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Adapting to the Changing Media Landscape From newspaper to multi-media company.

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1 Adapting to the Changing Media Landscape From newspaper to multi-media company

2 Let’s state the obvious The Digital Revolution is shaking the foundation of all business models and altering forever the media landscape. This revolution is largely positive for consumers. Our lingering economic crisis is forcing the pace of change to accelerate. Newspapers are often singled out, but far from alone in this disruption.

3 We’re all touched by the Revolution Local and National Broadcast Television Cable Local Radio Postal Service Education Your Organization – No one is left out.

4 Adjustment Strategies Adjust cost structures to correspond to revenue flow. Concentrate on core competencies. Embrace change rather than living in a state of denial.

5 Core Competencies Independent & Credible Local Content Provider – Community Watchdog Highly-Effective Marketing Solutions Excellent Area-wide Distributor

6 The Importance of Content Original content separates us from the pack Journalism rises above “commodity” – credible, relevant, independent, local The need for a free press in a democracy is clear - watching the powers that rule over us

7 What do our customers tell us? Our long-term readers and advertisers depend on what is in print – and we intend to deliver. People want information in different ways Facebook and other social media Mobile phones Tablets Local news is highly valuable

8 Strength in Multi-Platform Daily and Sunday Citizen Patriot Email Newsletters iPads and other tablet iPhones & Androids Laptops & Desktops – the most popular news website in Michigan, and Jackson!

9 is #1 in Michigan Source: comScore Unified Digital Measurement, October 2010

10 - January 1,804,769 total page views 281,025 unique views 60,000 daily page views 5,000 unique visitors daily on Jackson homepage

11 Our Marketing Strength has never been greater Multi-Platform solutions with online power -Packaging print & digital Online display ads, business listings and shopping databases Email Newsletters Search Engine Marketing, Site Visibility solutions, mobile, text and video Coupons, in print and online Powerful Analytics Capabilities

12 Product Line: Traditional Print Jackson Citizen Patriot Sunday: 77,000+ readers; Daily: 65,000+ readers

13 Digital Ads Online display advertising impression campaigns Leaderboards Rectangles Half-page ads

14 Email Advertising Real-Time Newsletter Top Headlines Obits Shopping Entertainment Weather Lottery

15 Business Listings Print & Online Enhanced Business Listings to help your business be visible

16 Data Distribution We distribute the data from Business Listing Profiles to over 130 directory sites

17 Search Engine Marketing manages your paid search campaign on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

18 New Business Model Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday home delivery of print newspaper Single copy editions Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday E-Edition 7 days Updated news 24/7 at

19 There is a future--just different --We must change with the times --We’re doing it from a position of strength --We MUST preserve journalism in our local community for a long time to come.

20 How Does This Affect Nonprofits You must think differently when developing a marketing plan. Digital needs to be a part of any marketing plan People are accessing information on your organization via search. How do you fare? We can help you understand the new world

21 Developing a relationship, knowing who to call Reporters are still reporters--but doing many different things Know how to write a press release Know where to send it; follow up Make it easy for us Learn how to contribute content online Working with the Media Effectively

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