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21 – 22 September 2006, Kuala Lumpur Savings Banks and Foundations, contribution for a sustainable society Mr. Mario Maia, Special Advisor, Caixa Economica.

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1 21 – 22 September 2006, Kuala Lumpur Savings Banks and Foundations, contribution for a sustainable society Mr. Mario Maia, Special Advisor, Caixa Economica Federal do Brasil “Savings banks: the retail gateway to a global market. Driving sustainable development”

2 Social Report

3 CAIXA’s Profile Caixa Econômica Federal is a overnment-controlled financial institution, operating throughout Brazilian territory member of the Brazilian Financial System linked to the Finance Ministry acts to assist the credit policy of the Federal Government Member of Global Compact This year, CAIXA completed 145 years of age. Our Mission CAIXA’s mission is to improve the life quality of society, by acting as intermediary in funds and financial transactions of any type, operating, primarily, in urban development, housing, water services and infrastructure; and in management of funds, programs and services of a social nature. CAIXA has the following fundamental values: its actions should be directed to meet the expectations of society and of clients a permanent quest for excellence in the quality of its services financial equilibrium in all its transactions ethical conduct guided exclusively by the values of society respect for, and the allocation of value to, the individual human being Social Report

4 Our Vision In addition to being an integral part of CAIXA’s social mission, Social Responsibility is also present in our Vision for 2015: CAIXA will be a worldwide benchmark as an integrated public bank, profitable, socially responsible, efficient, fast to act and with a permanent capacity for self-renewal it will maintain the leadership in implementation of public policies and will be a strategic partner of state and municipal governments it will consolidate its position as the bank of the majority of the Brazilian population, with a significant presence in the corporate segment and excellent relationship with its clients it will employ high technology in all service channels, and will be outstanding for its management of people, who will be recognized in their merit, receive training in new skills and have a developed public spirit it will maintain solid, cohesive and innovative relationships with partners who have a strong social commitment Social Report

5 Brazil Craftwork with Design Project This unique project fosters local economic activity, strengthening CAIXA's institutional image with various sections of the public. won the Third Marketing Best social responsibility of São Paulo, and from the Top Social of Rio de Janeiro – in the “third Sector” categori as well as being recognized bay Exame magazine in the Exame Guid to Good Corporate Citizenship CAIXA is member of the Technical Committee for Digital Inclusion for Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and the Executive Committee for the Brazil Home Project. In conjunction with government efforts do reduce indices of digital exclusion, the Board of Directors determined through Resolution number 1434/2005, which provides for the donation of microcomputers considered unusable in the company network, that entities may present proposals for the use of this equipment in digital inclusion projects that strengthen social development, particularly in areas presenting a low Human Development Index (HLI) CAIXA digital inclusion projects Social Report

6 Free individual taxpayer registration (CPF) for women In 2005, CAIXA promoted for the second year in a row free insurance of the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) card for 315,000 women throughout Brazil in observance of the International Women’s Day. This registration provides women access to federal government social programs such as Zero Hunger Program, Bolsa Família (Family Assistance Program) and the National Program for the Strengthening of Family Agriculture (PRONAF). It also helps them open bank accounts and apply for micro-credits loans. Policies for Women The amount equivalent to 1% of the income tax payable, was donated to the Children and Adolescents Rights Fund, for implementation of the National Network for Location and Reintegration of Missing Children and Adolescents. Use of fiscal incentive mechanisms for activities linked to culture or social development Social Report

7 CAIXA is a member of the inter-ministerial Committee for Social Inclusion of Trash Gatherers, created in september of 2003 with the aim of: implementing the inter-ministerial project “Trash and Citizenship: Fighting Hunger and the Eradication of Illegal Landfills”, wich provides decent living and working conditions for Street Recyclers and supports the appropriate managemente and disposal of solid waste in towns; creating sectorial policies and monitoring the implementation of programs for trash gatherers; defining monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to coordinate activities at the local level. National Movement for Citizenship and Solidarity CAIXA renewed its sponsorship of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee through the Lottery Development Fund (FDL), from January to December of 2005, for a total of US$ 1.7 million, which throug the CAIXA Top-Level Athlete Program granted financial support to 12 record-holding athletes and to the CAIXA Lottery Brazil Paralympic Circuit, a pioneering and unique circuit staged in six cities: Belo Horizonte, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and São Paulo, for track and field, swimming and judo. CAIXA Lotteries sponsor the Brazilian Paraolympics Committee (CPB) Social Report

8 CAIXA Best Practices Program Since 1999, CAIXA has been indentifying, evaluating and disseminating the best local management practices, of which it was a partner through financing, sharing of information and technical support. In the 2005 addition, the category “Environmental Management” was on of the 10 most awarded, which demonstrates the importance of participation in environmental projects. Local Management Case Presentation Social Report

9 Over the last four years CAIXA has strived to strengthen its action in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development and in seeking to establish an environment propitious for generating results in keeping with such values, has included as one of its major challenges in its Vision of the Future: “To be one of the best companies to work for” Confirmation of the effort made to consolidate the meeting of this challenge came in the form of CAIXA’s classification among the 150 best companies to work for by the 2006 Edition of Guia Exame – Você S.A, as a result of a survey on environmental quality at work and Human Resources Management in companies located in over 100 Brazilian cities. National Public Administration Award 2006 CAIXA, One of the Best Companies to Work for Social Report Administration based on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development CAIXA received the award in the Category “Public & Mixed Capital Companies”, for its quest for excellence in administering Employment Benefit Deposit Funds – FGTS. Granting the awards corresponds to highlighting those among the participating organizations that showed improvements in the direction of innovation and opening channels for improving quality of life. Best Megafunds Administrator – Personal Investments 2006 CAIXA was chosen as the best company administering Megafunds in investments with assets of over US$ 500 million.

10 Social Report

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