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Words for Production 1. battered [`b8t2d] adj. old and damaged, especially by continual use 破舊的 There is nothing in the deserted house except some battered.

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3 Words for Production 1. battered [`b8t2d] adj. old and damaged, especially by continual use 破舊的 There is nothing in the deserted house except some battered furniture.

4 Words for Production 2. chill [tSIl] n. [C] (usu. sing.) a feeling of coldness 寒氣,寒冷 Remember to bring a light jacket, for there is a chill in the air today. Would you like to know more...

5 chilly [`tSIlI] adj. 寒冷的,冷颼颼的 In autumn, it is still warm during the daytime, but when the night falls, it gets chilly.

6 Words for Production 3. bleak [blik] adj. (of a place) empty, unfriendly and cold; (of weather) cold and cheerless ( 地方 ) 荒涼的; ( 天氣 ) 陰冷的 In the desert, the scientists faced a bleak landscape without any trace of life. Some people feel lonely on such a bleak day with cold winds and cloudy skies.

7 Words for Production 4. drizzle [`drIzL] n. [U] very light rain or snow 細雪;毛毛雨 All of us were excited when we saw the drizzle of snow on Christmas morning. Would you like to know more...

8 drizzle [`drIzL] vi. 下毛毛雨 According to the weather report, it will be drizzling this afternoon.

9 Words for Production 5. dim [dIm] adj. (of a light) not bright ( 光線 ) 昏暗的 As we headed for the village in the dark, the dim lights in the distance seemed to greet us.

10 Words for Production 6. visibly [`vIz1blI] adv. noticeably; in a way that can be seen 明顯地;看得 見地 My teacher was visibly unhappy about my being late again. Would you like to know more...

11 visible [`vIz1bL] adj. 明顯的;看得見的 Those students sat through the long speech with visible discomfort. The star is visible to the naked eye on such a clear night.

12 vision [`vIZ1n] n. [U] 視力 After the accident, she lost the vision in her right eye.

13 Words for Production 7. owe [o] vt. to pay for something that has been done or given; to have something only because someone or something has helped 欠;歸功於 How much do I owe you for repairing my bicycle? The great musician owes her success to her parents.

14 Words for Production 8. shudder [`S^d2] vi. to shake uncontrollably from fear or cold, etc. ( 因寒冷、恐懼等而 ) 發抖 Mr. King shuddered at the sight of the dead body on his farm.

15 Words for Production 9. awful [`Of5l] adj. very bad 極壞的,極糟的 The flight was canceled due to the awful weather condition. Would you like to know more...

16 awfully [`Of5lI] adv. 極壞地,極糟地 The child behaves awfully whenever there are guests.

17 Words for Production 10. repay [rI`pe] vt. to reward; to pay back 報答;償還 I don ’ t know what I can do to repay your kindness to me. Next week, I'll repay you all the money you lent me.

18 Words for Production 11. depressing [dI`prEsI9] adj. making someone feel unhappy 令人沮喪的 Many people were low in spirits when they watched the depressing news on TV tonight. Would you like to know more...

19 depress [dI`prEs] vt. 使沮喪,使消沉 Losing his job has depressed Sam for quite a long time.

20 depressed [dI`prEst] adj. 沮喪的,消沉的 Richard was very depressed when he learned that he had not been accepted by the school.

21 depression [dI`prES1n] n. [C][U] 沮喪,消沉 Peter fell into a deep depression because of his failure to pass the exam. The woman has suffered a lot from depression since her child died.

22 Words for Production 12. uplifted [^p`lIftId] adj. feeling happy and hopeful 感到振奮的 After our early morning exercise, we felt uplifted and energetic. Would you like to know more...

23 uplift [^p`lIft] vt. 使振奮 His performance uplifted the audience. They all stood up and applauded for full five minutes.

24 uplifting [^p`lIftI9] adj. 令人振奮 的 All the students were moved by the teacher's uplifting speech.

25 Words for Production 13. twilight [`twaI&laIt] n. [U] the time when night is about to become day or (more usually) day night; the faint darkish light in the sky during this time 黃昏;暮色 As twilight slowly faded into night, the students arrived at the campsite.

26 Words for Production 14. dingy [`dIndZI] adj. dark in an unpleasant way and dirty 昏暗的, 骯髒的 She refused to sleep in such a dingy room.

27 Words for Production 15. grab [Gr8b] vt. to eat something quickly; to hold something in a rough or rude way 迅速地吃;抓住 He usually has no time for lunch but grabs a sandwich or hot dog instead. Judy was visibly surprised when Stan grabbed her by the arm.

28 Words for Production 16. embark [Im`bArk] vi. to start to do something new or difficult 開始,著手 The company is going to embark on a new plan later this month.

29 Words for Production 17. leg [lEG] n. [C] a part of a journey or competition ( 旅程或賽程的 ) 一段 I cannot believe that we have to walk the last leg of the trip.

30 Words for Production 18. wipe [waIp] vt. to pass a cloth or other material against (something) to remove dirt, liquid, etc. 擦拭,抹去 Wipe your shoes before you come into the room.

31 Words for Production 19. erase [I`res] vt. to remove something 抹去,磨滅;擦掉 Those happy memories of my childhood can never be erased. Please erase everything on the blackboard for me, Kevin.

32 Words for Production 20. pregnant [`prEGn1nt] adj. (of a woman or female animal) having an unborn child or unborn young in the body 懷孕的 Everyone in the office knows that Grace is pregnant because she has serious morning sickness.

33 Words for Production 21. due [dju] adj. expected to happen or arrive, etc. at a particular time 預 定發生或到達的 Ida ’ s plane is due to arrive at 5 p.m. We are going to leave to pick her up.

34 1. flurry [`fl3rI] n. [C] a light fall of snow 小雪 Words for Recognition

35 2. napkin [`n8pkIn] n. [C] a usually square piece of cloth or paper used for protecting one ’ s clothes and for cleaning one ’ s hands and lips during a meal 餐巾 Words for Recognition

36 1. rage on to continue strongly and violently 持續肆虐 As the storm raged on, the mountain climbers were trapped in the cave. Idioms and Phrases

37 2. hit home to cause someone to fully understand how unpleasant or difficult something is 使深切感受到 The terrors of earthquake hit home when we watched the news report on TV. Idioms and Phrases

38 3. pull up to slow down and stop (a vehicle) 讓 ( 車 ) 停住 A man jumped in when Tim ’ s car pulled up to the gate. Idioms and Phrases

39 4. pass through to stop (in a place) for a short time but not staying 經過 We do not plan to spend the night here. We are just passing through. Idioms and Phrases

40 5. think twice to think carefully before deciding to do something 仔細考慮,深思熟慮 You had better think twice about meeting your e-pal alone since you don ’ t really know what kind of person he or she really is. Idioms and Phrases

41 6. on one ’ s feet standing 站立 I am longing to sit down after having been on my feet for a whole day. Idioms and Phrases

42 7. help...out to give help to someone, especially in a difficult situation 幫助,援助 It is very kind of him. He always helps me out when I am in trouble. Idioms and Phrases

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