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What you need to know about “SYSTEM-300K”

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1 What you need to know about “SYSTEM-300K”
Why “SYSTEM-300K”? What is it and how does it work? How much will it cost me? How do I make Money? Why do I need this? Presented by: DAVE NEILSON Founder of “System-300K”

2 Before we begin Please permit us to ask Three Serious Questions
What part of your life is NOT affected by MONEY? What would you do differently to now, if MONEY was no longer an ISSUE? If your ANNUAL income were to become your MONTHLY income – how would that change your life? THINK CAREFULLY ON YOUR ANSWERS

3 Why “SYSTEM-300K” Because what we are introducing you to has the potential to produce, in time, an Annual Income up to and over 300K for YOU Yes, $300,000+ per YEAR and that is US dollars But you say, that is unbelievable money True, but the potential is here for that. The result you get is up to you, but understand that the potential is here and we will show you how

4 So, what is “SYSTEM-300K”? It is designed as a Co-operative Global Group where everyone benefits Where everyone helps others to Succeed – to Survive and Thrive Designed to be Global and for Anyone – Any where no discrimination To HELP people to succeed in life and enjoy life the way we should To secure their Individual Freedom and Independence To also teach how to regain or maintain Health naturally

5 The history of “SYSTEM-300K”
The Founder is now 76 and knows what it is like and takes to be earning a five-figure monthly income How that is achieved and what is required He learned from “Experts” – proved it himself And now is committed to share that with you So that you can enjoy TIME– MONEY – HEALTH FREEDOM

The TIME to do what you want in life The MONEY to afford it The HEALTH to enjoy that Because FREEDOM is all about being able to make Choices in life Question is are these things important to you?

7 To be Successful today We need a few things:
The DESIRE to succeed is essential The WILL to succeed and never QUIT is necessary A GOAL that you want to achieve is paramount A PLAN of how to reach that GOAL is the beginning It then needs ACTION on your part to make it reality It may require LEARNING new skills, perhaps And involve a MINDSET change and different thinking It could require new “TOOLS” etc – we can help Success comes by following a sound & proven “SYSTEM” Support is often essential and important to people ALL THE ABOVE “SYSTEM-300K” WILL TEACH & HELP

8 How Does it Work? We have tested two successful Companies for 6 years
They both have over ten years of successful Business They are in well over 180 countries globally Both have essential “Tools” for any business today Their services are in demand every where and used by millions Both also have an Affiliate Program and good Compensation Plans We have combined these two and added a third we developed. Making three sources of Income for you

9 Global Domains for your Website and one Income source
Traffic Wave for your Autoresponder and second Income source “SYSTEM-300K own program and third Income source

10 Global Domains International
Global Domains International or GDI has been a dominant player in the market of Domain Names Registration just like DOT COM. GDI also provides Website Hosting as part of the package Plus a Website Builder Suite of Tools plus Training Also up to 10 addresses as part of the package And also promotes their Business with an Affiliate Program With a very good Compensation Plan that rewards you Their Websites are used by many big named Businesses Every “Home Business” needs a Website to promote them and their Products or Services It is a huge business and continually growing fast and you can earn well by just promoting that.

11 TRAFFIC WAVE.NET Traffic Wave has also been in business for well over 10 years and is one of the more dominant Autoresponder companies in that market. They specialize in autoresponders and was founded by someone who has been very successful in Online Business Unlike most, their charges are a flat fee irrespective of the number of Subscribers you have, or the number of Campaigns. Others charge more for either or both They are one of the best priced in the market, yet fully functional with all the “bells and whistles” They also promote their Business with an Affiliate Program Their Compensation Plan is excellent and on its own can be a very rewarding income source Every “Home Business” needs an autoresponder to keep in touch will customers through Automation of mailing and close contact Again this is a fast growing Business that is in constant demand and you can earn well by just promoting that. and you can earn well by just promoting that.

12 “SYSTEM-300K” We also have developed our own form of Affiliate Program that rewards you for building YOUR Business The Founder of System-300k has written two other books and a Weekly Health Newsletter which you get once you become involved an the rights to them to also “give away” free to anyone who joins you. Plus there are three other books you will be able to “give away” free to anyone your personally sign up to System-300k There is a Joining Fee for System-300k and we pay you 35% of that on everyone you personally sign-up There is more on how this works under “What is it going to cost me” later Our focus is to have people earning money in their FIRST month, the steadily growing from there on. For that reason you also get regular Training and Support e-malls to help both you and your people.

One thing we have learned over the years, and we are sure you will agree. Things in life that are free most people do not value or look after. Yet what costs us we protect, and they are replaceable. But what we got for nothing, is generally irreplaceable – odd isn’t it? Again this answer begs a question – what value to you place on Freedom – Liberty and being Debt-free? We promise you that the cost is very low when compared to what you can earn or make, as has already been said by many now involved FOR GDI – That is a $10 per month cost including Domain Name Registration – Hosting – Site Builder – Training – 10 addresses if you wish. However, because GDI want you to succeed they offer a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL, which we recommend taking advantage of So, for GDI the cost is $10 US each month after the 7 days trial period.

FOR TRAFFIC WAVE – The cost is US $17.95 per month As they also want you to succeed, they offer a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL, which we recommend taking advantage of as well. So, for Traffic Wave the cost is $17.95 US each month after the 30 days trial period. To learn more about these two we suggest you visit the website link that is in your free copy of “Money as Debt” and check out the GDI and Traffic Wave pages. It was necessary to tell you upfront of these two cost, so that you can better understand what SYSTEM-300K is all about. Now we are at the point where these two combined are going to cost US $27.95 AFTER their respective Free Trial Periods. But please don’t panic as we have made provision for that as we want this affordable for everyone, and we will show you how.

FOR SYSTEM-300K – This is a little complex and we realise will take some a while to fully understand We are very well aware that many are afraid of risks and have doubts about their own ability or trusting strangers But our prime focus is on helping you make money in your FIRST 30 days and we know it can be done so will help you There is a one-off initial cost of US $49 upfront when you start – we do have a 3-month plan of US $17 each month for a total of US $51 The options are explained on the website, the link of which is in “Money as Debt” We have also made provision for a group of friends to join together to share the cost and that is better explained on the website page What do you get for your $49 [or $51 spread over 3-months]? That is also explained on the website, but it is enormous value We build your Website and Autoresponder for you within 3 days so you can get busy making money BEFORE you have to pay the two previous mentioned costs – see more under “ How much can I make”

16 How do I make Money? Before answering this permit us to ask you, How much do YOU want to earn? Because the potential is unlimited FOR GDI and TRAFFIC WAVE – It is best to refer to the website again as the full Compensation Plans for both are on their relative pages. GDI alone as a potential of well over US $111,000 per month, while Traffic Wave has a potential of over US $88, 000 per month – Combined is over US $200,000 per month and is Residual Income SYSTEM-300K – We pay you 35% of the original $49 or $51 as Commissions on every Personally Enrolled people. That is US $17.15 or $5.95 each of 3 months for Deferred Payment Option people. Once set up we can market anything for more commissions

17 Why do I need this? The answer begs another question or two, such as:
HOW SECURE IS YOUR CURRENT INCOME SOURCE? DO YOU REALLY ENJOY HOW YOU EARN INCOME? IS IT SUFFICIENT FOR YOUR NEEDS OR WANTS? IF YOU WERE MADE REDUNDANT WHAT THEN? THEN THERE’S INCREASING COSTS RECURRING DEBTS SERVICING – LIKE TO GET RID? THEN THERE IS RETIREMENT AND OLD AGE? Times are getting tough and will get worse and many people are looking for answers. Would you like to be able to help them? We think your answers to the above will possibly give you the reason why, as it usually does with most people

18 What if I join and then don’t like it for any reason?
That’s not an issue really, as we believe in freedom of choice. Both GDI and Traffic Wave can be simply cancelled With System-300k we give you 30 days guarantee If in that time you decide this is not for you just let us know You keep what you’ve downloaded and got from us We will also refund you 50% of your US $49 - $24.50 Why only half? Because we have likely paid an Affiliate their commission and probably our staff to do the work. We are NOT going to ask either to refund their part as that would be unethical and not professional

19 Some Targets we Teach and Help you to Achieve and why.
To get your first TWO people as soon as you can. As that earns you US $34.30 from System-300K plus US $36 Fast Start Bonuses from Traffic Wave – US $70.30, so your Traffic Wave and GDI payments are covered, plus $42 To get your first FIVE as that gives you a further $51.45 from System-300k plus one more FSB from Traffic Wave - $18, plus it now covers your Traffic Wave & GDI. To get your first TEN as that now gives you a total of some $388 for an investment of $49 + $10 + $18 = $77. More importantly, you are making a profit of $311 from zero. CAN THE ABOVE BE DONE? SURE CAN AND HAS BEEN IN THE FIRST 30 DAYS..!

20 Why do we need extra income?
As you will learn from our book “MONEY as DEBT” the paper money we use is valueless and creates debt somewhere. The day is fast coming when the world is in for a huge shock because of the ever increasing debt of Nations and Countries. It has become obvious that something has to be done. The probability is strong that the evil and corrupt Global Central Banking System will introduce a Global Currency that we are forced to use. When that happens they will dictate the terms. SYSTEM-300K is about teaching and helping people to ultimately invest surplus money into buying SILVER and GOLD that have always represented TRUE value and security. To be able to do that we have to earn more than we need to have extra that can be used to buy SILVER and GOLD – simple as that.

21 US $5,000 a Month In closing, it is our belief that the average household today needs something like $5,000 a month to be free, so we are using that here HOW DO I EARN $5,000 EVERY MONTH? With our “System” this is what is needed as an example: 2,500 people in your GDI and Traffic Wave team will produce you at least $5,000 every month – plus some as we will teach. So, how do we get 2,500 people? By continually promoting the FREE book on the basis that a percentage of readers will be interested. Remember that these are not necessary people YOU introduced as they could your people’s introduction or from above as they all count towards YOUR income – see example on next side. There is NO limit to the number of people you personally enroll and because both of these are a matrix type system, people have to be placed below you and all add to YOUR income. But we teach this and it’s part of being a Co-operative where everyone helps

EXAMPLE MONTH YOU INTRO OTHERS TOTAL TEAM GDI INCOME TW MTHLY ONE 5 10 $10 $20 TWO 50 65 $65 $130 THREE 325 330 $330 $660 FOUR 1650 1655 $1,655 $3,310 FIVE 8275 8280 $8,280 $16,560 NOTE: The above is hypothetical and individual result will vary. But if a target is set of FIVE per month and each new person is taught the same The above would be the minimum result, as it doesn’t allow for bonuses and other factors. WHAT IF THE TARGET WAS SEVEN OR TEN – you do the sums…? THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS NEVER GIVE UP AND ALWAYS TEACH DUPLICATION

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