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12.12 Meditation Radiating Your Angelic Light.

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1 12.12 Meditation Radiating Your Angelic Light

2 Prayer of Initiation May the love of God come forth now into this space, into our minds, and into our hearts. In this stillness, let the word of God speak, so that all might hear and come into his presence. Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. May all those beings of light and love, from the many mansion worlds of God join with us now and support us on our journey. We call upon the Great Illuminator, the Buddha, and the supreme Avatar of Love the Christ to overshadow us now with their blessing. We call upon the Spiritual Hierarchy and all who are aligned with God’s will and God’s light to surround us, the Eloheim, the Archangels, and the cosmic angels, the Ascended Masters, the Devic Kingdom and the Christed Extraterrestrial races, who seek to fulfil the divine plan on earth and in the heavens. We welcome you, and ask that we are uplifted and guided by your loving presence. So be it.

3 21.12.2012 Mayan Calendar In 5th World Age of 5,125 years
Started 3114 A.D. Ending by 2012 Also end of Grand Cycle of 25,625 years (5,125 x 5)

4 21.12.2012 Precession of the Equinoxes
Falling Asleep (Descending) Centre of Galaxy Present location of solar system Awakening (Ascending) Earth, Sun and Solar System moves to (awaken) / away from (sleep) Galactic Center in cycle 26,000 years Current cycle ending in 2012, coming out of a 13,000 year of ‘sleep’ time Beginning of 13,000 years of ‘awakening time” as we get back to Galactic Center End of 5th World Age and Precession of the Equinoxes coincide in 2012!

5 Archangel Metatron ‘Metatron’ means "he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne“ Holds a position at the top of the Tree of Life, passing the divine blueprint for creation to all levels below him ministers the sacred geometric patterns of the universe Walked the earth as Enoch prophet and scribe, scholar on heavenly secrets was given wings by God and transformed into a great Archangel In Heaven scribe the records of everything that happens on earth keeper of the Akashic records, "Book of Life"

6 Metatron’s Cube three-dimensional sacred geometry associated with the design of all reality


8 2012 and Metatron’s Cube 4 + 6 + 8 + 12 + 20 = 50 = 5 !
2012 = 5 (transformation) Metatron's Cube has 5 platonic solids (geometric blueprint found in all creations) Dodecahedron = connect edges of 12 pentagons Tetrahedron = connect edges of 4 equilateral triangles Cube = connect edges of 6 squares Icosahedron = connect edges of 20 equilateral triangles Octahedron =  connect edges of 8 equilateral triangles = 50 = 5 !


10 May God Be Between You And Harm In All The Empty Places You Must Walk
- An Egyptian Blessing -

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