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The campaign continues… PAY, PENSIONS & WORKLOAD CAMPAIGN Birmingham NUT Schools PowerPoint - Spring 2014.

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1 The campaign continues… PAY, PENSIONS & WORKLOAD CAMPAIGN Birmingham NUT Schools PowerPoint - Spring 2014

2 What’s the plan? The strikes are on! National strike action 26 th March 2014 1 Strike day rally and march for Education Assemble 11:30am in Birmingham’s Victoria Square for the strike day demo & rally. EVERYONE IS WELCOME – BRING COLLEAGUES, FAMILY & FRIENDS!

3 What happens after the strike? If Gove doesn’t show he is serious about settling the dispute: We will then go to NUT conference at Easter and plan further action AFTER THE EXAMS in the summer and into the autumn term. 2

4 What is the action for? The dispute is with Gove and the Government It covers: PENSIONS (Especially working to 69 to get full pension. Plus we want a full valuation of the scheme) DEREGULATION OF PAY (End of national scales, loss of portability.) PERFORMANCE RELATED PAY (Different in every school, huge power for heads.) UNACCEPTABLE WORKLOAD (Stress is the number one cause for illness and the number 1 reason teachers leave) But our action means we have WON over most of these areas: DEREGULATION OF SCHOOL DAY, WORKING HOURS, REMOVAL OF PPA ETC. We want to force negotiations and concessions. We want to influence all parties whilst they are vulnerable because of elections. 3

5 After NUT pressure DfE finally release 2013 workload survey. Working hours are UP for all! Primary teachers 60 hours per week Secondary teachers 56 hours per week Primary Heads 60.2 hours per week Secondary Heads 63 hours per week 5 It’s official. We’re overworked !

6 Why this is a good time to act Gove has recently fallen out with Ofsted Gove was forced to back-track over most of his proposed attacks on conditions by the STRB report London Underground strikes forced Johnson to the negotiating table 2015 Election getting closer -Gove beginning to be seen as a liability who polarises voters. -Teachers MUCH more popular than Gove! (88% of people trust us while 77% expect politicians to lie! - Ipsos MORI 2013) - 54 % think that Gove is doing badly as Education Secretary and less than one fifth back him over us! (YouGov Feb 2014) 4

7 7 Commissioned by the Sunday Times but NOT published by them. Can’t think why? Public with us but more to win...

8 8 Spread the message of why we’re out The stalls are popular. Why not set up one in your locality too? 8 th March – National day of leafleting. Meet at Waterstones on the High St, BullRing at noon. (it’s also International Women’s Day!)

9 Spread it far and wide! As well as talking to as many parents as possible to tell them why we want to stop the attacks on teachers and education, we also need you to: -Lobby your MP -Visit other local schools to discuss why they need to come out too! -Get leaflets handed out at school -Talk to your colleagues about leafleting a locality 5 Plus get your colleagues, friends and family to this: Solidarity with the striking teachers! West Midlands Unite the Resistance NUT strike solidarity rally for teachers, parents and other trade unionists. 7:30pm Thursday 19 th March, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX. To reserve a seat or for details email:

10 Other activities - ASOSA Continuation of the Action Short Of Strike Action and school level escalation to paid strike action WITH NASUWT COLLEAGUES. Action instructions are on the NUT website – In particular we want to focus on winning school pay policies and school appraisal policies that are NUT/NASUWT checklist compliant. NB. The Birmingham LA policy is better than others but needs to have the NUT/NASUWT amendments to be checklist compliant. For details go to 6 We’re also joining the UAF/TUC national demo to celebrate UN Anti-Racism Day in LONDON on 22 nd March: Say no to scapegoating – solidarity with all immigrants! The Birmingham UAF coach leaves from the Iron Man, Victoria Sq at 8:15am. Reserve your seat by calling/texting Doug on 07506894825.

11 Can we win? On our own we won the largest pay increase in the public sector through our strike action in 2008. We did win concessions through pensions strikes Protection for those 50 + Increase of 8% in Government’s pension offer (This 8% increase is worth on average £800 more a year for every year of retirement to teachers – much more than the cost of the two strike days taken to achieve it.) We are winning in many schools on pay and appraisal policies Parental opinion is anti-Gove and parties are vulnerable in the run up to the election Action without the NASUWT will be tougher, but the impact of 300,000 striking teachers is still immense! 7

12 What should we do now? Call a union meeting and ensure that everyone knows why this strike is so important. Gove will be counting EVERY TEACHER that goes in on 26 th March as a vote of support for him. You have a right to picket your school to others not to go in. In any event we’d love to see as many school gate ‘Rallies for Education’ with banners, placards and leaflets to put across our strike day message to the public. According to the YouGov survey (Dec 2013) most NASUWT members agree with the need to strike. We want as many teachers to join the NUT to strike on the day. Teachers can be members of more than one union (free to join us until 2015 for most non-members!) Get a campaign team in your school – talk to colleagues about striking, leafleting etc. Make sure that every teacher joins the NUT! Encourage new teachers and non members to join to NUT! Note: Students, Schools Direct and Teach First can join free as student members whilst on their training courses. Please ask all on training to join the NUT! Any NUT member employed via the school can join the action too! 8

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