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‘Exploring Professional’ Development ‘Awakening the Giant Within’ CNLP 10 www.nipec.n-i.nhs.

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1 ‘Exploring Professional’ Development ‘Awakening the Giant Within’ CNLP 10 www.nipec.n-i.nhs.

2 Awaken the Giant Within Anthony Robbins, 2001 ‘What is the difference in being interested in something & committed to it?’ ‘In the former you don’t have to do anything’

3 NMC Code of Professional Conduct (2002) Values Respect for the individual Obtaining Consent Protecting Confidential Information Co-operating with Others Maintaining Professional Knowledge and CompetenceMaintaining Professional Knowledge and Competence Being Trustworthy Acting to Identify and Minimise Risk

4 Awaken the giant within Have Fun!

5 Awakening the giant within and pigs might fly!

6 The Development Framework will provide you with: tools & guidance to help you develop to your full potential & provide the best care/service for patients, families and communities

7 Guidingprinciples Generic Competency Domains with Performance Indicators Additional competencies for the Individual Nurse, Midwife, SCHPN 1.Communication and interpersonal relationships Has strong empathy with others including patients /clients 2.Care provision and management Uses evidenced-based decision-making 3.Developing self and others Continuously updates oneself & shares learning with others 4.Ethical and legal practice Practices in accordance with NMC Code of Professional Conduct 5.Quality Improvement Develops new ideas in order to improve care 6.Technology Competence Can access & analyse evidence/information electronically (eg Internet, databases) 7.Partnership Develops good relationships to create and maintain a favourable working environment Accountability, Person-centredness, Continuous learning, Leadership, Integrity Generic Competency Profile

8 GCP WEB PAGE GCPLARRDG CAREERS Portfolio documentation PDP Identifying a learning activity from the LAR relating to specific performance indicator(s). Selection from the LAR should be based on an assessment of preferred learning style.

9 UnlockYourPotential Escape from the Box Col. Ed Hubbard, 1998

10 Professional Development Opportunities  Projects  Secondments  Interest Groups / Societies  Networking – Visits, Conferences  Shadowing  Mentor / Coach  Action Learning Sets  Research / reading  Academic/Non-Academic Qualifications, Courses Remember your Portfolio

11 Learning in and from the Workplace Setting Category Self-Directed Learning Category Formal Learning Category Role Modelling, ShadowingReflective Diary/JournalCourses, Lectures, Preceptorship, Mentoring, Coaching, Buddying Critical Incident AnalysisElectronic Learning (E-learning), Clinical Supervision Portfolio DevelopmentConferences, Study Days, Workshops/Seminars Appraisal, 360 degree feedback Journal ClubsStudy Groups VisitsLearning SetLearning Contracts Secondment OpportunitiesPeer ReviewWork-based Learning Audit, Practice Development Networking Skills Development through Simulated Learning, Role Play Research GroupsInvolvement in Professional Forum Literature Searches (including Internet ) Learning Activities Resource

12 Exploring your Professional/Career Development Where am I now? Where would I like to be? Where have I been? How will I get there?

13 MAIN DF WEBPAGE GCPLARRDG CAREERS DF Individual Portfolio and Development Documentation Portfolio documentation Career Resource – stand alone and/or part of own portfolio APPLICATION AND INTERVIEW RESOURCE CAREER ASSESSMENT GUIDE Generic Career Pathways Curriculum Vitae Guidance Interview Preparation Guide

14 Career Pathways GCPLARRDG CAREERS DF Individual Portfolio and Development Documentation PORTFOLIO Clinical Practice Education Pathway Quality Improvement Pathway Research Pathway Management Pathway Preparation For Retirement

15 MAIN DF WEBPAGE GCPLARRDG CAREERS DF Individual Portfolio and Development Documentation Portfolio documentation Role Development Guide Pull down RDG for individual use Provides a tool to consider the structured development of significantly different or new roles – may be used stand alone and /or be included for reference in own portfolio Individual Name and Date: DF ROLE DEVELOPMENT GUIDE EIGHT ASPECTS FOR CONSIDERATIONINDIVIDUAL ROLE INFORMATION 1.Assessing the Need for Role Development Driving forces for the role development are explored. Service objectives are clearly stated - in terms of benefits to patients/clients and the organisation 2.Planning for Role Development An option appraisal to address the service objectives has been explored. All relevant stakeholders have been identified. A communication strategy has been produced. The impact of the role development on other roles has been assessed. All resource requirements have been identified. The lifespan of the role development has been agreed – i.e. pilot, temporary or permanent. The evaluation strategy for the role development has been agreed. 3.Type of Role Development The competencies required have been agreed. The availability of nurses or midwives with the required competencies has been determined. etc..

16 Development Framework Publications Future Via Distribution List – also online Consultation ReportSept 05 Commissioned Research ProjectsSept 05 Workforce Report Nov 05 Development Framework final report Mar/Apr 06 Via Registrant List / hybrid distribution list - also online DF Part 1 – Portfolio GuideAug 05 DF Part 2 – Remaining DF componentsMar/Apr 06

17 Record Your Journey Now Make a contract with yourself – WRITTEN ! Identify one area for development (possibly under one of the 7 GCP domains) What are the learning activities / opportunities? Who will help you & how will you know when you have achieved it? When is this likely to be? Who will you share it with? Make a date with yourself in 6 months – –Record how you have done? IN YOUR PORTFOLIO

18 Awaken the giant within Preserve and enhance your greatest asset YOU Stephen Covey, 1999


20 Who says pigs can’t fly?

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