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TAB Refractory Construction & Maintenance Co. Ltd

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1 TAB Refractory Construction & Maintenance Co. Ltd
Company Profile TAB Refractories Ltd

2 Contents Introduction to TAB Refractories TAB in Aluminium
Refractory Linings & Installation Project Management References Summary TAB Refractories Ltd

3 Introduction to TAB Refractories
Established in 1974 World leaders in lining aluminium furnaces Aluminium furnace projects undertaken in over 30 different countries Undertaken over US$30M aluminium furnace refractory installation projects in last 5 years Scope of supply ranges from full turnkey package to supervision only. TAB Refractories Ltd

4 Company Structure TAB Refractories Ltd

5 The People Blend of youth and experience
200 years refractory experience within management team Average workforce age of 35 Only refractory company that has continuously taken on apprentices since 1985 Dedicated to customer satisfaction TAB Refractories Ltd

6 Joiners Shop Time served pattern makers & joiners
Precision made formwork & shuttering Polystyrene shaping facility TAB Refractories Ltd

7 Polystyrene Formers Manufactured for Specific Projects & Shipped to Site
TAB Refractories Ltd

8 Casting Shop Tailor made precast shapes
Quality controlled manufacture process Drying/firing capability up to 750°C TAB Refractories Ltd

9 Installation Equipment
Mechanical mixers -75Kg to 1000Kg capacity High frequency vibrators 110V power tools Gunning machines Transformers & generators Forklift trucks TAB Refractories Ltd

10 Refractory Lining Design
Full refractory engineering & installation service 3D Auto-CAD Lining Design Thermal Profile Evaluation Refractory lining material advice Bespoke Precast precision shapes TAB Refractories Ltd

11 Refractory Lining Installation
Specialist refractory brickwork construction Indentured refractory brick setters TAB Refractories Ltd

12 Refractory Lining Installation
World leaders in complete monolithic refractory linings TAB Refractories Ltd

13 Aluminium Furnace Projects
Relines & repairs Worldwide All types of plant - primary, recycling, secondary, master alloys, foundries All types of furnaces - reverbatory, melters, holders, top loading, static, tilting, rotary, tower melters, die casters TAB Refractories Ltd

14 Aluminium Furnace Relines Worldwide
See detail on next slide Primary Aluminium Smelters Secondary Aluminium Plants TAB Refractories Ltd

15 European Aluminium Furnace Projects
Primary Aluminium Smelters Secondary Aluminium Plants TAB Refractories Ltd

16 Major Clients Alcan Alcoa BHP Billiton Comalco Corus Hydro Kaiser
Mechatherm International Pechiney Solios Thermal TAB Refractories Ltd

17 Refractory Lining Selection
Independent of any refractory supplier Ability to select “The best material for the job” for each area of the furnace Work with clients preferred material suppliers Refractory lining proposals tailored made to match clients performance and budgetary requirements TAB Refractories Ltd

18 Precast Shapes & Furnace Maintenance
TAB Refractories Ltd

19 Filter box, tap out block, launders
TAB Refractories Ltd

20 Refractory Lining Maintenance
Planned refractory maintenance programmes Emergency maintenance repairs Innovative repair solutions Latest refractory technology TAB Refractories Ltd

21 TAB Project Management
Experienced Project Managers Onsite Supervision Health & Safety Policy Installation Quality Control Plan Materials Manufacturing Quality Control Plan Technical back up TAB Refractories Ltd

22 Recent Projects Undertaken
Client Location Description BSL Australia 4 off holding furnaces NZAS New Zealand 3 off holding furnaces Alba Bahrain 3 off 65T Furnaces Solios Thermal Alba, Bahrain 12 off 65T Furnaces Huletts S. Africa Top load melter Le Bellier Ajka, Hungary 3 off Tower furnaces Mechatherm Fundamus, Norway 23T Melting furnace Anglesey Aluminium, UK 40T holding furnace Alcan Latchford Locks, UK 95T sidewell melter 65T sidewell melter TAB Refractories Ltd

23 Recent Projects Undertaken
Client Location Description Mechatherm Elval, Bridgnorth, UK 75T sidewell melter Bechtel Boyne Island, Australia 2 off 55T holders Solios Thermal Hillside Aluminium, S. Africa 4 off 70T holding furnaces Alcan Latchford Locks, UK 95T sidewell melter 30T melting furnace Mozal 2, Mozambique Aleurope, Belgium 20T holding furnace Bayside Aluminium S. Africa 1 off 40T holder Bayside Aluminium, S. Africa TAB Refractories Ltd

24 Recent Projects Undertaken
Client Location Description Solios Thermal Slovalco, Slovakia 3 off 40T holders Mechatherm Hydro, Spain 2 off 30T furnaces Hydro, Deeside, UK Alcan Rogerstone, UK 60T melter CFF France 40T melter Hillside Aluminium S. Africa 8 off 85T holders Alcoa, Banbury, UK 2 off 35T melters Hulett Aluminium, S.Africa 2 off 40T holders TAB Refractories Ltd

25 Recent Projects Undertaken
Client Location Description Mechatherm Bayside Aluminium, S. Africa 6 off 80T holders Solios Thermal Mozal 1, Mozambique 6 off 65T holders Alcan Latchford, UK 1 off 90T holder Thermal Ceramics China Steel Aluminium, Taiwan 35T melting furnace Thorpe Nordural, Iceland 2 off 50T holders ISAL, Iceland 2 off 65T holders Gautschi Dubal, Dubai 2 off 40T holders 3 off 65T holders TAB Refractories Ltd

26 Refractory Installation Precast blocks in side well melting furnace
TAB Refractories Ltd

27 Refractory Installation 23T Tilting Melting Furnace - Norway
TAB Refractories Ltd

28 Refractory Installation 40T Holding Furnace - UK
TAB Refractories Ltd

29 Refractory Installation 50T Holding Furnace - Australia
TAB Refractories Ltd

30 Refractory Installation 65T Side well Melting Furnace - UK
TAB Refractories Ltd

31 Summary World leaders in aluminium furnace relines
Innovative lining designs & installations Professional Project management Dedicated to safe working practises Dedicated to customer satisfaction TAB Refractories Ltd

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