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University Seventh-day Adventist Church Strategic Plan For 2007 - 2011 1.

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1 University Seventh-day Adventist Church Strategic Plan For 2007 - 2011 1


3 Basis of Plan main based on the views of the Church members input from Departments Central Zambia Conference Strategic Plan Southern African Indian Division’s “Lift Up Christ, Tell The World – The Five Initiatives”. 3

4 Vision To be a Christ centered, welcoming spiritual light-point with a strong and vibrant Bible evangelism focus, characterized by faithfulness, maturity in stewardship and unity, leading its members by God’s grace through personal transformation to readiness for translation into eternity. 4

5 Mission Statement Communicating the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ through Evangelism, Nurture and Stewardship. 5

6 Strategic Areas, Objectives & Strategies 6

7 1. STEWARDSHIP (SID – “Hezekiah Operation: A challenge to all our institutions to become self-supporting through vibrant stewardship programs…” 2 Chronicles 31:9-12) OBJECTIVES Promote faithfulness in all the four areas of Stewardship, placing strong emphasis upon the following three essentials: 1. “Each member must make an effort to bring the Lord’s resources into the Church’s treasury through strong stewardship” 2. “Taking special care to protect the Lord’s resources through vigorous internal control systems and regular auditing” 3. “Ensuring that the Lord’s resources are well-managed through good governance at each level of Church administration 7

8 Stewardship PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Tithe Income growth of 40% p.a. 2. Increase in systematic giving of 50% p.a. 3. All treasury officers are adequately trained before taking office and that they approach their work professionally 4. Employ and put in place a full time administrative /accounting staff compliment by end of 2007 5. Properly drawn financial statements are produced every month 6. Church property to be insured by 2007 7. The Church is audited every quarter with unqualified audit opinion 8. Conduct membership roll call in the last Sabbath of the 1st and 3rd quarter in each year in order to take stock 9. Involve Church members in the affairs of the Church based on their talents and faithfulness in other stewardship areas through annual Church Officers’ elections and other non-office bearing avenues 8

9 Stewardship STRATEGIES 1. Educate members on tithes and offerings through Bible studies and home visitations 2. Promote the study of the following SOP books: (a) Counsels on Stewardship; (b) Systematic Benevolence; (c) Go Forward 3. Formulate internal controls and accounting manual 4. Maintain accurate and regularly audited accounting information by installation and implementation of a computerized accounting system 5. Church assets register to be maintained 6. Church Clerk Dept to maintain accurate and regularly audited membership list. 7. Encourage and help members to discover and use their spiritual gifts 8. Conduct annual surveys of members’ talents and review/update the same on quarterly basis 9. Educate and encourage the Church to elect those members who are faithful in stewardship to leadership positions, irrespective of the level within the organization 9

10 2. UNITY / IN-REACH / NURTURE OBJECTIVES Promote fellowship, unity and freedom to worship in the Church 10

11 UNITY / IN-REACH / NURTURE PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Each Church member to visit a minimum of 5 other Church members every quarter. 2. Each Church member to have a prayer partner in the Church. 3. All residential fellowship bands to be fully operational by end of 2007 4. Each Church member to be fully sensitized about their rights with regard to freedom to exercise religious persuasion. 5. Each Church member to be fully sensitized about the need to prepare a will and to plan to bequeath part or whole of their estate to the Church. 11

12 UNITY / IN-REACH / NURTURE STRATEGIES 1. Pastor and Elders to promote concept of under-shepherd – “Each member is a minister” 2. Promote unity through residential fellowship bands by structuring the bands into sub-committees to handle certain aspects of member concerns 3. One Sabbath in a quarter to be dedicated to residential fellowship bands meetings during Departmental meeting time in the afternoon 4. Promote social and spiritual retreats at both residential fellowship bands and Church levels 5. Identify the needy in the Church through Deacons Board and meet their needs from a Needy Fund built into the Annual Budget 6. Elders and Family Life Dept to promote mentor-relationships and guardianship for students, youths and newly baptized members 7. Develop Pre- and Post-baptism Instructional Programs that become a requirement for all those who join the Church, focusing on Bible doctrines, practical Christian living and how to witness 8. Develop new-member retention plans and programs 9. Develop conflict resolution and reconciliation plans and processes 10. Develop and conduct annual Former Adventist and Non-attending Member Reclamation Program 11. Identify needs relating to exercise of freedom to worship and meet needs through visitations at work place, study place, etc 12. Religious Liberty Dept, in conjunction with Elders, to conduct Bible studies and seminars on religious liberty issues on a regular basis 13. Trust Services Dept to promote and train members in preparation of wills through Bible studies and seminars 12

13 3. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING & GROWTH (SID – “Epaphras Ministry: A call to a dynamic personal and corporate intercessory prayer, fasting, Bible study and intentional spiritual growth…” Colossians 4:12) OBJECTIVES Each member to enjoy personal spiritual revival 13

14 SPIRITUAL AWAKENING & GROWTH PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Bible study attendance on Sabbath to increase as follows: 2007: 75% of morning worshippers 2008: 80% of morning worshippers 2009: 90% of morning worshippers 2010: 95% of morning worshippers 2. All residential fellowship bands to be revived by mid 2007 3. Hold quarterly prayer and fast services for intercessory prayers and other specific needs of the Church 4. Church members to systematically study SOP Conflict Series through residential fellowship bands, with quarterly reviews at Church as follows: (a) 2007: Patriarchs & Prophets; (b) 2008: Prophets and Kings; (c) 2009: The Desire of Ages, Thoughts from Mount of Blessings and Christ’s Object Lessons (d) 2010: The Acts of the Apostles and Steps to Christ; (e) 2010: The Great Controversy 5. Attain the following: (a) 2007: 75% of members to have Study Guides (b) 2008: 85% of members to have Study Guides (c) 2009: 90% of members to have Study Guides (d) 2010: Every Sabbath School discussion group member to have a Study Guide 14

15 SPIRITUAL AWAKENING & GROWTH STRATEGIES 1. Elders to spearhead spiritually en-richening Bible studies at least once per month, with adequate publicity of topics and timing; topics may include, but not limited to: (a) Church history (b) Adventism (c) Bible doctrines and interpretation (d) Church’s mission and 3 Angels Message 2. Elders to oversee revival of residential fellowship bands 3. Elders to establish yearly Bible themes which form a basis for Bible study topics both on Sabbath afternoons and designated weekly days in the residential areas 4. Prayer Band in conjunction with the Elders, to develop and implement prayer and fast programs 5. Pastor to establish “prayer-lines” for those in need of prayer to phone in their requests 6. Encourage members to devote time to quality personal devotions 7. Church Library to stock SOP literature 8. Sabbath School Dept to promote acquisition of Study Guides through attractive purchase schemes and/or via electronic media, such as the internet 15

16 4. CHRISTIAN STANDARDS / FAMILY VALUES OBJECTIVES Each member to appropriately portray the image of Christ in their lifestyle in line with Church Manual guidelines 16


18 CHRISTIAN STANDARDS / FAMILY VALUES STRATEGIES 1. Pastor and Elders to conduct Bible studies on Christian standards based on the Church Manual at Church and through residential fellowship bands 2. Family Life Dept to educate young people in matters of courtship, weddings and marriage 3. Family Life Dept to educate parents on children dress code 4. Pastor and Elders to promote spirit of worship and reverence in God’s house at all times through Bible studies 5. Family Life Dept to ensure adherence to approved Wedding Guidelines 18

19 5. EVANGELISM / OUT-REACH (SID – “Zechariah Project: A call to the entire division family to become involved in evangelism, public and personal, each according to his or her Spiritual Gift…” Zechariah 8:22 & 23) OBJECTIVES A call to the entire University Church “family to become involved in evangelism, public and personal, each according to their Spiritual Gift…” in line with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 & 20 19

20 EVANGELISM / OUT-REACH PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Visit all households in the vicinity of University Church on a door to door campaign by end of 2007 2. Each Church member to personally evangelize with a personal minimum target of one soul each year. This should result into not less than 500 souls won for Christ 3. Conduct at least 2 public Church crusades per year to result into at least 50 baptisms 4. Normal baptismal classes to result into 10 people being baptized per quarter 5. Establish a new branch each year 6. Establish a new company every other year 7. Facilitate establishment of two new Churches by 2011 8. Establish a local community Radio Station within the Church Building by end of 2008 9. Establish a ministry to people with disabilities within the Church by end of 2007 10. Establish a Community Care Centre by end of 2009 20

21 EVANGELISM / OUT-REACH STRATEGIES 1. Establish under Personal Ministries Dept a sub-committee to specifically oversee the development and implementation of evangelism plans 2. Conduct training in evangelism methods 3. All departments in the Church to deliberately weave evangelism into their programs 4. Organize evangelism units on residential area basis, no more than 10 members per group 5. Encourage members to invest in technology to enable them watch Hope Channel and 3ABN 6. Elders to aggressively promote baptismal classes 7. Establish “phone-lines” for the members of the community who need to be prayed for as well as ask questions on Christianity and Adventism 8. Broadcast the Adventist message through local community radio station 9. Develop and implement training programs which will assist members in reaching special groups such as business and professional community; Muslims and other non-Christian faith communities; those living with HIV/AIDS 10. Encourage creative use of modern technology in all evangelistic endeavors 11. Aggressively sensitize Church members about the needs of disabled worshippers 12. Identify needs of disabled worshippers and meet needs through deliberate planning and programming 13. Community Services Depts to deliberately plan activities (visitations, clean-ups, etc) to meet the needs of the under-privileged (such as orphans, aged, etc) in the community, particularly in the vicinity of the University Church 21

22 6. HEALTH OBJECTIVES Promote healthy lifestyle befitting a spiritually filled Church member PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS Witness over the period a more vibrant and healthy membership with a reduction in mortality rate 22

23 HEALTH STRATEGIES Health Dept to systematically plan, develop and implement holistic health reform programs. This would be achieved by: 1. Health Dept to conduct quarterly workshops on health reforms in general, with emphasis on topical issues 2. Conducting free medical checks for both members and community once per quarter 23

24 7. INFRASTRUCTURE (SID – “Haggai Venture: A dynamic infrastructural development initiative aimed at building churches, schools, etc, throughout SID” Haggai 1:2&8) OBJECTIVES Ensure the Church has adequate supportive infrastructure to meet the demands of anticipated rapid growth in membership 24

25 INFRASTRUCTURE PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Complete Church Building construction by 2007. 2. Develop Children’s Chapel on area occupied by temporal Church structure 3. Purchase school and campsite plot by end of 2007 4. Commence construction of school and camp-meeting structures by 2007 5. Construct or purchase Church pastor’s house by end of 2008 (may partner with CZC) 6. Finish school construction by end of 2011 7. Acquire or commence community care centre construction by 2009 25

26 INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGIES 1. Church Building Dept to promote and establish a Church Development Fund for capital projects that should be aggressively promoted by Stewardship Department 2. Church Building Dept to develop an annual Church Development Plan through the Church budgeting system 3. Church Building Dept to encourage members with appropriate construction skills to offer their services, equipment, etc, to assist in construction and maintenance works 26

27 8. TRAINING (SID – “Paul’s Method: A call to equip our members and employees with the knowledge and skills to Lift Up Christ and Tell the World about Him…” 2 Timothy 2:2) OBJECTIVES 1. Equip all Church members (young and old) in leadership skills, thus preparing them for effective service in the Church. 2. Equip members in entrepreneurial and self reliance skills 3. Guide members in career selection 27

28 TRAINING PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Church officers to be adequately trained before taking office 2. On-going refresher courses in management for Church officers to be held every quarter 3. On-going youth skills and leadership training courses to be conducted every quarter 4. Hold Vacation Bible School at least once per year 5. On-going career guidance seminars to be conducted twice per year 6. On-going entrepreneurial skills seminars to be conducted twice per year 28

29 TRAINING STRATEGIES 1. Establish a Training Unit within the Education Department to specifically focus on development and implementation of training programs according to the needs of all groups within the Church structure, including Children, Youth and Women 2. Establish a Training Resources Database 3. Establish a “Pool of Trainers” in various fields of Church training needs 4. Promote the holding of Christian Personal Finance Management seminars 29

30 9. EDUCATION OBJECTIVES Provide spiritually oriented education to members and the general community PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Commence nursery and primary education by January 2008 2. Commence secondary education by 2011 3. Have boarding school facilities by end of 2011 STRATEGIES 1. Establish a School Management Board within Education Dept to develop and implement all aspects of establishing school facilities 30

31 10. MUSIC OBJECTIVES Engage members with music skills in witnessing for Christ (within and outside the Church) PERFORMANCE TARGETS AND GOALS 1. Establish at least 10 well trained singing groups, including Church, Youth and Children’s Choirs by 2008 2. Hold at least one Music Crusade every year 3. Learn and master at least 10 new hymns every year 4. Acquire proper music instruments to enhance worship by 2008 5. Musicians to evangelize through other non-Adventist media, such as ZNBC Television at least once per year 31

32 MUSIC STRATEGIES 1. Develop training programs for musicians and any other interested Church members 2. Conduct music workshops twice a year 3. Train specially identified member(s) in playing music instruments, such as the piano/keyboard, guitar, etc 32

33 Conclusion It is time for prudent management of resources. It is time to awaken out of our spiritual slumber. It is time to be our brother’s keeper. It is time to be on our knees in prayer and toes working for Christ. It is time for harvest. It is time for consecration. It is preparation time! It is time to Lift Up Christ, and Tell The World! It is time to work, for the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is IMMINENT! 33

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