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24 th. Nice, good food, presents, chrismastree and family.

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3 24 th. Nice, good food, presents, chrismastree and family






9 F OOD IN SCHOOL In the danish school we take a packed lunch and eat they to lunch. ;D

10 D ANISH FOOD In Denmark we have a speciality som we call bacon coat inbreadcrumbs and parsley sauce In Denmark we have something we call pork loin. Som we eat when we have a christmas. ;D


12 KONGSBJERGSKOLEN This is an exsample of a danish school we have soccer fielde and many other activate


14 M Y C OUNTRY Made by Ulrik and Benjamin

15 THIS IS D ANNEBRO, THE NATIONAL FLAG. That is pork a Danish Christmas food tradition

16 T HING YOU CAN SEE IN D ENMARK This is Koldinghus a old castle in Kolding which has burned down one time and build op again.

17 THE D ANISH PEOPLE DRINK A LOT OF BEAR it is mostly the young people who get drunk. And so they do a lot of weird thing



20 I T IS OS THERE HAVE MADE IT My name is Ulrik And my name is Benjamin

21 W ELFAERS D ENMARK. In this powerpoi nt we will tell you about the danish ekonomy SkatShops CityMunicipality Economy

22 S KAT./ TAX - Hello, on this side i will tell you about SKAT skat is an sort of agreement we have because it’s mutch more easy to go to the hospital and school because its free we pay the half of there wages to the state.

23 C ITY The city is running, by municipialit y its an agreement so it is so mutch easyer to have all the small citys assembled to one big city.

24 S HOPS The big center in kolding in jutland have really many stores there also have a really good income.

25 M UNICIPALITY The municipali ty is an agreement we have so we dont have an president there order over us its mush more easy that way. We just right now get an woman prime minister.

26 E CONOMY The economy is good here in denmark but we need some more moneys to the schools and to the hospitals and also the municipal ity.

27 ATTRACTIONS IN D ENMARK. Now we will tell you about some attractions in denmark.

28 T HE LITTLE MYRMAID This is the little myrmaid. It is normaly live in Copenhagen.

29 C HRISTIANS BORG Christians borg lays in Copenhagen, its there All the statemen are.

30 L EGOLAND Legoland is an fun fair in Denmark, it is also in United States and Germany.

31 T IVOLI Tivoli is one of the oldest fun fair parks in the World and it lays in Copenhagen.

32 K OLDING HUS Kolding hus lays in Kolding in jutland.

33 M Y C OUNTRY, D ENMARK Alexander

34 B LÅVAND It’s a town near the sea There are a lot of resorts There are also a lot of shops and restaurants You can also make a lot of different sports like surfing or other things in the water

35 G IVSKUD Z OO It’s a big zoo with a lot of animals There is a park where you can drive in your car and look at the animals There is a big playground for all ages It’s famous for the Lion Park they got

36 L ANGELAND It’s an island with beautiful nature The island is situated in Great Belt It’s long and narrow You can fish, sail, bath and swim

37 L ØVERODDE It’s a very nice spot just outside Kolding There is a restaurant, beach, forest and steep hills The nature playground is fantastic

38 F INISH Hoped your liked it

39 Michael Laudrup is famous for hi’s good playing for the Danish National team. And Hi is Place in barcelona back in 1989-1994 And Hi’s brother was a proffesional player to. Brian Laudrup.

40 Burhan G- One of the best singer From And in Denmark He is Famous in other countrys One of his best songs Is ”Take what you want From me”

41 J o e y M o e i s a f a o m u s s i n g e r i n D e n m a r k. Y o u a r e a w i n n e r, Y o Y o, c h e c k m a t e d,

42 L EGOLAND Legoland is one of the best Attraction in denmark. You can try a lot of things.

43 A LPHABEAT Alphabeat is one of the most famous band from denmark The singer’s is Stine and Anders Drummers is Troels Hansen The Keyboard is by Rasmus Nagel And the Bass is Anders Reinholdt. Guitar is Anders B.

44 S CHOOL SOCCER T EAM :D This is us : Number 4, 10 and 5 We won 12-0 Number 10=6 goalz Number 4 = 4 goalz Number5 = 1 goal. Haha it’s only a girl :D We are pro’s^. Wait to see us for Fc Barcelona :D

45 M Y SCHOOL This is a old’er version No Woods Class Room New and better FootBall Stadium Bus Station

46 D ENMARK ! This is a Card over denmark. And the danish flag

47 T HX F OR W ATCHING ! Thank you for watching The P0wérpöÎNt :D Made By Mathias Bonde, Stine And

48 M Y C OUNTRY Made of: Benjamin Lundal & Maiken Ager

49 L EGOLAND I N B ILLUND Power Builder and other attractions Legoland Resort The world of lego

50 C HRISTMAS IN DENMARK Gifts Food Dance around the Christmas tree Celebrating Jesus Christ

51 B IRTHDAY Inviting friends and family Singing a birthday song Blowing out candles

52 D ANISH F OOD Danish meatballs Danish roast pork

53 T HE CASTLE OF K OLDING Castle Burned down & Build up many times

54 K OLDING SHOPPING CENTER Over 120 shops map over the big center Clothes to boys, girls and every kind a size multiple inputs

55 S CHOOL We don’t use uniforms Then grades in school after school, you get to college, school & other Places.

56 N EW YEAR Fireworks Inviting familiy or friends At 12 o’clock we jump

57 S PORT IN D ENMARK In Denmark handball and soccer, is the most popular sport. In our class theres only 2 who does’nt play soccer. We go to soccer and we are good at it! We goes to soccer at Lunderskov Ball club, the club is in our town.

58 E XTRA INFORMATIONS The castle of Kolding is burned down tree times, and it is build up everytime it burned down. It’s very pretty inside, and people can celebrate their big partys, like weddings…. Christmas food is very delicious we eat a lot. Many people eat Duck or roast pork. At dessert we eat ”rice pudding” with one almond, the one who gets the almond – gets a gift with chocolate or other nice things.

59 E XTRA I NFORMATIONS School: In the school we make our homework, and listen to the teacher, we don’t like to have homework, but we have to do it. We use our normally clothes, not an uniform. We have 2 or 3 breaks a day. In the breaks we play soccer or playing things with small kids. This is our school:

60 G OODBYE.. We hope you enjoyed our little power point about Denmark. - Thank you for listening!


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