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Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009. Our Model 4 days of clinic within 1 community More time with patients Better quality care for patients Better experience.

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1 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009

2 Our Model 4 days of clinic within 1 community More time with patients Better quality care for patients Better experience for students

3 Itinerary *Reminder: This is a sample and will vary depending on your arrival / departure times and the community you are working it. *Most evenings will be spent covering the On-Brigade Curricula Topics

4 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Day 1: Arrival You will arrive with your Chapter at Kokota International Airport in Accra, Ghana. After you exit the plane your brigade group will go through Customs and Immigration. After you claim your luggage, your group will be greeted by your Brigade Coordinators who will accompany you to the vehicle designated for your group. Then you will embark on your 2.5 hour journey to the lodging facility in the Central Region! No matter what time your group arrives at the lodging facility, your Coordinators will go over important safety and introduction information. Also, a hot meal will be waiting upon arrival.

5 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Day 2: Community Introductions The second day of your brigade is when you will have your Opening Ceremony, or welcoming to the community. The program will include introductions, an opening prayer and of course dancing – so be ready! After Opening Ceremony, you will be given a quick tour of the community and then return to the lodging facility to begin medication sorting as well as run a triage workshop.

6 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Day 3: Door to Door Day three is exciting as it offers volunteers the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with community members. This is the time to ask questions about community members’ livelihoods and day to day activities as well as introduce yourself. Brigaders will be assigned a Global Brigades Interpreter and go door to door to engage with community members. You may spend the entire day with just one family, or meet ten! Whatever the number is, make sure you really take the time to get to know each other. It is important that you connect with community members’ as much as possible when treating them in clinic. In turn, they would like to understand your background and reason for visiting Ghana and their community.

7 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Intake Conducted by interpreters Intake Conducted by interpreters Health Education Station Students with local nurses Health Education Station Students with local nurses Consultation Students shadow doctors Consultation Students shadow doctors Triage Every station has a Fante translator Triage Every station has a Fante translator Gynecology Female students only Gynecology Female students only Dental Students shadow dentists Dental Students shadow dentists Pharmacy Students learn from and fill prescriptions under a licensed pharmacist Pharmacy Students learn from and fill prescriptions under a licensed pharmacist What Does a Clinic Look Like? Day 4 – 7: Clinic

8 The Existing Health Structure Mandate of Ghana National Health: To provide and prudently manage comprehensive and accessible health service with special emphasis on primary health care at regional, district and sub-district levels in accordance with approved national policies. The Government of Ghana has many community-based health care facilities and initiatives. Unfortunately the resources to oversee and properly maintain these facilities are often lacking. Global Medical Brigades works in conjunction with the Government of Ghana to fill this gap, through immediate treatment at mobile clinics, preventative education as well as supporting the existing health care facilities and the services they provide through patient referral and the promotion of National Health Insurance. The ultimate goal of Global Medical & Dental Brigades is to encourage community members to be advocates for their own health and to utilize the existing health structure.

9 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Structure of Health Facilities Teaching Hospital Regional HospitalHealth Centres Community Health Planning and Services compounds District Hospital & Municipal Hospital Traditional Healers & Traditional Birth Attendant Polyclinics

10 Triage In the triage station, you will get the chance to meet with patients one on one with an interpreter to take down the following: Patient Vitals Blood Pressure Pulse Rate Respiratory Rate Weight Temperature Signs and Symptoms

11 Dental Medical and Dental Brigades combined Provide more services Holistic approach Procedures performed on Brigades Oral Examinations Extractions Education Currently in Ghana there are only 238 dentists, most of which are located in major cities. Therefore, many community members may not have previously had the opportunity to see a dentist before. In fact, many dental supplies are not even available in country! So if you are coming on a Medical or Dental Brigade, please do not forget the dental supplies- they are crucial!

12 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Health Education Arguably the most important station on a Medical/ Dental Brigade, the Health Education station provides patients with vital preventative education. Here are some of the topics The mobile clinic will cover to achieve sustainable health care. Topics covered on every Medical Brigade: 1. Importance of patient referrals 2. Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme Topics rotated by season*: Malaria Sanitation and Hygiene Exercise and Stretching Nutrition Oral Hygiene Reproductive Health *Topics are rotated to ensure maximum efficiency.

13 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Data Informatics What is Data Informatics? It is the electronic medical record system (OpenMRS) that Global Brigades uses to track and monitor patient and community health. Data is entered by volunteers after a patient has received their prescription and exits the brigade.

14 Activity: Door to door education Topics: NHIS Importance of referral Prevention Season’s topic Day 8: Health Education Day Preparation: Research Reproductive Health Bring supplies to make posters in Ghana – poster paper & markers Pamphlets – limit text Health Education Day maximizes the impact of the Health Education Station during clinic. Set up as an intimate, door to door experience, the Health Education Day is a wonderful opportunity for students to build a strong relationship with community members as well as promote preventative and informative education topics, below.

15 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Day 9: Excursion Cape Coast Castle An in depth and emotional look into the transatlantic slave trade. The Cape Coast Castle tour is an opportunity to learn not only about Ghana’s history and culture, but also your own.

16 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Day 10: Departure Your Coordinators will make sure you are dropped off safely at the International Airport at least 3 hours prior to departure. Depending on your flight time, your brigade may be able to spend some time at the Arts Center in Accra to purchase souvenirs.

17 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Important Information to Know Prior to Your Brigade

18 Referral System Emergency Referral Transportation for a patient who requires immediate care Standard Referral Referral given to patients whose care falls outside the scope of the Brigade Clinic. (Eg. Surgery, diagnostic testing, etc.) Sponsored Referral Case A Brigade Chapter may commit to sponsoring a patient who requires care outside the scope of the Brigade Clinic During the Health Education Station, Brigaders will provide education on the Standard Referral and the importance of going for follow-up care. A couple months after a Brigade Clinic, Global Brigades’ in country team follows-up with Standard Referral patients in their community to learn more about their cases as well as provide advice and support.

19 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 National Health Insurance Scheme Volunteers should be prepared to provide education to community members on the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme. As Global Brigades is a sustainable organization, we strive to bridge the gap between community members and existing health structures. Therefore we highly promote the obtaining of National Health Insurance as it subsidizes the cost of healthcare at an affordable rate. Click below for the complete NHIS list of: Services Medications AgeCost (GHC) 0 – 17FREE, 4 cedis for card 18 – 6915 cedis; 11 + 4 cedis for card 70 +FREE, 4 cedis for card

20 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Patient and Student Experience Patient Experience: In-depth consultations with health care professionals Screening tests: glucose, Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) High continuity of care -Referrals -Follow-up care Student Experience: Opportunity for Cultural Exchange - 7 consecutive days in 1 community - Ceremony days - Personal, door to door visits - Quality time with patients - Interactive education - Opportunity to sponsor patients’ long term care

21 After the Brigade: Patient Referral Standard Referral Follow-up Visits to community after clinic to meet with standard referral patients to offer advice and assistance where possible. University Sponsored Patients Facilitate sponsored patients care by ensuring they are empowered to seek further healthcare. We provide advice, assistance and outlets for counseling where necessary. The Brigade is not where the story ends! Global Brigades works hard year round to ensure sustainability and your role is crucial. This aspect of the program relays patients into the already existing structure in Ghana, creating sustainability within the community. The program assists with the necessary care that falls outside the scope of brigades.

22 After the Brigade: CHVs Community Health Volunteer (CHV) Definition: Local health advocates trained in first aid, public health education and identifying when an illness or injury needs medical treatment. Current Structure One Government trained CHV per community Only trained in first aid for children ages 0 – 5, assisting in vaccinations Plan Ghana has supplied further funding to increase the number of CHVs in select communities to six Pro-Link Ghana carries out the necessary training in infant/child first aid to Plan Ghana - funded volunteers Global Brigades Structure Current six CHVs receive further training so they are qualified to provide first aid to children and adults Additional two to three volunteers selected by community for training

23 Global Brigades, Inc. Copyright 2009 Our Initiative: [Initiative Description] Contact your University’s Chapter Leader: [Name] [Email] Sign up! [Link to empowered page] Stay Connected: Global Brigades Volunteer Resource Site Student Introduction Packet Facebook Blog YouTube Get Involved!

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