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Topic Lecture: Disadvantages Rachel Photo Courtesy of BBC.

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1 Topic Lecture: Disadvantages Rachel Photo Courtesy of BBC

2 Mechanism Each Topic has a mechanism… This year our mechanism is “increase exploration and development”.

3 Topic Analysis What will the DAs be like on the topic? Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere.

4 NASA exploration transportation budget over time (millions of dollars) Paul Shawcross: Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House

5 Know the Status Quo Space policy changes with each administration NSP and NSSP- reissued Knowing how the aff will change the squo will be critical for you to win the DA Requires keeping up on US space policy –

6 Camp Disadvantages Prolif DA DOD trade off Iran DA off Nasa Trade off Politics- Debt Ceiling and SKIFTA

7 Prolif/Space Race/Weaponization Terms to know – Proliferation – Zero sum – Hegemony U: The US is not increasing NASA’s unilateral missions L: Plan causes more US space Presence, allows militarization IL: Space Race ensues I: Weaponization of Space/Conflict over Space

8 DOD and NASA trade off DOD: F-35, MTA – Links come from plan being expensive cause trade off with other programs – F-35 planes with guns – MTA- Military Tuition Assistance NASA – Trades off with earth science and research – Impact: That destroys the Environment, science diplomacy, heg and we can’t prevent disaster impacts

9 Politics DA South Korea Free Trade Agreement – Plan uses political capital Debt Ceiling – Plan is unpopular spending – Negotiations – August 2nd

10 Spending Uniqueness: The economy is going to be fine now We have avoided the collapse Link: Plan spends a lot of money Impact: US is key to the world economy and decline will cause a leadership vacuum, wars

11 DAs on the Topic: International Cooperation/NSP DA Outer Space Treaty India Relations China Relations Japan Politics Russian Cooperation Russian Nationalism Hegemony


13 International Spending

14 Relations DA The Relationships between the US and… – China, Russia, Japan, France, Germany etc. – The Uniqueness: relations are okay now – Link: Plan hurts relations – Impact: Leads to conflict between nations (in space or on earth)

15 Hegemony Bad Space could likely be the new frontier when it comes to military prowess. The thesis of a Heg Bad DA would be that the US is declining as a world leader now but going into space will give us an advantage that will cause us to increase our dominance over other nations. This will lead to more US expansionism, war in the name of freedom, etc.

16 Hegemony Good The debate over heg good will be like this: – Hegemony is high now but the plan will lead to overstretch of resources. We can’t remain a global leader without it and that will cause a battle over US leadership.

17 Topic: Link through Method Launch DA Coal DA Oil DA Space Debris Mining DA-Environmental impact

18 Politics DA Different Types- elections, midterms, specific legislation, treaties with other countries Politics can go either way! (Pay attention)

19 Elections Uniqueness can go two ways… U: Obama will win now L: Plan is unpopular: Spending is bad *I/L: Obama will then lose I/L: Obama critical to pass environmental legislation in 2012 I: Global Warming  U: Obama will lose now L: The Plan is popular: Space is Bipartisan *I/L: Obama will then win I/L : Obama is destroying the economy I: It will lead to economic collapse

20 Congressional (US Politics) Legislation – Budget/Debt Ceiling – Job Creation – College Education – Environmental Terms to know: Political Capital Docket Bill Rep./Sen

21 Topic Disadvantages Overall – The Impacts will be big – DAs are an important part of negative strategies – Constantly developing – Really good for all regions of the country

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