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Ch. 4 Growth of New Nation 1783-1860 By Matthew Pippin.

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1 Ch. 4 Growth of New Nation 1783-1860 By Matthew Pippin

2 Act that stated that the land area from Ohio River to Mississippi River would be made into new states. Land Ordinance of 1785


4 This ordinance allowed for the creation of three to five states in the Northwest Territory on land west of Ohio River and east of Mississippi Northwest Ordinance


6 President Thomas Jefferson purchased from Emperor Napoleon of France to double the size of U.S. Louisiana Purchase of 1803

7 Expedition sent by Thomas Jefferson to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark Expedition This led to the rapid migration of settlers to the Pacific Northwest.

8 Indian women that served as translator and guide for Lewis and Clark expedition. Sacajawea

9 The national unity and optimistic mood during James Monroe’s presidency Era of Good Feelings Under Monroe, states cooperated with one another in the construction of interstate canals and railroads.

10 Doctrine that said U.S. would stay out of foreign affairs and Europe would stay out of the west Monroe Doctrine

11 Man that invented the Cotton Gin and the idea of interchangeable parts Eli Whitney

12 With the invention of this machine, cotton became the main crop of the south Cotton Gin

13 With his steam power ship the Clermont, he showed that people could use steam engine as a source of transportation. Robert Fulton

14 With his steam locomotive the Rocket, he stimulated the growth of trains and railroads. George Stephenson

15 Henry Clays system that proposed a Protective Tariff, Internal Improvements, and a Strong National Bank. The American System he hoped his plan would bind the U.S. together economically and make it self- sufficient in war and peace.

16 Elected in 1829 as president, he was first man to rise from childhood poverty to the office of President Andrew Jackson

17 Name given to Jackson’s presidency because property qualifications for voting white males was dropped. Jacksonian Democracy

18 Doctrine Promoted by John Calhoun that said if Congress passes a bill that is very harmful to a particular state, that state is not obligated to enforce the federal law. Doctrine of Nullification

19 Forced removal of five Indian tribes of the Southeast to present day Oklahoma. Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson responsible for this act. Jackson sympathized with white settlers who where hungry for land and gold.

20 Forced 800 mile march of the Cherokees to lands in Oklahoma. Trail of Tears

21 Texas Independence

22 In 1822 he brought a group of settlers to Texas which was still a part of Mexico. Stephen Austin By 1830 more than 20,000 settlers in Texas

23 In 1834 he assumed dictatorial power over the Mexican government and tightened Mexican control over U.S settlers in Texas General Antonio Santa Anna

24 He led the settlers in Texas in their fight for independence. Sam Houston

25 Four days after Texans had declared their independence, Santa Anna massacred all the Texans at this old Spanish Mission. The Alamo

26 On April 21,1836 Texans defeated Santa Anna and took him hostage at this battle. Battle of San Jacinto In exchange for his freedom Santa Anna promised to recognize the Republic of Texas.

27 The Mexican-American War

28 Belief that it was God’s will for the U.S to expand and eventually posses the entire continent. Manifest Destiny. Newly elected President James Polk was a strong believer in Manifest Destiny.

29 Name the California settlers called themselves when they declared their independence from Mexico. Bear Flag Republic.

30 Mexican-American War and its outcome 1. President Polk sends John Slidell to Mexico to purchase California and New Mexico. 2.Mexican Pres. Refuses to see Slidell,so Polk orders General Zachary Taylor to move his troops into disputed territory. 3. In response Mexican troops cross the Rio Grande and attack Taylor’s forces. 4. Polk and Congress declare War. 5. Mexico surrenders when U.S. marches into Mexico City. Mexico gives up ½ its land selling California and New Mexico to U.S.

31 Published the first American Dictionary of the English Language. Noah Webster

32 Perfect communities that where formed during westward expansion that would show the world how to live. Utopian Communities Ex. Amish, Mennonites, Shakers, and the Quakers.

33 An American educator who advocated the education of both men and women through public funding. Horace Mann

34 Strived to improve mental institutions and prisons and influenced the creation of institutions in 20 states and Canada. Dorothea Dix.

35 Famous abolitionist who escaped to freedom and returned to free many others by using Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman Many of the Slaves called her Moses.

36 Self educated,ex-slave the was the most prominent speaker for the abolition of slavery. Frederick Douglas Worked with John Brown but would not support the Harper’s Ferry raid.

37 Book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that showed horrors of slavery and gained much support for the Abolitionist movement. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

38 Founded a anti-slavery newspaper called The Liberator and helped est. the National American Anti-Slavery Society (1833). William Lloyd Garrison

39 Organized the first women’s rights convention known as the Seneca Falls Convention(1848) Elizabeth Cady Stanton Fought for women’s right to vote and advocated the abolition of slavery.

40 Movement during the early 1800’s that wanted to moderate and eventually stop the use of alcohol. Temperance Movement (1850’s)

41 Supporter of temperance movement and is best known for her fight for women’s right to vote. Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)

42 End of Ch. 4

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