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Aphrodite By: Garo Balian Ares Adonis Goddess of love, beauty, fertility.

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1 Aphrodite By: Garo Balian Ares Adonis Goddess of love, beauty, fertility

2 Born I was born when the battle between Cronos and Heaven took place. Cronos cut heaven with a sickle and drops of blood fell into the sea and turned into white foam. From that white foam I was born fully grown in a beautiful seashell. BIRTH

3 How I Ended up on Mt. Olympus When I washed up in a seashell on the shore, the three seasons were there to greet me. The goddesses of spring, summer and winter sensed my power and beauty and knew I belonged on Mt. Olympus so they led me there.

4 My Arranged Marriage When I arrived on Mt. Olympus all of the male gods fell in love with me. Zeus knew that I would cause trouble because all the men would fight each other for me, he thought the only way for them not to fight was if I got married. So Zeus made me marry his son, Hephestus, the god of fire and metal.

5 My First Love Even though I had an arranged marriage to Hephestus, Zeus’ son, I still fell in love with other gods as well, especially Ares. Hephestus did not know that I liked Ares for a very long time until one night Helios, the god of the sun, caught me with Ares. When Helios told Hephestus, he got so mad he wove a fine bronze wire net to throw it over us. He made sure that the net was hard to see yet strong enough to hold both of our weights. When he caught us in bed with the net over us, he called over all the gods and they laughed at us. XxX Sun God Hephaestus Aphrodite and Ares Caught in the net

6 Mortal Love I fell in love again, but this time to a mortal named Adonis because he was so handsome. When Ares, my ex-love, saw me with Adonis, he became so jealous that he turned himself into a boar and killed Adonis. I wept uncontrollably and as each tear fell onto earth, it became a beautiful rose.

7 Adonis Goes to the Underworld After Adonis was killed, he went to the Underworld. When he arrived in the Underworld, Persephone, the wife of Hades (the ruler of the dead and the Underworld), thought Adonis very attractive and fell in love with him. I could not stand being with out Adonis so I went to bring him back to Earth. But, then, that is when I found out that Persephone liked him as well and did not want him to leave. So Persephone and I fought with out a result. Then we went to Zeus, the supreme ruler of Mt. Olympus. Zeus decided that Adonis would be with Persephone for a 1/3 of the year, that I would be with him for 1/3, and then for the last 1/3, Adonis had the choice of who he would like to be with, (obviously he chose me!). Aphrodite Adonis Persephone

8 Today In 2009 In 2009, I am still not forgotten. My fellow Romans named a planet Venus in honor of my Roman name. Every year when I think of my true love Adonis, I weep. That is why every Spring the roses bloom again.

9 Credits Author: Garo Balian APHRODITE

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