and his wants. Ralph Waldo Emerson  God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. Shakespeare from Hamlet

20 19 Core Concept Effect – fulfillment of easing suffering and the cause of suffering Cause – Covenant to help and heal people, lifelong Healer potential – Causal link in chain of events, Realm of the wizard Cause Effect Chain of events

21 20 The Whole Healer Professional Mastery  Professional mastery is connecting with the silence and the peace of the innermost depth of character to support dynamism, effectiveness and contribution.

22 21 Self Respect  Your greatest asset in practice is the capacity for self respect, love, and forgiveness  The healer’s greatest influence is her/his own self respect  Anything you do that increases your self respect builds your professional identity - you will be known for this!

23 22 Reactivity vs. The Professional  3rd law of thermodynamics: as activity decreases, order increases  As the mind settles down it becomes orderly, able to comprehend and handle difficult challenges  Reactivity (need to fix) inhibits professionalism

24 23 Eternal Truth  You need not do anything; You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You don’t even need to wait; Just become still, quiet, and solitary, and the world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; It will roll in ecstasy at your feet. Franz Kafka

25 24 Risk Management  Discontinue all products at the first sign of a rash or itching  Always return all your phone calls  Ask staff to interrupt you with any calls from doctors or emergency situations  Win the war, lose the battle!  “If I have done anything wrong I want to take responsibility”  Do not tuck and hide  Document everything, you will have confidence at least

26 25 Risk Management  Allergies and case history are the best preview of problems (iodine, lactose, dairy, wheat, corn)  Never advise on medication, always advise with physician’s directions  Do not shame or blame - it only increases the inflammation  Any action you take to promote settlement cannot be used against you as a concession of guilt in Texas  If you go down, don’t fight it, roll through it - learn

27 26 Risk Management  Be humble - don’t be the target for people  Call to inquire as to well-being  Do not release records without written and signed permission  Act as though each case could go wrong!  Become an expert in drug-nutrient contraindications  Go slow to go fast! Practice preventions!

28 27 Time for effort -  The collective conscience and will of our profession is being tested as never before. Now is the time for us to have the courage for legendary work. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn

29 28 A Clinical study – Take a risk – prove the law! Ò Si - 76 year old man, Post surgical quad bypass with multiple complications including septicemia and failure to close of the incision after 9 months, short of breath, pseudomonas & staph infection, 258 lbs. Ò Began 8/30/05 with Thymex (10), SSO (8), Calcifood powder (2 Tbsp), Echinacea (2), Cardioplus (4), Symplex M (6), Hypothalmex (2), Inf Fighter (8 droppers) Ò 9/30/05 reported wound closing normally, increased energy, no more short of breath, return of stamina, no more depression

30 29 A Clinical study – Ò Joe - 74 year old man, Prostate problems with restricted urgent urination, knee pain, splinter hemorrhages, indigestion, tinnitus, 219 lbs., 5’4” Ò Began 7/9/05 with Immuplex (6), SSO (8), Calcifood powder (2 Tbsp), Echinacea (2), Prost-x (4), Symplex M (6), Hypothalmex (2), BCSO (2), Magnesium (3), AF Betafood (8) Ò 8/6/05 reported no more tinnitus, increased energy, no more allergies, return of unhindered urination, splinter hemmorhages gone, knee improving, nocturnal urination down to once or twice

31 30 People’s inherent possibility - The surest way to reveal people’s character is not through adversity but by giving them power Abraham Lincoln

32 31 Primary Health Care -  PCP is recognized as the gateway to health care  Functional medical approaches are becoming the gateway to addressing chronic health challenges  Our successes result in people wanting more, tasting the potential of letting the body work – then they turn to us for more and more acute issues – we become functional PCP’s  In such an undefined immature field we must exceed the expectation and live up to ethical standards of care – when to refer, how to give people choice and understanding, and how to evolve past dogmas against traditional drugs and medical procedures  The we may find true respect for the standards of care only go about achieving them uniquely, aligned by intent and clear about alternative approaches

33 32 Eternal truth -  Learn how to suffer and you shall not be able to suffer … Jesus, The Gnostic Gospels

34 33 Practice hedonism – avoid the pain, pursue the pleasure  Remember the pain – avoid repeating mistakes  Practice must be fun and fulfilling at least most of the time or practitioners will begin to limit the experiment  Practice preventions – 1 – avoid having recommendations declined 2 – avoid being canceled due to lack of funding 3 – avoid unanticipated deal-killers – allergies to wheat, vegetarianism, dysphagia, drug contraindications 4 – solve the problems before recommendations are made

35 34 Practitioner limitation  Lack of personal experience and relatedness  Lack of awareness of other’s needs  Lack of education/training  Resistance to change  Prior vows  Fear of the power  Money mis-management  Lack of vision/mission Take my/your supplements – physician heal thyself Be compassionate – listen and relate! Learn – let the rep work for us Give up – we never were in control Disavow everything but truth The power that made me will heal me Pay the bill first – then spend the profit Let the legacy live me – see it in others, find it in myself

36 35 Core Concept Effect – symptoms, death, dying, disease, suffering, “Hypnosis of the unreal” Cause – Patient is the cause of healing, Patient manifests doctor and success of therapy for their purpose and intent Healer – Causal link in chain of events, Realm of the wizard, transference, Projection creates attachment creates pain creates learning creates mastery Cause Effect Chain of events

37 36 Cause & Effect  If you are identified with cause you will burn out from being overly responsible and overly guilty  You are not the cause of healing or of disease  You are not the cause of your successful practice, nor of getting patients to come to you  When we meet the patient we are meeting the cause of the process  The practitioner is created by the patient, when the patient needs and only for as long as the patient needs us

38 37 Consciousness arise from cause  Thoughts are thought to cause actions, but what causes thoughts  Consciousness creates thought as clothing for spiritual intentions of being  As such we do not try to manipulate or change these intentions but rather honor and respect them – ‘a priori’

39 38 Eternal Truth Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached. Simone Weil

40 39 Take on the process yourself Ò Adopt the chain of events scope of practice – 7 pillars Ò Educate about the possibility for enhanced life Ò Risk giving the body a chance to heal and homeostatically balance itself Ò Approach every case as an as yet undiscovered mystery awaiting your commitment to its opportunity to unfold Ò Stop being the cause! – No blame, no responsibility to heal, just presence in the healing process

41 40 Action steps for tomorrow Ò Consider every patient for nutritional needs and possible evolution Ò Educate based on outcomes so people gather the journey they are taking Ò Practice risk management Ò Schedule upcoming Mentoring the Mentor sessions on last Thursday of each month Ò Physician heal thyself – be sure you are in an healing endeavor of some kind – improve the 7 pillars of health for yourself – witness then evolution of self refinement – the preach only truth and change the world Ò Give patients the possibility – of evolution out of suffering, of potency in desperation, of immune competence in the face of the bird flu

42 41 Eternal truth -  When you make the two one and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and female one and the same … then you will enter the kingdom. Jesus, The Gnostic Gospels

43 42 Give generously As you have received

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