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WELCOME TO. Do you want your child to be- CommunicativeCreativeConstructiveCompetitiveCultured Which will make a Confident child If so!!

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2 Do you want your child to be- CommunicativeCreativeConstructiveCompetitiveCultured Which will make a Confident child If so!!



5 “ Awaken your Child’s natural genius ”

6 Children are the most learning hungry beings in the world.






12 Help your child develop suppressed multidimensional intelligences. Help your child develop suppressed multidimensional intelligences.

13 Take time for CHILDREN…because too soon, they get shot from home like arrows from a bow.

14 The Pyramid Of Happiness Love & Security Fun Brain capacity 5 acute senses 7 full intelligences Self-esteem Physical skills & health Self-esteem Physical skills & health Reach speaking vocabulary Reading Writing Mathematics Science

15 Creative & Curiosity Logic & Thinking Logic & Thinking Listening & Musical Skills Memory & Concentration Self-reliance Cooperative & Loving Persistent & Positive Persistent & Positive

16 Responsibility Self –control & Respect Self –control & Respect Courage & Honesty HAPPINESS

17 CHILDREN RETAIN 20% of the what they READ. 30% of the what they HEAR. 40% of the what they SPEAK. 60% of what they READ,WRITE,SPEAK. 80% of what they DO. 100% of what they SING.

18 Chinese Proverb I hear & I forget I see & I remember I do & I understand

19 Children don’t fall in love with books because of vowels, consonants, & questions at the end of the chapter! They fall in love with books because someone made books & reading fun.

20 To introduce, develop and reinforce skills essential for success in school & in Life.

21 MOTTO : To Nurture The Current & Upcoming Generation To Compete In The Competitive Global Village. To Bring Out The Hidden Potential In Them. To Convert Their Ability Into Skills Which Most Of The Children Are Lacking. To Make Them Be More Focused & Goal Oriented Right From The Beginning So That They Don’t Become One Like “Alice In The Wonderland”.

22 To Make Them Feel Learning Is Fun And Not Boring. To Make Them Fall In Love With Books. To Keep Them Up to Date With The Current Affairs. To Develop Suppressed Multi Dimensional Intelligences In Them. To Develop Five ‘C’s In Them (Communicative, Creative, Constructive, Competitive & Cultured), Which Will Make Them A Confident Child.

23 The Way Learn Everything through the 3 Ps: PleasurePracticePraise

24 Unique & Effective Way Of Developing Knowledge & Skills Introduction Reinforcement Expansion

25 WORD SMART Linguaphone Institute, London Linguaphone Children’s English (Up to 10yrs) Linguaphone 21(10 yrs & above) Eyespeak Software (Testing)

26 NUMBER SMART PIONEER HOUSE, UK Math Matter Children’s Encyclopedia & Other Products

27 PICTURE SMART Step by Step Beadwork CollageBeadwork Collage Creative Lettering Decorative PaintingCreative Lettering Decorative Painting Handmade Cards MosaicsHandmade Cards Mosaics Origami Paper MacheOrigami Paper Mache Paper FoldingPaper Folding PrintingPrinting

28 MUSIC & BODY SMART Various Form Of dance ( MODERN, FOLK, ODISHI)

29 SELF SMART Word Smart Picture Smart Body Smart Music Smart Number Smart Will Make Self Smart

30 PEOPLE SMART Once a Child Acquire All The Above Skills Will Automatically Become People Smart

31 “It is not how smart you are, but in which way you are smart, that counts”

32 GOAL : High quality materials developed internationally as well as in India will be used thru trained Coordinators to make the House more child friendly & not like the regular class room, so that they feel like coming with their own interest & not by the compulsion of parents.

33 Facilities Facilities Audio Visual, Brain GameAudio Visual, Brain Game Art/Craft, DanceArt/Craft, Dance Personal Attention For Each ChildPersonal Attention For Each Child Parent WorkshopParent Workshop Parent/Children CounselingParent/Children Counseling

34 Curriculum & Activity Based Reference Library Student Discovery EncyclopediaStudent Discovery Encyclopedia Britannica Student EncyclopediaBritannica Student Encyclopedia Project Based Science EncyclopediaProject Based Science Encyclopedia Other Children Friendly Reference BooksOther Children Friendly Reference Books (From Pioneer House, Britannica, World Book, Time Life & Other Companies )

35 Criteria/TimingCriteria/Timing Group-1-Children of age 3-7yrsGroup-1-Children of age 3-7yrs Group-2-Children of age 8-12 yrsGroup-2-Children of age 8-12 yrs Must reach the house 10 mins before time & SHOULD be regularMust reach the house 10 mins before time & SHOULD be regular Children MUST be Well DressedChildren MUST be Well Dressed (NO SHORT SKIRT)(NO SHORT SKIRT) 4 Days A Week4 Days A Week 1½hours/day1½hours/day Two Batches a DayTwo Batches a Day Time-Gr-1-4.30pm-6.00pm.Gr-2-6.30pm-8.00pmTime-Gr-1-4.30pm-6.00pm.Gr-2-6.30pm-8.00pm Maximum 15 Member Per BatchMaximum 15 Member Per Batch

36 Fee Structure Registration Fee –Registration Fee – Gr-1-Rs900/ & Gr-2-Rs 1000/ Monthly Fee –Monthly Fee – Gr-1-Rs 900/ & Gr-2-Rs 1200/  Tuition all Subject(2hr/day for 3days)  Gr-1–Rs 500/ & Gr-2- Rs800  Hindi Only- Rs 500/ (All Class)  ( 1hr/Day For 3 Days )  Spoken English (90hrs/3mths) Rs 3000/  For 10 yrs & above

37 Future Plan Evening Play School(1½yrs – 3yrs) Evening Play School(1½yrs – 3yrs) Communicative English Inst. Communicative English Inst. (Exclusively For Ladies) Global English/ Business English Global English/ Business English (For Student/Adult/Professional) (For Student/Adult/Professional)

38 Thirty years from now it will not matter what kind of car we drove, what kind of house we lived in, how much we had in our bank account. Or What our clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better, because we were important in the life of a child

39 If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If you plan for 10 year’s plant a tree. If you plan for 50 year’s teach a child.

40 If you can give your child ONLY gift, let it be EDUCATION& SKILLS.

41 Thank U

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