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Dreams Too much pizza or meaning?. The Basics Dreams are most vivid during REM. –Vivid, clear imagery –Plots that make sense (even if unrealistic) Dreams.

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1 Dreams Too much pizza or meaning?

2 The Basics Dreams are most vivid during REM. –Vivid, clear imagery –Plots that make sense (even if unrealistic) Dreams that are disorganized or made of fleeting images occur during NREM Sounds and sensations while dreaming usually become incorporated into our dreams

3 The Basics 50/50 – dreams in b/w vs. color 70% of dreams about people we know –Reflect our lives (friends, fam., work, etc.) –Common to dream about worries, fears, feelings Often forget b/c we have difficulty moving info from states of consciousness

4 Types of dreams Daydream –70-120 minutes per day –Between sleep and wakefulness –Imaginations carry us away –“wandering mind” – awareness decreases –Imagined scenarios and fantasy

5 Types of Dreams Lucid Dream –Realization that you are dreaming within the dream –Most awaken when they realize they are dreaming –Some can learn to keep dreaming, enabling them to control the direction of the dream

6 Types of Dreams Nightmares –Disturbing –Dreamer awakens anxious/scared –May be based on reality (PTSN) –Most who have regular nightmares have a family history of psychiatric probs –May indicate an underlying prob that needs to be addressed

7 Types of Dreams Recurring Dreams –Repeating dreams w/ little variation –Can be positive, usually nightmares –Often circle around an unresolved problem in your life

8 Types of Dreams Healing Dreams –May indicate a health prob –Can actually tell the dreamer what is ailing them

9 Types of Dreams Prophetic Dreams –AKA precognitive dreams –Appear to foretell the future –May be that the unconscious pieces together information like a mystery before we do so consciously

10 Types of Dreams Epic Dreams –Huge, compelling, vivid dreams –Impossible to ignore –Remember for years like it was yesterday

11 Dream Theories Freudian (Psychodynamic): –Dreams reflect a person’s unconscious wishes and urges –Most of these wishes are unacceptable or painful –Symbolic dreams allow people to fantasize or deal with pain unconsciously

12 Dream Theories Cognitive: –Dreams are connected to reality – no hidden content –Dreams express CURRENT wishes, desires, issues with which a person is dealing

13 Dream Theories Biopsychological: –Dreams are biological, not psychological activity –Sleep neurons fire in parts of brain that control movement and vision –Neuron bursts are random – brain tries to make sense of them by creating a story (dream)

14 Top Ten Dreams Kissing –Self = youthful energy of love –Others = you know too much about them Water –Usually reflects emotion –(what is happening in/ around water) –May reflect feeling of renewal, new life, refreshment

15 Top Ten Dreams Nudity –Shows you feel vulnerable Money –How you value money –Controlled by the desire for it, lack of it, or the inability to control themselves w/ it

16 Top Ten Dreams Losing a valuable object/person –Extension of our self awareness –Object – afraid of losing something new –Person – questions about commitment Flying –Dreams transcend circumstances – safer perspective –Avoid danger or see it as unimportant

17 Top Ten Dreams Colors –Different colors mean different things –Only significant if they really stand out Running –Pressure in life –Usually running from something

18 Top Ten Dreams Sex –Inappropriate – something forbidden is exciting to you –Own sexual frustrations –Someone has violated our boundaries Teeth –Embarrassment or potentially embarrassing situations –May be physical (sensitive or grinding)

19 Analyzing a Dream Write it down immediately –50% gone after 5 minutes –90% gone after 10 minutes Determine Dream Theme or Concept –What is the main theme –What is the big picture –Take away details, names, things, places and leave only the action

20 Analyzing a Dream Match the theme or concept to a specific area of your life –90% of dreams are about you –What area of my life is this dream about? –Think about emotions –Relate this to theme

21 Analyzing a Dream Look at the details to help you finish the picture –The symbols in the dream have meaning –Use a dream dictionary to give the most common definition of the item Take a closer look at the personal symbols –Look at all the symbols and decide which are most meaningful to you

22 Analyzing a Dream Decoding the Symbols –Associating: Look at something and take note of the first thing that it reminds you of Do this until you reach an “Ah-hah” –Amplification: List what each symbol means to you

23 Tips to remember dreams Get plenty of rest Remind yourself before bed that you want to remember your dreams Have a notebook and pen beside the bed Make your 1 st thought when you awaken “What did I dream?” –Don’t move –Replay dream – may need to work back

24 Tips to remember a dream Record the dream as you recall it –If you can, write it during the night –At least write key points, themes, plots –Write out any dialogue Alarm clock –REM about every 90 minutes –Set alarm for morning based on this

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