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DFK International A briefing for clients July 2012.

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1 DFK International A briefing for clients July 2012

2 DFK International A briefing for member firms’ clients

3 About us DFK International is one of the world’s leading associations of independent accounting firms and business advisers. The association has been helping member firms meet the needs of their clients for 50 years. Each DFK member is an independent legal entity in its own country.

4 About us Formed in 1962 Became Douglas F-Richard Kidsons in 1970s Incorporated as DFK International in the Netherlands in 1982 50 years of growth Over 300 offices worldwide Member firms in more than 80 countries

5 Philosophy and values The partners in our member firms share: Enthusiasm for fully understanding client objectives and delivering effective advice Dedication to providing personal and timely services through experienced advisers Commitment to achieving consistent professional and ethical standards

6 Client orientated strategy The Association was formed to bring together strong national firms of public accountants to enable member firms to: Provide services of the highest professional standards to their clients Act for new clients with international business needs Share technical knowledge, practice management experience and practice development concepts Promote the flow of international work

7 DFK Vision “To be recognised the world’s leading association of independent accounting and business advisory firms for the quality of service provided to clients with cross-border interests.”

8 Services The services provided by DFK member firms include: Accounting services Audit (statutory and internal) Tax advice (corporate and personal) Corporate finance Business valuation and due diligence investigations Business turnaround and recovery IT consultancy Personal finance planning

9 DFK clients with international operations include: Benefits to clients DFK member firms have formed strong relationship work to together on international accounting, audit, tax and advisory services. Work is characterised by: Effective relationships to deliver outstanding personal service Commercial approach to ensure advice is objective and practical Entrepreneurial approach assured because, like many of their clients, DFK member firms are owner-operated and managed Commitment to quality to international standards and outstanding levels of service delivery

10 2012 situation 212 member firms 83 countries 300 offices worldwide More than 10,000 partners and staff Collective member firms’ turnover over US$1Bn

11 Organisation - National Groups In countries where DFK is represented by more than four member firms, firms form National Groups Member firms in national groups work together in effective cooperation to deliver high quality services nationally and internationally

12 DFK UK & Ireland DFK Germany DFK France DFK Italy DFK Australia New Zealand DFK USA DFK Canada DFK Mexico DFK Sweden/Sverev National Groups

13 Learn more about DFK International DFK International Executive Office Russell Square House | 10-12 Russell Square | London WC1B 5LF T: +44 (0) 20 7436 6722 | F: +44 (0) 20 7436 6606 E: | W:

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