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Design/Build Team for the US 36 Express Lanes Project.

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1 Design/Build Team for the US 36 Express Lanes Project


3  Selected Ames/Granite Joint Venture on Feb. 29  In addition to the base project elements, the team has committed to:  Extending the terminus of the project from Interlocken Loop west to 88 th Street in Louisville/Superior;  Reconstructing the Sheridan Boulevard Bridge over US 36, along with roadway approaches and ramp intersections  Reconstructing the US 36 bridge over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway  Improving RTD stations along the corridor, including new canopies with enhanced weather protection Selection of the Design-Build Team

4 Proposed Phase 1 Construction Schedule (August 2012 – April 2013)

5 Proposed Phase 2 Construction Schedule (April 2013 – December 2013)

6 Proposed Phase 3 Construction Schedule (December 2013-2014)

7 Final Configuration/Completion

8  Maintain all existing general purpose and HOV lanes during all phases of construction  No long-term closures  Required lane closures will be on off-peak traveling hours  Median work will be minimized  Shortened the overall duration of the project  Minimize traffic switches to improve driver familiarity  Maintain a consistent temporary traffic pattern to enhance driver expectancy Key Elements to Proposal MOT Plan

9  Arterial CCTV Cameras to monitor key intersections along the diversion routes.  Deployment of two Hotspot Traffic Trailers  Additional Web page with travel information  Proposed phone application Proposed Value-Added Strategies of MOT Plan

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