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Le Mystere. My name is Kasyn Payne and I had just one mission, One hope and one dream: to save mankind. Though I didn't know it, I was about to embark.

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1 Le Mystere

2 My name is Kasyn Payne and I had just one mission, One hope and one dream: to save mankind. Though I didn't know it, I was about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.

3 It started on a day like any other. I was running drills with the rest of my team when Sergeant Major called me into his office. "Dr. Payne, Dr. Payne, report to my office right away! AND HURRY!," the sound of the radio rang through the barracks. When I got there he said to me, "Go help the people in Africa.If anyone can do it, you can. They need a doctor there." Being me, I ran straight to the plane and forgot the keys, so I went back and got them. I then got in,taxied over to the runway and lifted off as I watched the ground become smaller and smaller underneath me.

4 As I started to fly across the Pacific Coast I heard the "Pitter-Patter" of rain against the wings of my plane. The sky and the sea were fighting, and I had no clue of what was going on. I was concentrating on the plane and occasionally saying a couple of words under my breath that I am not very proud of. Then a whirlpool sucked me into a foreign and strange new environment. The last thing I recall was an excruciating shock of pain.

5 "Where am I?," was the first thing that came to mind when I opened my eyes. A woman stood in front of me, in a tattered, old, brown leather jacket. Then I asked my question aloud, "Where am I?" "Welcome to Le Mystere. I am Phoenix Hernandez, one of the first Spanish pilots," said a voice from afar. "What is Le Mystere?" I said without thinking. "Le Mystere, the Island of Mystery. The name's Amelia, Amelia Earhart that is," the woman stated. I then asked, trying to withhold my enthusiasm, "How did I get here?"

6 "Through the Bermuda Triangle," said Amelia. "What is the Bermuda Triangle?" I asked. "It's an ancient curse. When you pass over it in a storm, it pulls you in to Le Mystere," she explained with a slight sigh. I puzzled over this, and then said, "Like a porthole?" "I don't know what a port-hole is?" said Phoenix as he emerged from a nearby forrest. I didn't know how to explain it so I continued by changing the subject and saying," Why is this world colorless and where is the sky?" "The creator, Dr. Death, made it this way," Amelia said with a tone of longingness in her voice. "We can't see color, don't ask why," she continued.

7 "Who are you anyway?" an unfamiliar voice asked. "My name is Dr. Kasyn Payne. I came on a mission to help the wounded in Africa," I said to the man. "Well, I'm afraid this isn't Africa, but there are plenty of those here," he replied. "Pardon Tim. He's a little rude, but he is right. Are you a good doctor, or a bad doctor?" she questioned. "I'm pretty sure I'm good. Who are my patients?" I ask back. "I guess mostly everyone because we're all homesick," said Amelia. The way they talked, you could tell they were depressed. I knew I had to save them. No matter what.

8 I then started to check all the lost pilots and crew members. I realized the only way to solve their homesickness was to return them to the world, return them to civilization. So, I collected more data on Dr. Death and Le Mystere. I then came across an old letter, and figured out what actually happened to this strange man...

9 I learned that Dr. Death was once an Italian inventor, and that one day he figured out how to fly. One of his students stole his idea, and He then got so enraged that he made an island to trap sailors and pilots from all over the world and bring them to their doom.

10 That was when I noticed his weakness: vanity. It gave me an idea for a plan. I was going to save these people or die trying. I had looked up to these people all my life and wasn't going to let them live a life of sorrows and pain any longer. I told Amelia and Phoenix my plan. I was ready.

11 That night was the night. The night I fought Dr. Death. Before I entered his lab I shook the hands of Phoenix, Charles, Orville and Wilbur, Tim, and even Leonardo. Amelia sent me off with a small peck on the cheek, and I knew what had to happen next. I walked into the laboratory only to hear the sounds of many machines. With every step, my heart started to beat faster. I felt his presence. My heart was in my throat. That was when I saw him. He then said, "Oh hello, Kasyn! I wasn't expecting you!," We studied each other for while until I broke the silence by asking "How do you know my name?" "Don't ask questions, my boy," he answered. "I know why you came here, so, if we must, let's just get to fighting." I interrupted him by saying: "You're a brilliant guy, I can tell. So, whatever you wish, sir." He pulled out what looked like a flamethrower and said "Are you sure about this. Neither one of us wants to die, you know," I replied by saying "I am going to save these people, or die trying." He then backed up and said "Very well then. In 3...2...1...FIGHT!"

12 I was scared, but I couldn't let him see that. I acted as if I knew what I was doing with every thrust of my sword. About five minutes went by, and just to my luck, he knocked the sword out of my hand. I reached for my sword, but it was too far. He shot the flamethrower at me, and knocked me to my knees. As I scurried away from him I grasped the old handgun Charles gave me that was in my pocket. I shot Dr. Death in the leg which knocked him down, letting me get back on my feet. I kicked him over to the edge of a metal bridge, held him up by his shirt and said,"This is for all of the people of Le Mystere!" "Any last words?," I continued. With a shake of his head I dropped him into the steaming pit of lava. He tried to flap his wings, but they fail, just as I knew they would. He screamed and fell to his death.

13 I then sprinted towards the door, full of excitement. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amelia. I dashed towards her and she grinned widely at me and shouted "You did it?! Swell!" I replied with a smile. We were interrupted by a loud blast of light and sound. A rainbow! Amelia turned and yelled "Color!,'' as if she were a toddler. We ran back, only to find the others just as astonished as we were. Phoenix came over to us and said, "It's a sign. We need to go to the end of that rainbow. That is how we can get back home." I gathered up all the people and told them what had happened, and what to do next. Everyone then ran over to the rainbow. I am first to go. I was swallowed up by the light and transported back to Earth.

14 I woke up and immediately took in my surroundings. I then realized where I was, in my plane. I looked to my right to see Amelia flying in the plane next to me, I looked all around me, and saw all the pilots from Le Mystere. I then looked under me, only to find all the captains of the ships as well. It was finally starting to sink-in, I really saved these people. I really saved mankind! I called on the radio to inform the base on what really happened. I landed on the runway, got out of the plane, and immediately talked to the Sergeant. "Your mission will have to say confidential. It is just too much for the world to handle. Amelia and all the other Le Mystere citizens will have to live among us, disguised as other people. Because of your bravery and courage, the U.S Air Force would like to present you with this medal of honor. You are truly a hero, Dr. Kasyn Payne."

15 I couldn't believe it! I had accomplished my one mission. One hope, and one dream. I had saved the people of Le Mystere.

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