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Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Source of Innovations – RFID opportunities in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta.

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1 Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Source of Innovations – RFID opportunities in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta

2 Hong Kong Panorama Views

3 Gateway to China Since 150 years ago

4 4 Asia at Night Hong Kong Pan Pearl River Delta Covering Area: 2 Million Square Kilometers GDP in this region: > One Trillion U.S. Dollars by 2010 “9 + 2”

5 Next Generation Supply Chain Opportunities for Hong Kong & Pan-Pearl River Delta Gateway to backend manufacturing cities with high concentration of buying/management offices for sourcing & logistics support Manufacturing base with concentration of contract manufacturers Hong Kong – A Sourcing & Logistics Hub in Pan Pearl River Delta

6 Next Generation Supply Chain Opportunities for Hong Kong and Pan Pearl River Delta Potentials of Pan-Pearl River Delta  PPRD accounts for 40% of China’s GDP  Out of US$412.02 billion of export from PPRD in 2004, HK accounted for US$258.9 billion (over 60%)  130,000 enterprises set up by HK entrepreneurs in Pan-PRD; 80,000 factories in Guangdong set up by Hong Kong businesses; about 50% of them are outward processing operations for textiles and clothing, electronic products, toys, clocks and watches.  Pan-PRD (9 provinces + HK & Macau) covers both the upstream and downstream of the supply chain with business activities spanning from natural resources exploration, manufacturing services, to marketing and logistics services  The vision of the “Internet of Things” is to harmonize the logistics movement with information flow forming an important pillar of the Pan-PRD region

7  Guangdong / HK Technology Collaboration Funding Scheme (TCFS)  Introduced on 04 Sep  HKSAR Govt provides funding scheme to support 6 projects in the area of RFID technology  EPCglobal HK secured the largest project under the scheme  R&D Centre on Supply Chain and Logistics Enabling Technology with RFID as key focus  5 year span industry support plan initiated by government Hong Kong Government RFID Initiatives Hong Kong Science Park Supply Chain Innovation Centre

8 Hong Kong Science Park HK$12 billion (US$1.5 billion) for HKSP Project in 3 Phases The Government has granted HK$3.3 billion for Phase I and HK$4 billion for Phase II The area provides the perfect environment for world- class companies to form technology clusters in four distinct areas: Information Technology / Telecommunication Electronics Precision Engineering Biotechnology

9 Artist’s Impression – Hong Kong Science Park

10 Hong Kong Science Park Illustrative Master Layout Plan 4A 4B 7 1 2 3 6 5 8 9 11 12 10 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 13 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

11 IC Development Centre

12 Hong Kong Science Park ‘Soft’ Infrastructure IC Probe and Test Development Centre Equipment List Agilent 93000 SOC tester model P800 Credence Quartet mixed signal tester IMS Silicon Validation System Gemini Credence ASL3000 RFIC tester Credence ASL1000 analog tester Kalos Engineering memory tester Teradyne Integra J750 digital tester Eagle ETS-300 analog tester HI Level ETS-780 tester Delta-Design handler Synax SX-141 handler MCT 4610 handler TSK UF200AL Prober Electroglas 2080S Prober Temptronic Thermostream

13 Hong Kong Science Park ‘Soft’ Infrastructure IC EDA Centre To provide design tools as shared resources for end users To provide multiple user license, users will save the upfront license fees on high cost, and less frequently used EDA tools, savings can be as much as 60%. To allow users to share the integrated EDA tools through the EDA-on-demand system, up to 21 users can share the same tool State-of-the-art software: Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Magma, ADS, Altera, Xilinx, Silvaco, HED Alliance with design service companies: module based, full chip, total ASIC solution, hard and soft cores, project management; Global Unichip, CaST Supported by experienced EDA support engineers Total investment of Data Centre / EDA Centre is over US$5M

14 Automatic Test Equipment Agilent 93000 Mixed Signal Tester Delta EDGE Pick & Place Handler Credence Octet Test System TSK UF200A Wafer Prober IMS Gemini MS Engineering Verification Credence ASL300 RF Tester

15 成就 11 Verigy V93000 PS800 Mixed Signal Tester Credence Quartet Mixed Signal Tester Credence ASL3000 RF Test System Teradyne J750 Digital Tester Eagle ETS-300 Analog Tester IMS Gemini Engineering Verification Probe and Test Laboratory

16 成就 Reliability Laboratory Espec TSE-11A Thermal Shock Heller 1809EXLN Solder Reflow System Espec STPH-201M Ultra High Temperature Oven EDA DA-24 Burn-In Test System Espec EHS-221MD Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Chamber Feutron 3436/16/S400 Temperature & Humidity Chamber with Sunlight Simulation

17 成就 Wireless Communication Test Centre Photonics Development Centre

18 Key Equipment for Material Analysis Time-of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer SEM with EDX and Voltage Contrast Confocal Microscope Stylus Surface Profiler Scanning Acoustic Microscope

19 Optical Interconnect Test Station Optical Interconnect Test Station Passive Component Test Station Micro-Optics Optical Amplifier Test Station Modulation Device Test Station Bit Error Rate & Eye Diagram Test Station

20 20


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