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International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference.

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1 International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference

2 Introduction 1- The revival of principles and implementation of Islamic values and goals on the basis of the holy Quran and Islamic Sharia; 2- The revival of national and Islamic dignity and esteem of Islamic countries; 3- Establishing international Islamic power as well as modern Islamic civilization on the basis of religion, wisdom, science and morality; 4- Providing conductive and interactive opportunities among intellectuals, figures, movements as well as exchanging the experiences among movements; 5- Preventing the arrogant and blasphemous front from interfering and influencing the establishment of modern political system; 6- Presenting the model of Islamic democracy instead of western one; 7- Combating the oppression and unilateralism of global arrogance and international Zionism; 8- Reinforcing the spirit of self-esteem and national self-reliance in accounting psychological and media warfare of arrogant states; Islamic awakening wave & upheavals occured in geographical area of lslamic world indicate the occurance of political & ideological events as well as happenings emnated from nobel islamic values and concepts while It's been prevalent among the masses of muslim men & women as a dominant and widespread dialogue. Thus; muslim women role-playing as one of the Most significant & key players in safeguarding the revolutionary as well as islamic nature play a unique role in achieving & sustaining the respective upleavals and preventing from any deviation and influence by global arrogance.Imam khomeini(peace be upon him) had a different view toward women,in his viewpoints,women enjoy legal & moral support & they should have political participation, he put emphasis on interference of women in lslamic state regulations. Since the importance of women presence in various politicial,social,.. affairs, they are called the leaders of movement by Imam Khomeini:therefore, the secretariate of Islamic awakening conference decided to hold international conference on "Islamic awakening and muslim women "in order to clarify the women role in helping the revolution to achieve their goals, in tir of 1391 regarding the following subjects.all professors,intellectuals,thinkers and elite women are invited to present their scientific and practical paper to enrich the contents of the conference Conference goals International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference Call for paper

3 Paper subjects Jurisprudence and legal, theoretical basis if Muslim women in the wave of Islamic awakening 1- Introducing muslim women on the basis of intellectual, cognitive, and Islamic and revolutionary fundementals as well as its impact on the movement of Islamic awakening 2-defining muslim women responsibilities in the viewpoints of Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him) and supreme leader of islamic revolution in islamic awakening wave 3-Reviewing the comments of scholars and thinkers in neccessity of mulim women role in upheavals of islamic societies 4-Islamic jurisprudence and legal review of women participation and the rate of its impacts in islamic awakening movements 5- Analysis of legal and juridical aspects and requirements of an active and influential Muslim women in the development of Islamic Awakening 6-Defining the feature of islamic democratic government and its comparison with the Western liberal democracy and women's role in its implementation 7- Reviewing the principles of jurisprudence, legal and social aspects of women in political, cultural and social affairs and its role on the success of revolutions Islamic and revolutionary values ​​and dynamic components of women in Islamic Awakening 1- the role of Hejab culture,spirituality of muslim woman in continuation and safeguarding of the vigour of Islamic Awakening 2- Islamic Awakening and restoration of Islamic identity of Muslim women based on the islamic and revolutionary concepts and values 3-the role of Religious teachings in reviving the spirit of justice and anti-oppression of Muslim women in Islamic Awakening 4-the impact of Moral values ​​in safeguarding the identity and status of Muslim women in the wave of Islamic awakening 5- the role of religious belief in Strengthening the dignity of Muslim women to participate in various eras of Islamic Awakening International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference Call for paper

4 revolutionary,cultural,social and political role of women in the movement of islamic awakening 1-Reviewing the social role of women and its impact its impact on popular mobilization in the continuation of the growing wave of Islamic awakening 2- Reviewing how effectively and efficiently perform the functions of political independence and freedom of Muslim women in order to establish a religious democratic government 3-Defining requirements and maximum dimensions of political participation of Muslim women to maintain and strengthen the Islamic awakening movement 4-Reviewing the Effect of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei's thoughts on the role- playing of women in the wave of Islamic awakening 5-Explaining the unique and transformative role of thoughtful, intellectual and elite muslim women in modeling guidance and leadership of the Islamic awakening movement 6-The role of Muslim women elite thinkers and researchers in the reproduction and Strengthening the scientific and philosophical aspects of movement of Islamic awakening 7-Evaluation of educational status of women in family bonds as the main component of social system and its role in continuation and presence in Islamic awakening movement pathology (weak points and threats) of muslim women in islamic awakening movement 1- Reviewing and explaining the challenges facing the Islamic awakening and women role in combating and removing them 2- analysing Misleading causes ( non-participation of women, Discriminatory attitudes,...) of revolutionary and committed women presence in continuation of Islamic awakening wave 3- Understanding the reasons for holding back women in Islamic awakening societies and how to awaken their lost identity 4-analysing the Effect of culture of liberal democracy in the West to deviate the role of women in Islamic Awakening 5- Formulating appropriate and effective strategies to strengthen women's role in Islamic Awakening to face Western perverted schools 6- analysing the Effect of new tools of communication, psychological and propaganda attacks of the global arrogance to deviate the role of women in Islamic awakening movement Paper subjects International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference Call for paper

5 islamic revolution, models, experiences and women achievements in islamic awakening wave 1-the impact of sample Women's role in the revival of Islamic supreme human values ​​in the wave of Islamic awakening at the beginning of islam 2-Introducing sample female martyrs as a sample of muslim women and its role in Islamic awakening movement 3-Why and how the exchange of methods, practices, ideas and the experiences of women in Islamic countries 4- the neccessity of stablishing organizations, formations and social networks in line to meet the future needs of the Islamic awakening movement 5-introducing the model of women Basij as revolutionary NGO, and how to transmit revolutionary achievements of the Islamic awakening to other communities 6- Comparative analysis of Islamic awakening women Performance with female pattern of the Islamic Revolution Paper subjects International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference Call for paper

6 Paper characteristics 1- The papers should be sent to the following email: 2- The papers and CDs along with the printed copies should be sent to Islamic awakening permanent secretariat: ValiAsr Ave, Khorsand Street, No 35, Tehran, Iran Tell; 0098 21 26217596-7 3- Paper deadline is 19 June 2012; 4- Persuasive policies: 4-1- Inviting the owners of selected papers to participate the conference as a VIP guest; 4-2- Inviting the owners of selected papers to present in the specialized commission as well as in the conference; 4-3- Publishing the selected papers in books, magazines and international teasers; 4-4- Presenting incorporeal awards, scientific religious tours to the selected persons; 4-5- Presenting exquisite awards and etc. 1- The paper should be at least 10 pages and maximum page of 25; 2- The paper should enjoy coherent scientific structure, topic, abstract, conclusion and recommendations; 3- CVs (age, educational) background should also be sent; 4- The font of papers in Persian and Arabic should be “Nazanin 14” and papers in English should be typed in “Times New Roman 12”; 5- The papers should be typed through MS Word 2007; 6- The selected papers are presented in the conference and distributed through CDs in the conference; 7- Researchers can send their papers in French, Urdu, Turkish, German, Spanish,… while taking the following considerations into account; Sending Procedures International Islamic Awakening and Women Conference Call for paper

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