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Sheila Hollowell. M.A. …Windows to the Soul DREAMS.

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2 Sheila Hollowell. M.A. …Windows to the Soul DREAMS

3 Eternal Truth needs a human language

4 Energy released from organs DREAMS

5 The Purpose of Dreams is Compensation

6 The Language of Dreams is Symbols

7 Symbols are Absolute …they do not change from person to person. Follow inner authority Tools for self-discovery Personal, individual psychological associations Sources of self reflection, guidance, and personal transformation

8 From the True Center of your being Spontaneous Cannot be manipulated Conscious Mind Unconscious Mind

9 Dreams are Possibilities --- …. not actualities

10 How to Interpret Say them a loud, listen to the words that are chosen Personal, individual, psychological associations from your personal experiences Discover the links between parts of the dream …but first…

11 Types of Dreams Everyday Housekeeping Great Dreams Anxiety Dreams Nightmares – Tramatic Dreams Shadow Predictive Prospective Psychic Lucid

12 7 Archetypes Journey Masculine Feminine Death/Rebirth Hero Adversary Self ~ Carl Jung

13 Functions of a Dream Reflect Prospect Confirm Transform Get resolution Synchronistic –shove you toward awareness

14 Symbols of Life Journey Vacations Quest, pilgrimages Events, birthday, anniversaries SYMBOLS: tree, winding road, ascent or climb up mountains, staff, vehicle, guides, river, streams, auras, doorway

15 Masculine Symbols Goals Achievement Power Planning Authority SYMBOLS: Sword, king,unicorn, phallus, sun, scepter, tools, tower

16 Feminine Symbols Create relationship, flow, beauty SYMBOLS: Vessel, vase, cave, womb, queen, princess, bed, throne, well, lake, tapestry, veil, gate, doorway, scabbard

17 Death/Rebirth Time comes back on itself in cycles to help us understand progression Restores balance End/beginning Arrival/departure Marriage/divorce Changing levels upper/lower SYMBOLS: Baby, wedding, airport, altar, clock, plant, poetry, dance, prayer.

18 Hero Achievement Mastery Healing SYMBOLS: garlands, parades, great heart, shield, messages, doctors, hospitals, medications, battles, struggles, diamonds

19 Adversary Create change SYMBOLS: Monsters, witches, tyrant, trickster, psychopath, demon, fool, gangster, criminal, murderer, wall, abyss, hangman, knot, caldron of magic

20 Spiritual Self Personal, spiritual, experience Transformation Unity, wholeness Balance Symbols: Butterfly, snake swallowing tail, stove (heat) fire, ring, crosses, temples, gift, treasure

21 To waste the night, is to waste one-third of our life.

22 Creative Dreaming As you fall asleep – deeply relax Formulate question in 2 clean and simple sentences Concentrate on question Focus as you drift off Discuss with your significant other, spiritual partner, growth partner, buddy

23 How to Remember Dreams Invite – Don’t Hunt Plant a seed before falling asleep Reflect when you first awaken Write everything down in rough notes Keep a dream journal Be patient and optimistic Meditate

24 Dream Technique Drop into meditation Remember the dream Go through dream over and over as each and every character Explore all the aspects

25 You have only the remembered fragments of your dream… not the whole dream in its entirety.

26 Namaste

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