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.срб IDN domain Brief history Vojislav Rodić February 2012.

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1 .срб IDN domain Brief history Vojislav Rodić February 2012

2 .СРБ Timeline November 2009 ICANN launches a fast track process for obtaining top-level domains which paves the way for IDN. December 2009 Serbian Government tasks the Ministry for Telecommunications and Information Society (MTID) to obtain a Cyrillic domain. February 2010 RNIDS begins a public debate on the need for a Cyrillic domain and initiates a procedure to choose a localised top-level domain extension in the Serbian language and the Cyrillic script. 16th June 2010 The public debate, survey and vote on what to call the Cyrillic Internet domain of Serbia come to a close. The two proposals with the most votes from the Serbian Internet community are sent to ICANN for had 8336 votes.србија had 1734 votes 15th July 2010 MTID determines that RNIDS meets all the conditions for managing the register of Cyrillic domains.

3 8 November 2010...IDN ccTLD Request From Serbia Successfully Passes String Evaluation...

4 September - November 2010 Task group drafts registration rules for.СРБ November - December 2010 A public debate on the principles and rules of registering Cyrillic domain names begins. 21 st April 2011 The ICANN Board of Directors backs the request that the management of domain be assigned to RNIDS. 3 rd May 2011 The Cyrillic becomes accessible on the Internet after the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns its management to RNIDS. 11 th May 2011 The new, official RNIDS website becomes the first local site to use the new top-level Cyrillic domain, at the address рнидс.срб. 28 th May 2011 Regulatory enactments governing the registration domains are approved at a meeting of the RNIDS Assembly.СРБ Timeline

5 Regulatory principles ICANN and РНИДС rules and regulations Internet best practice Existing.RS registrants are proteceted during sunrise Subdomain structure in.СРБ equals the corresponding one within.RS List of.СРБ -.пр.срб -.обр.србсрб -.од.срб

6 Delegated -.ак.срб -.упр.срб

7 How to get your.СРБ domain Transliteration – no transcription or semantics of existing.RS domains in different languages Three possible situations: Exact match of latin and cyrillic domain names.RS domain names contain latin letters that also exist with diacritical signs in latin used in Serbia (c, s, lj, nj, dj, dz).RS domain names containing letters "q", "w", "y" and "x" are reserved by special rules  рнидс.срб 

8 Example 1 For.RS domain "“ all possible combinations will be reserved in.СРБ domain: цеслјанје.срб c = ц ћешљање.срб ć = ћ чесљање.срб č = ч ћесљање.срб s = с чешљање.срб š = ш … 

9 Example 2 q, w, y, x domains make no sense! => љћњалиљћшелд.срб => љћшаллпапер.срб => љћшиннер.срб

10 Sunrise rules Registering.СРБ during sunrise period Duration: 6 months.СРБ domains can be registered only by.RS domain registrants Preferred registration fee domains during sunrise and following three months will be 1 dinar (1 Eurocent) What if registrants want a different domain name in.СРБ than the reserved one? Register appropriate.RS domain and provide yourself with corresponding.СРБ domain, e.g.: => пхилипс.срб => филипс.срб

11 After sunrise period, free registration in.СРБ domain begins, by rules similar to General rules of registration domain. Bundling of.СРБ domain with.RS domain will make.СРБ domain significantly more affordable, then the stand alone registration. Landrush and beyond

12 The only domain in which internet addresses are written exactly the same way as they are spoken. Thanks to the peculiarity of the Serbian Cyrillic where one phoneme matches one letter, addresses under the.СРБ domain will unequivocally be pronounced exactly as they are written, unlike (for instance) numerous domain names in the English alphabet. Therefore: "Link as you speak!" Why.СРБ?

13 Ensures that the citizens of Serbia can pursue their constitutional right to use Internet domains in their official script. At a time when Internet access is coming to be considered a basic human right in the developed countries and when the world’s largest countries look to preserve their national identity through domain names in the local script, Serbia has been one of the first to embark on introducing a non-Latin script domain. Why.СРБ?

14 Timely reservation of free Internet space for future requirements. Internet growth is so rapid that very soon almost every person will have to have his or her own Internet identity. One can have more than one Internet identity: personal, familly, professional, hobby... Why.СРБ?

15 Timely reservation of free Internet space for future requirements. Why.СРБ? It is predicted that many of the devices we use everyday will even have their own Internet addresses. A futuristic example would go something like this: Your digitised car with the address “мојаљутамашина.срб” (“mymeanmachine.srb”) books itself in for a service and oil change! At the same time “myfridge.srb“ orders milk, eggs and groceries in the internet shop!

16 Serbian Cyrillic domain names, besides the 30 letters of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (а- ш), may contain numbers and hyphens (-). They cannot contain a hyphen at the start or the end or two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth domain names can contain a maximum of 63 ASCII characters after ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) = xn--90a3ac What are the characters 63

17 Preparations for software upgrade incl. consultations with registrars Jun – Aug 2011 Software development Sep – Nov 2011 Software testing Nov – Dec 2011 (2 registrars took part in testing) Sunrise started on January 27th, noon At sunrise 33 out of 35 Registries ready. Two weeks later all 35 have complied with requirements Preparing registries

18 WHOIS modification – change of captcha Preparing registries

19 Media and financial plan for.srb launch campaign: Feb–Apr 2012 average of 3.000 €/monthly 5 daily papers, 4 IT magazines, 7 business magazines About a dozen TV station statements and interviews – with a total of 104 mentions in only 4 days (27-30th January 2012) Active, conversational social media presence (Twitter, Facebook) Media campaign

20 Dedicated web site: њњњ.срб (http://xn--g2aaa.xn--90a3ac/) Cyrillic domain test reports Browser settings advice Equivalent domain checkup tool Media campaign

21 Link As You Speak! Thank You!

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