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California Criminal Law Concepts Chapter 5

2 PARTIES TO CRIME Principal PC 31, ________ PC 32, ________
Accessory Accomplice

3 PC 31 _______ are: Principals
Those who are ______ involved in the commission of any crime or Those who aid and abet, advise, plan or encourage the commission of the crime Principals directly

John purchased some heroin and invited Monica to “get high” with him. They drove out to a remote spot and prepared the heroin. Twice, each in turn wrapped a rag around the other’s arm to force out a vein in which the other shot themselves with heroin. John subsequently fell unconscious and died after Monica brought him to a hospital. Monica committed the crime of manslaughter ( she is a principal in the offense), because she willfully aided and abetted John. At Brian’s request, Julia obtained a room for use by Brian and an underage girl, knowing that Brian planned to have sexual intercourse with the girl. Julia took Brian and the girl to the room and returned to awaken them at a prearranged time. Both Brian and Julia have committed statutory rape (unlawful intercourse). Even though Julia did not commit the offense herself, she aided and abetted Brian in the commission of an illegal act

5 Aids and Abets A person aids and abets if they: Actively assist
Support Promote Encourage Strengthen Instigate by act or advise Must have knowledge of the unlawful purpose (intent) of the perpetrator Abet: implies having a guilty knowledge and felonious intent that aid doesn’t

6 PC 32 felony AFTER a _____ has been committed; one who... _______
________, or Aids a _______ to help avoid, escape, arrest, trial, conviction, or punishment, is called an ________ Harbors Conceals principal accessory

7 PC 32: When would one be considered an ACCESSORY
A person must _____ (i.e., have knowledge) that another person is a felon, trying to evade the legal process know

8 You cannot be an accessory to a ___________
You cannot be an accessory to an ________ You can be an accessory to a ______ misdemeanor infraction felony

9 PC 1111 An accomplice is defined as:
One who is liable to prosecution for the _______ offense charged against the defendant on trial in the cause in which the testimony of the accomplice is given. identical

10 Accomplices A principal in a crime becomes an accomplice:
When they testify for the prosecution Against another principal Testimony must be corroborated by such evidence to connect the deft. to the crime, except in juvenile cases

11 You ___ be an accomplice to a misdemeanor
You ___ be an accomplice to an infraction; and You ___ be an accomplice to a felony can can can

12 FEIGNED ACCOMPLICE Under direction of police or upon his/her own initiative, one who _____ (pretends) complicity for ________ of gathering evidence A feigned accomplice possesses __ criminal intent feigns purposes no

13 REMEMBER You can be an _________ to anything But… You can only be an “accessory” after a _____ accomplice felony

In PC 261.5, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, would BOTH female and male be charged as principals?” Or Accessories? Or is only the male charged?

15 SCENARIO: Read the following scenario and identify the role played by each participant. Indicate how each individual would be charged (principal, accomplice or accessory) explain your answer. Jim mentions to Carl that he thinks it would be easy to rob the local Burger King. Edith, overhearing the conversation and believing that Carl plans to commit the robbery, gives Carl a 45 automatic weapon. Carl recruits Mike to drive the get away vehicle. With no further discussion, Carl and Mike drive to the Burger King. Carl enters the Burger King and points the weapon at the clerk, demanding all the money. Mike is parked out front in the get-a-way vehicle. The clerk places all the money in a paper sack and gives the sack to Carl. Carl leaves the store where he and Mike drive away. When the duo shows up at Alice’s door and tells her of their activities and fear of discovery, Alice offers them refuge and helps by hiding the money. After the culprits are arrested by the police, Mike later testifies in court against Carl…..

16 Scenario Answer: Jim: None / thinking about committing a crime is not crime Edith: Principal / gave Carl a gun Carl: Principal / committed the robbery Mike: Accomplice / drove the getaway vehicle & testifies for prosecution Alice: Accessory / assists by offering refuge and hides money

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