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The teacher of mathematics , physics Michal Andrejco 1.A

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1 The Famous teachers and graduated students of Gymnazium Pavla Horova in Michalovce

2 The teacher of mathematics , physics Michal Andrejco 1.A
František Hradecký The teacher of mathematics , physics Michal Andrejco 1.A


4 František Hradecký František Hradecký studied at ”realne gymnazium“ in Jilemnica . After that he studied mathematics a descriptive geometry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Karlovy Vary. Since 1930 he worked at Gymnazium of Pavol Horov in Michalovce and after that at a secondary school in the Czech Republic as a teacher. In 1953 he left for the Faculty of Mathematics-Physics at Charles University. He started to publish books on descriptive mathematics and elementary mathematics. He was a co-operator on many mathematics books.

5 Mikuláš Kasarda Famous poet Juraj Zausin 1.A

6 Mikuláš Kasarda He was born on 26 July 1925 in Sucarov
He studied philoshophy and Slovak language in Bratislava He was been fomaus writer He attended Gymnazium in Michalovce in 1939–1945 His popular works are Sirokymi ulicami, Kohutí spev, Pre teba And he wrote poetry for children for example Lopta na oblohe

7 Ján Zambor Famous poet, writer and translator Lukáš Ivanov 1.A

8 Ján Zambor He was born on 9 December 1947 in Tušická Nová Ves.
He studied Slovak and Russian languages at the Faculty of Arts in Prešov. He worked as an editor in Košice and he was an internal science candidate in Prešov. Since 1991 he has been a lecturer at the Department of Slovak literature in Bratislava. From 2003 to 2005 he was the chairman of the Association of Writers.

9 His popular works are : Plné dni , Kôň na sídlisku , Zelený večer , Neodkladné, Pod jedovatým stromom, Preklad ako umenie, Melancholický žrebec. He was awarted for his collection Neodkladné by the editorship Slovenský spisovateľ. The map of Tušická Nová Ves

10 PAVOL HOROV Author: Marek Zaujec 2. A

11 Pavol Horov Slovak poet translator
his poems were translated into many languages his poetry is the return to his native country and his mother, the reflection of reasons for living and passing time he expressed a hard protest to war he translated from Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and Persian literature

12 Biography his real name is Pavol Horovčák
he was born 25th May 1914 in Banovce nad Ondavou education: – 1926 Basic school in Banovce nad Ondavou and Moravany 1926 – 1934 Grammar school in Michalovce 1934 – 1935 Teacher‘s Academy in Bratislava he died on 29th September 1975 in Bratislava

13 The Activity 1939 – 1944 teacher in the town school in Michalovce
1948 – director of Czechoslovak radio in Košice 1951 – 1952 editor in chief of the publishing company called Slovak Writer 1952 – 1954 secretary of the Syndicate of Slovak Writers 1954 – director of publishing company Slovak Writer 1964 engaged in literary work

14 Awards he was awarded: - in 1973 the title National Artist
- in 1974 the National Prize - in 1964 Bulgarian order of Cyril and Method of 1 st degree

15 Pavol Horov‘s works POETRY
1940 – Dangerous Underground Water Zradné vody spodné 1942 – Nioba Mother of Ours Nioba matka naša 1944 – Comeback Návraty 1947 – Defile Defilé 1952 – My Noon Moje poludnie 1954 –The Sun over Us Slnce nad nami 1960 –The High Summer Sky Vysoké letné nebe 1960 –The Ballad of a dream Balada o sne 1964 – Balladic Suite Baladická suita 1964 – A Woman went there Šla tade žena 1964 – Zemplin Variations Zemplínske variácie 1966 –The Boats of Genoa Koráby z Janova 1972 – Sinking River Ponorná rieka 1974 – Eternal Flame Večný plameň

16 Pavol Horov‘s works Translations Selections
1958 – Accidental Appointments Náhodné stretnutia 1976 – Love, Clay, Singing and a Glass of Wine Láska, hlina, spev a čaša vína (Omar Chajjám, preložené štvorveršie) Selections 1950 – Poems Básne 1960 – Poetry Poézia 1964 – Nioba Nioba 1964 – The Woman went there Šla tade žena 1964 – Zemplin Variations Zemplínske variácie 1976 – Assonance Asonancie 1977 – From the last Z posledných

17 Pavol Horov‘s works

18 Pavol Horov Literary Museum Banovce nad Ondavou
the exposition was opened in 1987 it sits in a previous primary school it shows pictures of poet Pavol Horov, his literary achievements and activities in Zemplin region the second thematic aim of the museum is to present Horov's family and their literary activities

19 The famous teachers and graduated students of Gymnázium Pavla Horova in Michalovce :
Jozef Tomko Born on 11 March 1924 in Udavske okres Humenné He is a famous clerical official , sacred writer, cardinal and archbishop in Rome. Belo Polla Born on 12 April 1917 in Humenné Died on 16 August 2000 He was a famous historian , archeologist and archivist.

20 Andrej Getlík Born in 1916 in Vinné. Died in 1990. He was a famous Slovak paediatrician. Ján Hvozdík He was a teacher and a psychologist.

21 Juraj Pado Born 1922 in Čečehov. He is poet and translator. Ľudovít Dobozy Born 1920 in Michalovce He was a teacher of mathematics at Gymnázium Pavla Horova. He is artist, portraitist and landscape-painter.

22 Pavol Plutko Born in 1934 in Šamudovce. He was a literary theorist. Štefan Bubán Born in 1932 in Pavlovce nad Uhom. He was a famous abstract artist.

23 Štefan Kukura Born on 24 July 1914 in Krompachy. He was the head doctor of surgery department in Michalovce.

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