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View of religion as just an expression of language Postmodernism.

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1 View of religion as just an expression of language Postmodernism

2 The purpose of religion has changed. It is no longer about the metaphysical or unbelievable miracles Religion has changed throughout history as the language with which it is dealt with has changed. The traditional view of God needs to be rejected in order for genuine moral choices to be made. We cannot be making a decision freely to do something if God is there ‘standing over us’

3 Cupitt has a large focus in terms of Christianity due primarily to the fact that he was a priest in the C of E. He is non metaphysical – he believes in this life as opposed to anything outside of this life Non Realist – all religious ideas and ethical ideas are human with a human history – does not necessarily have to be atheist

4 ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God’ God is not a being who exists independently to us, but is instead a product of our language. God has not created us in his image, but that we created God through our language. We struggle to with the language to describe God so we often use via negativa – describing something by stating what it is not. Basic of human ethics is simply human kindness God is in this world unnecessary.

5 There are no external guarantees for human life Even Jesus was a humanist that stated follow Christian law if it suits you, if it does not then it is unnecessary Religion today is about adding value to the world we live in

6 The art of living extrovertly. Of giving it all you have got. Living in an ethically defendable and justifiable way, with emphasis on concern for others and for the worls rather than self advantage

7 Cupitt rejects the idea that religion is dying out but rather it is being reinvented through new forms of language, just as it has always been. ‘Religion is becoming less and less of an anchorage in a point somewhere outside of life, and more and more a matter of simply saying yes to life’

8 on_Cupitt_on_Non- Realism_About_God.mp3?c_id=1779547&expiration=13 91439813&hwt=19e33a0d02d76c46de546ccedf5a2b9f on_Cupitt_on_Non- Realism_About_God.mp3?c_id=1779547&expiration=13 91439813&hwt=19e33a0d02d76c46de546ccedf5a2b9f

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