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Chronology Self-Test from the Depression to Present Timeline Self-Test To use this show, go to view and click “notes page.” Then start slide show. When.

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1 Chronology Self-Test from the Depression to Present Timeline Self-Test To use this show, go to view and click “notes page.” Then start slide show. When you want to read more about an answer, end the show and the notes page for that slide will appear. After reading the notes page, use shift-F5 to return to the slide where you left off. Pretty cool! Or, as Aneesh says, “this is sick.”

2 1929-1933 Causes of Depression—name some Overproduction on farm and in factory; too much credit; stock speculation

3 1929-1933 Hoover’s Response to the Depression—what did he do? Let states/locals fix; later he supports Reconstruction Finance Corp (build dams)

4 1932 Hoovervilles—what were they? Shacks/tents encampments for homeless; government sometimes broke them up

5 1932 Vets march on Wash. to demand pay; Hoover busts up encampment and looks bad—what do you call this march? Bonus March or Bonus Expeditionary Force

6 1933-1945 Elected 4 times; got U.S. through Depression and WWII: Practical and tough—who are we talking about? Richard Nixon

7 3-33 to 6-33 1st 100 Days of FDR’s term—name the three R’s and some alphabet soup stuff Relief, recovery, reform; alphabet soup (CCC, FERA, TVA, AAA)

8 March 1933 Puts young men to work in 3Fs: reforestation, firefighting, flood control; good deal— name the organization Civilian Conservation Corps

9 May 1933 FERA—what was it and what did it do? Federal Emerg. Relief. Admin. provides money for immediate help; simple jobs

10 May 1933 AAA (Agric. Adjustment Act)—what did it provide? Price supports for farmers; USSC strikes down; new AAA in 1938 still with us; pays farmers to not plant crops

11 June 1933 HOLC—what is it and what did it do? Home Owner’s Loan Corporation = $ for non- farm mortgage help

12 1933 CWA—what was it and what did it do? Civil Works Admin. provides $ for all kinds of simple jobs (part of FERA)

13 June1933 NRA—what was it and what did it do? National Industrial Recovery Act: businesses voluntarily limit hours to increase jobs; USSC declares unconstitutional (Congress can’t regulate intrastate commerce)

14 June 1933 Public Works Administration –what did it provide? PWA = $ for dams, roads, buildings = long term recovery in major public works

15 May 1933 Tennessee Valley Authority—what did it do? TVA electrifies Appalachia; provides long-term employment to present

16 1934 SEC –what is it and what does it do? Securities and Exchange Commission regulates stock market

17 1935 Second New Deal—name three laws 3 laws: Social Security; Wagner Act (unions can organize/bargain); WPA for jobs

18 1930s Immigration, Mexican—what do you know? U.S. holds back visas; deports many Mexicans; U.S. trying to protect jobs at home

19 1930s Name some radicals or crackpots who promoted programs to end Depression Huey Long, Father Coughlin, Upton Sinclair, Francis Townsend/all crazy schemes

20 1934 John Collier gets abandonment of ’87 Dawes Act in favor of respect for tribes—name the act Indian Reorganization Act

21 1935 CIO—what organization is this; what did it do; who was its main man? Congress of Industrial Organizations; all workers in an industry; John L. Lewis

22 1937 FDR’s Supreme Court—name some problems USSC strikes down AAA/NIRA; FDR upset; court-packing scheme fails; FDR=good guy but bad here

23 1937 Keynesian Economics—comment on it and FDR FDR buys into Keynes idea on deficit spending to prime the economic pump

24 1939 Grapes of Wrath –who wrote it and what is involved in the story? John Steinbeck writes about 1930s Dust Bowl migrants and criticizes farmers/landowners

25 1930s Trilogy--who wrote it and what’s involved? John Dos Passos’s 3 books on struggles of Americans in early 1900s

26 1932 Tobacco Road--who wrote it and what is the story? Erskine Caldwell writes about alienated poor white Georgia farmers

27 1938 Recession of 1938—comment on it Unemployment rises proving New Deal is not final answer to depression; WWII is

28 1931, 1937 Japan invades China in 1931 (also in 1937); Sec. State Stimson says U.S. won’t recognize territorial gains –name the doctrine Stimson Doctrine

29 1933 FDR promotes nonintervention in Latin America; TR rolls over in his grave—name the policy Good Neighbor Policy

30 1933 FDR is a no-show due to not wanting to stabilize currency in world; isolationism— name the conference London Economic Conference

31 1934 Nye Committee report—what did it say? Senator Nye says arms merchants/bankers got us into WWI, not subs; isolationism here

32 1930s Japan./Italy/Ger. Aggression—what did these bad guys do—when and where? Japan=China/’31,’37; Italy=Ethiopia/’35; Germany=Poland/’39: U.S. avoids

33 1935-1937 Neutrality legislation—provided what? Americans can’t travel on combatant ships, sell goods, loan money during war (including civil)

34 1938 Appeasement of Hitler by Brit—what does this mean? Britain OKs Hitler taking Sudetenland, but Hitler then takes all of Czech.

35 1941 U.S. can lease, loan, sell war goods to help British and others fighting Germany— name the act Lend-Lease Act

36 1941 In secret meeting on ship in Atlantic, FDR/Churchill OK what becomes U.N.—name the PEP Atlantic Charter

37 12-07-41 Pearl Harbor 12-07-41—what happened? Japan sinks Pacific fleet (except carriers) at Pearl; U.S. declares war; isolationism ends with the attack; Congress declares war on 12-08

38 June 1942 Great U.S. carrier victory stops Japanese advance in Pacific (6 mo after Pearl!!!)— name the battle Midway, June 3-6, 1942 [Out of respect for courage that exceeds understanding, please remember Torpedo Squadron 8 off the Hornet]

39 1943 FDR, Churchill, Stalin agree to open 2nd front in 1944; leads to D-Day (6-6-44)—name the conference Teheran Conference

40 6-6-44 Ike leads Normandy invasion on French coast; Germany surrenders in May 1945—what name do we give to this day, May 6, 1944? D-Day

41 1941-1945 Two U.S. commanders who win war in Pacific—name them Adm. Nimitz/Gen. MacArthur

42 1945 Stalin OKs elections in Europe (he reneges) and U.S.S.R. to enter war in Pacific—name the conference Yalta

43 Later in 1945 Truman, Stalin, Churchill/Atlee: Japan must surrender or be destroyed—name the conference Potsdam

44 1945 U.S. creates this organization in San Francisco (cf. with rejection of League after WWI)—name the organization United Nations

45 1945 8/6&8/9 atomic bombs; Japan surrenders 8/15; WWII ends—name the two cities bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki

46 1941-1945 1) Must convert industry to war: no more cars but lots of tanks, planes, ships, artillery 2)Draft begun in 1940—before war but in anticipation of war (cf. WWI/draft during) 3)Women go to work: Rosie the Riveter 4)Blacks to NO/West cities for jobs; Mexicans (braceros) brought into U.S. 5)War Production Board has power to ration critical items (gas, oil, metal, rubber) [cf. War Industries Board in WWI which was much weaker and less effective]-– name this process Wartime mobilization

47 1941-1945 Urban migration—describe Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans go to cities for jobs, creating communities

48 1941-1945 Name cities that flourished due to the war L.A., Detroit, Seattle flourish with wartime jobs

49 1941-1945 Comment on expansion of govt. power during war U.S. power to regulate economy and people grows much during WWII

50 1941-1945 Women and work during war—comment Women make tanks, planes, artillery’ “We Can Do It!” campaign=patriotic

51 1942-1946 Internment of Japanese—comment 120,000 (most citizens) interned in ten camps under E.O. 9066 (USSC says OK in Korematsu v. U.S.): horrible event (Congress apologizes, pays $20,000 to internees in 1988)

52 1941-1946 Double-V Campaign— what is it? Blacks soldiers fight racism abroad and at home, thus the double- V (for victory)

53 1945-1950s Post WWII Economic Boom—comment Middle class=prosperity; baby boom; TV, cars, washing machines, homes

54 1944 10 million veterans get $ for education and homes: fuels economic boom—name the act G.I. Bill

55 1947 Anti-union law (passed over Truman veto) outlaws closed shop + more anti-union—name the act Taft-Hartley Act

56 1949 Truman’s plan: [Extension of New Deal] Min. wage increased but Congress opposes health insurance—name Truman’s plan Truman’s Fair Deal

57 1946 Signals U.S. govt. intrusion into national economy (cf. Laissez Faire)—name the act Employment Act of 1946

58 1948 Truman for civil rights; Thurmond leads racist states’ rights party in election of ’48—name the political party Dixiecrats

59 1948 Accused of being Communist; convicted of perjury; elevates Nixon’s career—name him Alger Hiss

60 1951-1953 Executed as spies; some saw trial as anti- communist witch hunt gone too far—name the two people Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

61 1947 George Kennan argues U.S. must vigilantly “contain” Soviet expansionism—what is the word we use to describe this? Containment

62 1947 Must get $ to Greece and Turkey to fight Commies; let’s help “free peoples” fight— name the doctrine Truman Doctrine

63 1947 on U.S. provides billions to rebuild Europe and erode attractiveness of Communism—name the plan Marshall Plan

64 1948-49 Truman airlifts supplies to Berlin (cutoff); Stalin loses and reopens roads to Berlin—what do we call this? Berlin Airlift

65 1949 U.S. joins this organization=alliance to confront U.S.S.R.=attack on one is attack on all—name the organization No. Atlantic Treaty Org. (NATO)

66 1951 MacArthur wants big war and won’t shut up: Truman fires this national hero—what war is being fought at the time? Korean

67 1950-1954 Wis. Senator conducts anti-commie witch hunt=hurts many; in end he loses—name the senator and name the “ism” Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism

68 1950 Truman vetoes (Congress overrides): Pres. can detain “suspicious” people—name the act McCarran Act

69 1950s Social Impact of Cold War—comment Fear of atomic war; let’s help blacks so commies won’t gain by exploiting our racism; must be anti-commie

70 1950s Science, technology, medicine –comment Salk vaccine; transistors; NASA; NDEA ($ for educ.)

71 1950s Social developments in 50s—comment Transportation: interstates go around towns; speed up transport of goods/people Housing: low-cost loans, most Americans own homes by 1960; suburbs Standard of living: many have homes, cars, TVs, washing machines: “happy days” Black migration: many escape Jim Crow and move to NO/West. Cities Baby boom: largest generation in U.S. history Rock and roll: Elvis merges black and country producing new genre: very popular“ “Happy Days”: OK for white, middle class, but blacks stuck in Jim Crow

72 1950s Literature of criticism –name some books and authors 1. The Lonely Crowd (David Riesman), The Organization Man (William H. Whyte), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Sloan Wilson)=U.S. society=pack of conformists 2. The Affluent Society (John Kenneth Galbraith) questions the relation between private wealth and the public good. These critics represent the conscience of America

73 1950s McDonald’s; homogenization of society; same cars, same homes; same everything— what words characterize this? Consensus and conformity

74 1950s Jack Kerouac (On the Road); counter-culture filled with casual drugs, booze, sex—name these people Beatniks

75 1954 Sec. of State John Foster Dulles’s foreign policy—describe “Brinksmanship”; massive retaliation; mutual assured destruction

76 1957 U.S.S.R. satellite scares U.S., sparks U.S. space program and $ for scientific educ.— name the Russian satellite Sputnik

77 1961 Ike warns of power, influence, cost of merger of the military with U.S. industry—what do we call this union of military and industry? “Military Industrial Complex”

78 1954 Plessy ’96 and separate but equal overturned by USSC; big victory for NAACP—name the decision Brown v. Board of Education

79 1955 Refuses to move; convicted; Montgomery Bus Boycott; MLK begins; buses integrated— name her Rosa Parks

80 1957 Weak commission foreshadows CRA of ’64 and Voting Rights Act of ’65—name the commission Civil Rights Commission

81 1960 JFK ’60 campaign promises: improve Social Security; increase minimum wage—name JFK’s program "New Frontier"

82 1960 4 black students NC A & T sit-in at Woolworth’s; Jim Crow attacked; blacks win- what is happening here? Greensboro sit-in

83 1961 CORE sponsors interstate bus rides to attack Jim Crow; successful—what do we call these rides? Freedom Rides

84 1961 Khrushchev builds wall to stop flow of East Germans to West; Cold War increases— name the wall Berlin Wall

85 4-17-61 CIA-backed invasion of Cuba; Castro beats; embarrassment for JFK—name the invasion Bay of Pigs

86 1962 Khrushchev puts missiles in Cuba; JFK blockades; JFK wins; nuclear war near— name the incident Cuban missile crisis

87 1962 Rachel Carson’s book launches environmental protection movements—name the book Silent Spring

88 1950s-1960s Early, he fights Jim Crow and he fights for political rights, later for economic justice— name this great civil rights leader Martin Luther King

89 1963 Betty Friedan book launches modern women’s rights (feminist) movement—name the book The Feminine Mystique

90 1950s-1960s U.S. must stop Communism; U.S. backs corrupt govt; antiwar protests; U.S. loses— name the war Vietnam War

91 1964 LBJ says U.S. attacked in Tonkin Gulf; Congress gives LBJ authority to fight—name the resolution Tonkin Gulf Resolution

92 1965-1972 Antiwar Movement –comment Massive antiwar movement turned U.S. public against Vietnam war

93 1964 Nobody can discriminate on account of race, color, creed, national origin, sex—name the act Civil Rights Act

94 1965 MLK marchers beaten at bridge; leads to Voting Rights Act later in year—name the bridge Selma Bridge

95 1965 LBJ domestic agenda: Medicare; immigration reform; Head Start; voting rights—name LBJ’s program The Great Society

96 1965 LBJ backed this law to register blacks in Southern states; changed Southern politics— name the act Voting Rights Act

97 1965 on Black Militancy after 1965—comment Frustration in cities over jobs and justice; riots; blacks promote separateness

98 1960s Black nationalist leader; for black pride and economic self-sufficiency; wrote important autobiography—name him Malcolm X

99 1960s SNCC; Black Panthers later—name him Stokely Carmichael

100 1960s Head of NAACP—name him Roy Wilkins

101 1960s CORE; Freedom Rides—name him James Farmer

102 1960s Founder of militant Black Panthers—name him Huey P. Newton

103 1968 Vietnamese Communists’ attack is beaten back but discredits U.S. war effort—name the communist offensive Tet Offensive

104 1968 He is assassinated while in Memphis supporting garbage collectors’ strike—who is he? Martin Luther King

105 1968 Treaty is first effort to put a stop to Cold War arms escalation—name the treaty Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

106 1968 JFK brother killed while running for president—name him Robert F. Kennedy

107 1968 After RFK killed, riots hurt this city’s economy, crime rises-name the city Washington, D.C.

108 1968 What do we remember about the Democratic National Convention in Chicago? Antiwar riots on TV fuel antiwar movement

109 1968 Nixon=president on appeal to this group who oppose 1960s protest excesses—what did he call this group? “Silent Majority”

110 1968 He leads a 3rd party=states’ rights=racist=against civil rights, for segregation—name him George Wallace

111 1969-1973 Nixon idea to train Vietnamese to take over U.S. role so U.S. can withdraw troops—what is the word that describes this? Vietnamization

112 1972-1974 Nixon resigns after being implicated in criminal wrongdoing at this hotel Watergate

113 1969-1989 Give more $ and power to states; grants to states for specific programs (Nixon)—name this idea New Federalism

114 1970 Agency created for clean water and air; environmental protection movement here— name the agency Environmental Protection Agency

115 1972 No sex discrimination in federally funded education programs; women’s sports gain— what do we call the law? Title IX

116 1973 USSC legalizes abortion; controversy; court decisions over time erode—name the decision Roe v. Wade

117 1975 on Changes in Amer. Economy—describe Higher paid industrial jobs down; lower paid service jobs up; 1990s=outsourcing

118 1970s-1980s Détente and Glasnost –what are they? Détente=“relaxation of tension”; Glasnost=U.S.S.R. openness in government—attach these words to Gorbachev

119 1978 Carter brokers peace between Israel and Egypt—what is the name of the agreement? Camp David Accords

120 1979 Nuclear plant meltdown = U.S. loses interest in nuclear power; just use more oil—name the plant Three Mile Island

121 1979-1981 Iranian Hostage Crisis –describe Iran. terrorists keep U.S. hostages 444 days during last year of Carter administration; U.S. can’t cope with terrorists well

122 1977, 1999 Carter & Panama Canal—what happened? Carter treaty to turn Canal over to Panama in 1999; better relations w/ Latin Amer.

123 Late 1970s Carter’s economic problems--describe “Stagflation”=high inflation/high unemployment; high interest rates; Carter blamed

124 1981 Lum’s dog is born in Los Angeles—name her Sunshine

125 1980 New Right = Reagan—describe the political agenda of the New Right Conservative social agenda: vs. ‘60s; anti- porn, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, affirmative action; pro-prayer in schools, tougher penalties for crimes

126 1980s Cut taxes to stimulate economy (but mili. $ so high that debt becomes staggering)—what name to we give to this Reagan era idea? Reaganomics

127 1972 U.S./U.S.S.R. treaty limits anti-ballistic missile missiles; helps thaw Cold War—name the treaty ABM Treaty (Nixon)

128 1979 Carter fails with strategic arms limitation talks—name the talks SALT

129 1993 Russia/U.S. agree to reduce long-range nuclear weapons—name the treaty START Treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)

130 1983 Reagan fears Marxists in Carib. Island; sends troops to install pro-U.S. govt.—what is the name of the island nation? Grenada

131 1986-1987 Sells arms to Iran, then give profits to Contras; illegal; Reagan escapes (Teflon)— name the scandal Iran-Contra Scandal

132 1980s Resurgent Fundamentalism—name a prominent leader and the organization he founded Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority

133 1980s on Good life=material goods; selfish; little concern for poor or environment—name the “ism” Consumerism

134 1991 U.S.S.R. collapses into separate republics— what does this signal in general? End of the Cold War

135 1990s on Interconnectedness of global money and markets make isolationism impossible—what word do we assign to this phenomenon? Globalization

136 1990s on Name some environmental Issues Global warming; nuclear waste disposal; oil spills, hybrid cars, clean air efforts

137 1991 U.S. led coalition forces Iraq out of Kuwait— name the operation Operation Desert Storm

138 1999 Clinton not convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice—what is going on here? Clinton Impeachment

139 1970s to present What does the “Graying of America” mean? More and more people are living longer and have a great financial impact on health system costs. Also, the older population is becoming increasingly more politically powerful.

140 2001 on Terrorism 9/11/2001—name the new “ism” that is the organizing principle of U.S. foreign policy after 9/11 Anti-terrorism

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