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BEING CHURCH Healing. B EING C HURCH Healing B EING C HURCH Healing Reconciliation.

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2 B EING C HURCH Healing

3 B EING C HURCH Healing Reconciliation

4 B EING C HURCH Healing Reconciliation Anointing

5 R ECONCILIATION Sign of Jesus’ power and authority. Sign of the power of the Cross. Sign of our redemption. Sign of our authority and ability to forgive. Sign of our unity. Sign of our willingness to be part of God’s plan. Sign of healing in a selfish and self-righteous world. Celebrated liturgically (the beginning of Mass)

6 A NOINTING Sign of God’s power over all things. Sign of our unity in life, sickness and death. Sign of our surrender to God’s will Sign of healing in a wounded world.

7 B EING C HURCH Reconciliation and Anointing are visible signs to the world of our belief in the fullness of God’s love. God’s love encompasses joy and sorrow, health and sickness, life and death. Sign that sin and evil in the world have no ultimate power over us – everything can be overcome. Belief in the goodness of and the restoration of goodness in all that God has created Hope for the World!

8 ReconciliationAnointing of the Sick Only God forgivesJesus healed people who had faith Responsibility shared with ApostlesJesus invited disciples into ministry Priest is minister today Laying on of hands and the words of absolution (forgiveness) Anointing with the oil of the sick accompanied by the liturgical prayer of the priest Conversion, clean conscience, absolution, penance, reconciliation with God Unites suffering to the Passion of Christ, leads to the forgiveness of sins when not able to confess, strengthens us & gives us peace Contrition, repentance, confession, reparation, penitential actions for all Anointing and prayer of healing for those whose sickness or age has made it difficult or impossible for them to be active Private; general confession and absolution only in dire emergencyIndividually or at Healing Mass

9 Father Maximilian Kolbe

10 Auschwitz became the killing centre during WWII One Christian man became a martyr to the truth of Nazism – a true hero for our time, a saint who lived what he preached, total love toward God and man…. In 1910 he became a Franciscan In 1930 he went to Asia Germany invaded Poland in 1939 & organized a shelter for 3,000 Polish refugees, among whom where 2,000 Jews. May 1941 he was taken to the deathcamp Auschwitz Father Kolbe pleaded with his fellow prisoners to forgive their persecutors and to overcome evil with good “I am a Catholic priest from Poland. I would like to take his place, because he has a wife and children.” Executed on August 14, 1941, at the age of 47, a martyr of charity Beatified as Confessor by Paul VI in 1970, and canonized as Martyr by Pope John Paul II in 1981. Father Kolbe’s incredible deed is an inspiration for all mankind - a beacon of hope of the future

11 Closing Prayer Psalms Chapter 100 A psalm of thanksgiving. Shout joyfully to the LORD, all you lands; worship the LORD with cries of gladness; come before him with joyful song. Know that the LORD is God, our maker to whom we belong, whose people we are, God's well- tended flock. Enter the temple gates with praise, its courts with thanksgiving. Give thanks to God, bless his name; good indeed is the LORD, Whose love endures forever, whose faithfulness lasts through every age

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