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New Member Orientation By Zone District 12-O

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1 New Member Orientation By Zone District 12-O
Your Zone Chairperson Trainer Tip: This slide to be changed to who is giving the presentation

2 New Member Orientation Summary
New member orientation is broken out into four sections: Who Lions Are Your Club District and Multiple District Lions Clubs International (LCI)

3 Who Lions Are Lions are men and women dedicated to serving those in need, whether in their own community or around the world. Nearly 1.4 million members Over 200 countries More than 46,000 clubs See Page 2

4 Who Lions Are (Page 4) Vision Statement: To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service. Mission Statement: To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs. Motto: “We Serve” Purposes: LCI has a list of purposes to convey why Lions clubs exist. Code of Ethics: LCI has a code of ethics which set the standard that Lions should aspire to adhere to. See Page 2

5 Your Club Name Here See Page 3 5

Lions Club Operations Every Club operates independently but is governed by a constitution and by-laws under the jurisdiction of Lions Clubs International. The structure of all Clubs is basically the same, but committees and activities may vary from club to club. LIONS CLUB CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Chartered by and under the jurisdiction of THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIONS CLUBS 6

7 Number of charter members: Clubs sponsored by us:
History Year chartered: Number of charter members: Clubs sponsored by us: Significant awards or achievements: See Page 3 7

8 Officers and Directors
Club Structure Officers and Directors President (King Lion) Immediate Past President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Membership Chairman Lion Tamer Tail Twister One Year Directors Two Year Directors See Page 3 8

9 Club President Responsibilities & Challenges
Calls club board meetings & club meetings Creates agendas & plans with board Conducts club meetings Appoints committee chairpersons Conduct efficient and enjoyable meetings Keep members involved Inspire members to achieve level of excellence. See Page 3 9

10 Responsibilities Past President – Acts as an advisor to the President and Board of Directors and officially greet members and their guests at club meetings. Vice Presidents – If the president is unable to per-form the duties of his/her office for any reason, the vice president next in rank shall occupy his/her position and perform his/her duties with the same authority as the president. Each vice president shall, under the direction of the president, oversee the functioning of such committees of this club as the president shall designate. See Page 3 10

11 Responsibilities Secretary - Acts as the liaison officer between the club and the district and the international association. Submits regular monthly reports to the LCI and District Governor Cooperate with and be an active member of the district governor's advisory committee of the zone in which the club is located; Have custody and keep and maintain general records of this club, including records of minutes of club and board meetings; attendance; committee appointments; elections; member information, addresses and telephone numbers of members; members club accounts; Issue quarterly dues statements to each member and other financial obligations owed to this club, collect and turn the same over to the club treasurer and obtain a receipt. See Page 3 11

12 Responsibilities Treasurer - Receives all monies, from the secretary and otherwise, and deposit the same in a bank or banks recommended by the finance committee and approved by the board of directors. Pays out monies in payment of club obligations only on authority given by the board of directors. Has custody and keeps and maintains general records of club receipts and disbursements. Prepare and submit monthly and semi-annual financial reports board of directors of this club. See Page 3 12

13 Responsibilities Lion Tamer - The Lion tamer shall have charge of and be responsible for the property and paraphernalia of the club, including flags, banners, gong, gavel, name tag box, and shall put each in its proper place before each meeting and return the same to the proper storage area after each meeting. He/she shall act as sergeant-at-arms at meetings, see that those present are properly seated, and distribute bulletins, favors and literature as required at club and board meetings. See Page 3 13

14 Responsibilities Tail Twister - He/she shall promote harmony, good fellowship, life and enthusiasm in the meetings through appropriate stunts and games and the judicious imposition of fines on club mem­bers. There shall be no ruling from his/her decision in imposing a fine, provided, however, that no fine shall exceed an amount fixed by the board of directors of this club, and no member shall be fined more than twice at any one meeting. See Page 3 14

15 Responsibilities Membership Chairperson - shall be the chairperson of the membership committee. Develops a growth program specifically for the club. Regular encouragement at club meeting to bring in new quality members. Preparation and implementation of orientation sessions. Reporting to the board of directors on ways to reduce the loss of members. Serving as a member of the zone level membership committee. See Page 3 15

16 Typical Lions Clubs Committees
Administrative Activity/Service Fundraising See Page 4 16

17 Typical Administrative Committees
Membership Directory Finance Newsletter Lions Information Publicity & Public Relations Nominations Program Member Retention Scholarship Constitution & By-Laws Orientation Melvin Jones Awards See Page 4 17

18 Typical Service Committees
Community Service Disaster Preparedness Environmental Services Health And Wellness International Relations Youth: International Peace Poster Youth: Youth Camp Exchange Programs Leo Club Program Kidsight Screening See Page 4 18

19 Fish Fry or Dinner Night Candy, Pecan or Cheese Sales
Typical Fundraising Committees Community BBQ Horse Show Raffle Banner Advertising Fish Fry or Dinner Night Candy, Pecan or Cheese Sales Concession Sales See Page 4 19

20 Your Club Traditions What traditions does your club participate in and explain why the club does them. See Page 4 20

21 Elections Officers are elected annually
Club president appoints a nomination committee in March The nomination committee selects candidates The club votes on in April The term begins July 1st See Page 4 21

22 Awards Melvin Jones Membership Keys 100% Attendance Chevrons
Year Round Growth Presidents Retention Campaign Extension Awards Lion Of The Year Club Excellence See Page 4 22

23 Your Club Service and Fundraising Activities
What service and fundraising projects is your club involved in? See Page 5 23

24 Membership Benefits The benefits of Lions clubs membership are numerous, and include: Helping those in need Making a difference in your community Having an impact on those in need worldwide Developing leadership skills Enhancing communication skills Utilizing planning and organization skills Working hands-on to meet community needs Meeting new people Opportunities to network Opportunities to travel See Page 5

25 Membership Active Member- At-Large Honorary Privileged Life Member
Associate Affiliate See Page 5 25

26 Lion Meetings Club Meeting twice per month Board of Directors Meeting
Committee Meetings as needed Zone Meetings 3 times per year July – District 12-O Organizational Meeting October – District 12-O Fall Conference March – District 12-O Convention May – TN Lions State Convention July – Lions International Convention See Page 6 26

27 A typical club has two budgets for each fiscal year:
FINANCES & BUDGETS A typical club has two budgets for each fiscal year: Administration budget is what finances Club operations. Its income comes mostly from Member Dues. Project budget finances the club’s fundraising activities and donations that the Club makes. Monies raised by the Club by asking for public support shall be held in a separate account and distributed in the community unless otherwise specified. Income from the club’s fundraising projects cannot be used for the club’s administrative costs. See Page 6 27

28 Dues and Budgets Total Dues Activities Budget Administrative Budget
Club dues: District and multiple district dues: International dues: US$43 per year. Activities Budget Administrative Budget Trainer Tip: Explain that the activities budget consists of funds raised form the public through club projects and may only be expended to satisfy a community or public need. The administrative budget is what finances club operations and comes mostly from club dues. See Page 6

29 Possible ways to communicate within a typical club are:
Club Communication Possible ways to communicate within a typical club are: Newsletter Facebook Website Telephone See Page 6 29

30 District and Multiple District

31 Organizational Structure
There are 750 districts with 35 or more clubs and at least 1,250 members in each district. Multiple districts are formed by two or more districts within a territory. Our Multiple District: 12-L I O N S Our District:12-O Trainer Tip: Consider adding additional information about your district and multiple district, such as the district governor’s name and the boundaries of your district and multiple district. See Page 7

32 Each district has a District Governor that serves for a one year term
See Page 7

33 District Governor Team
District Governor (DG) 1st Vice District Governor (1VDG) 2nd Vice District Governor (2VDG) See Page 7

34 District Cabinet District Governor Team Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer
Region Chairpersons District Committee Chairpersons Zone Chairpersons Global Membership Chairperson Global Leadership Chairperson See Page 7

35 Lions Organization See Page 7 Lions Clubs International Tennessee
MD-12 Governor’s Council District 12-L District 12-I District 12-O District 12-N District 12-S See Page 7

36 Multiple District 12 See Page 7
Trainer Tip: Consider adding additional information about your district and multiple district, such as the district governor’s name and the boundaries of your district and multiple district. See Page 7

37 MD-12 Membership As of June 31, 2014
Clubs Members 12-L 43 1,063 12-I 46 1,190 12-O 39 934 12-N 955 12-S 49 1,322 Total 216 5,464 See Page 7 37

38 Lions District Leadership
See Page 7

39 District Governor Mel Tryon Member of the Signal Mountain Lions Club
Chief Administrative Officer Presides Over Meetings Serves One Year Term Supervises District Officers Ensure DG Team Club Visits District Expenditures See Page 7 39 39

40 1st Vice District Governor Lelia Gibson Member of the Tennessee Tech Lions Club
Assists DG With Membership Development Chartering New Clubs Promotes District Events Supervise District Committees GMT Liason See Page 7 40 40

41 2nd Vice District Governor Shelia Chesnow Member of the Athens Lions Club
Membership Retention Program Awareness GLT Liason See Page 7 41 41

42 Cabinet Secretary Sherry Carnell Member of the Dayton Lions Club
Recording and Maintaining District Reports and Proceedings See Page 7 42 42

43 Cabinet Treasurer - PDG Jerry Pala Member of the Signal Mountain Lions Club
Recording and Maintaining District Funds See Page 7 43 43

44 Zone 1 Chairperson - Marty Smith Member of the Fairfield Glade Lions Club
Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Algood Byrdstown Celina Overton County Cookeville – Noonday Tenn. Tech Cookeville – Evening See Page 7 44 44

45 Zone 2 Chairperson – Eileen Laura Member of the Crossville Lions Club
Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Jamestown Crossville Fairfield Glade White County Monterey Van Buren County See Page 7 45 45

46 Zone 3 Chairperson – Shelia Chesnow Member of the Athens Lions Club
Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Athens Dayton Meigs County Madisonville Spring City Sale Creek Sweetwater See Page 7 46 46

47 Zone 4 Chairperson – Greg Swyers Member of the Benton Lions Club
Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Benton Cleveland Delano Englewood Etowah See Page 7 47 47

48 Zone 5 Chairperson – John Moon Member of the Signal Mountain Lions Club
Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Chatt.-Downtown Dunlap Jasper Lookout Valley Red Bank South Pittsburg Whitwell-Crossroads See Page 7 48 48

49 Ooltewah/Collegedale
Zone 6 Chairperson – Frank Chamberlain Member of the Ooltewah Lions Club Reports on the well being and activities of all clubs in the zone Appointed by DG Brainerd Daisy Dallas Dalewood – Lakeside Signal Mountain Hixson Ooltewah/Collegedale Soddy Daisy See Page 7 49 49

50 Global Membership Chairperson - Carol Rhines Member of the Dayton Lions Club
Sets Membership Goals Implements Action Plans 3 Year Term Works Closely With GLT See Page 7 50 50

51 Identify Emerging Leaders Implements District Training Three Year Term
Global Leadership Chairperson - John Moon Member of the Signal Mountain Lions Club Identify Emerging Leaders Implements District Training Three Year Term Work Closely with GMT See Page 7 51 51

52 District Governor Goals
Every Club Achieve The “Club Excellence Award” 4 Clubs participate in the “club excellence process” Add 80 Members Create 2 new clubs Trainer Tip: Consider adding additional information about your district and multiple district, such as the district governor’s name and the boundaries of your district and multiple district. See Page 7

53 District Committee Chairpersons
Contests and Awards District Convention USA/Canada Forum Diabetes Awareness Disaster Response Lions Quest White Cane See Page 8

54 District 12-O Membership Oct. 2014
FFG-112 Dayton-33 Athens-23 Crossville-17 White County-11 Sig Mtn-85 Dunlap-33 Jasper-23 Benton-16 Englewood-10 Tennessee Tech-39 Dalewood Lakeside-26 Algood-22 Ooltewah-Collegedale-13 Van Buren County-9 Red Bank-37 Cookeville-26 Celina-22 Whitwell Crossroads-13 Jamestown-8 Cleveland-35 Overton County-25 Sale Creek-21 Chattanooga Downtown-13 Daisy Dallas-8 Monterey-35 Cookville Noonday-24 Delano-20 Meigs County-12 Soddy Daisy-6 Spring City-35 Etowah-23 Hixson-20 Sweetwater-12 Byrdstown-5 Lookout Valley-33 South Pittsburg-23 Chattanooga Brainerd-18 Madisonville-11 Total-957 54 54

55 Lions Clubs Years Of Service
MD-12 (97) Red Bank (74) Sale Creek (69) Signal Mountain (56) Cookeville Noonday (38) Cookeville Evening (92) South Pittsburg (74) Byrdstown (67) Daisy Dallas (53) Crossville (19) Chattanooga Downtown (87) Sweetwater (73) Lookout Valley (63) Meigs County (48) Van Buren County (13) Cleveland (85) Etowah (72) Celina (62) Monterey (45) White County (9) Dayton (79) Jasper (70) Overton County (62) Allgood (43) Ooltewah Collegedale (5) Athens (77) Soddy Daisy (70) Dalewood Lakeside (60) Delano (40) Tennessee Tech (4) Madisonville (76) Dunlap (70) Jamestown (58) Hixson (42) Whitwell Crossroads (3) Benton (74) Englewood (70) Chattanooga Brainerd (56) Fairfield Glade (39) Total (2217) 55 55

56 Council Of Governors See Page 8

57 District Convention District conventions are held to:
Develop fellowship among the Lions of the district Conduct general district business Elect the district governor and other district-elected officers Conduct seminars [Insert information about this year’s district convention.]

58 District & Multiple District Communication
District Newsletter District Website State Website [List all forms of district and multiple district communication including newsletters, Facebook page, s, Web site etc.]

59 Lions Clubs International
See Page 9

60 Melvin Jones On June 7, 1917, Melvin Jones formed the Association of Lions Clubs. 22 Clubs from 9 states came together to form Lions Clubs. They began to organize throughout the United States and became International in 1920. See Page 9

61 History See Page 9 1917: Melvin Jones founded LCI.
1920: LCI becomes international with Canadian club. 1925: Helen Keller challenged Lions to become “knights of the blind.” 1945: LCI helped draft the United Nations Charter. 1957: The Leo Club Program is created. 1968: The Lions Clubs International Foundation is established. 1987: LCI became the first service club organization to admit women as members. 1990: SightFirst is launched. Today: Our international network has grown to include more than 200 countries and geographic areas. See Page 9

The official name is The International Association of Lions Clubs, or simply Lions Clubs International (LCI) The name Lions was chosen on a secret ballot over several others because the lion stood for strength, courage, fidelity and vital action. See Page 10

63 The Emblem of Lions Clubs
The Lions logo consists of a gold “L” on a blue field surrounded by a gold circle. On either side of the circle is the profile of a Lion’s head, one looking back upon a proud past and the other looking optimistically toward the future.

International officers implement policy and serve as inspirational leaders of the world’s Lions. International President: First Vice President: Second Vice President: Immediate Past President/LCIF Chairperson:

65 International President
Joseph "Joe" Preston President Preston is temporarily retired from the automotive industry. A member of the Bradshaw Mountain of Dewey-Humboldt Lions Club, President Preston has been a Lion since 1974

66 1st Vice President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
Vice President Yamada is a neurosurgeon. A member of the Minokamo Lions Club, Yamada has been a Lion since 1985. 66

67 2nd Vice President Robert E. Corlew
Vice President Corlew is chancellor for the State of Tennessee. A member of the Murfreesboro Lions Club since 1978 67

68 Immediate Past Intl. President
Barry J. Palmer Past President Palmer was a real estate company director. A member of the Hornsby Lions Club since 1976.

69 International Officers & Directors
The International Board of Directors is the governing body of the association. 34 members and 8 board appointees The International Constitution and By-Laws govern the operations of the association and establish the rules by which the association is to function.

70 LCIF Sight First LCIF SightFirst reduces and eliminates blindness worldwide. The program targets the leading causes of preventable blindness which affects millions of people each year. Since it’s launch in 1990, Lions have raised over US$415 million for Sight First, making LCIF the world's largest blindness prevention organization.

71 LCI International Conventions bring together thousands of Lions from around the world for a week of business, education, celebration and fellowship 2015 – Honolulu, Hawaii 2016 – Fukuoka, Japan 2017 – Chicago, Illinois LCI returns to Chicago to celebrating its 100th Anniversary!

72 LCI Headquarters Has been located outside of Chicago, IL, in a 150,000 square foot building in Oak Brook, IL, since 1971. Nearly 300 staff work there to serve nearly 1.33 million Lions worldwide

73 Lions Clubs International Foundation
Lions Clubs International Foundation was begun in 1968 and grants an average of US$30 million annually. It provides clubs with the means to build schools, health clinics, vocational rehabilitation, training centers and other projects that address community needs.

74 Melvin Jones Fellowship
Since 1973 The Melvin Jones Fellowship has been the backbone of LCIF funding and provides 70 percent its revenue. MJF is a recognition for humanitarian service and awarded to those who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made. Clubs will often use this award to acknowledge outstanding contributions by its members. Melvin Jones Fellows receive an attractive lapel pin, a plaque and a congratulatory letter.

75 Leadership LCI provides training and development opportunities for Lions. The Global Leadership Team (GLT) is the driving force behind these programs, including: Emerging Lions Leadership Institutes Faculty Development Institutes Regional Lions Leadership Institutes District Governors-Elect Seminar Multiple District Leadership Development Funding GLT District Funding Support Program Webinars Lions Learning Center

76 Leadership Service activities generally fall into the following categories: Community Services Disaster Preparedness and Relief Environmental Services Health and Wellness International Relations Opportunities for Youth Services for Children Global Service Action Campaigns Service is reported using the Lions Club Service Activity Report.

77 Communication LION Magazine E-mail Messages Web
Social Networking Facebook Twitter

78 Welcome To Your Lions Club!
Any Questions?

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