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Johnie Goh Office of Global Education & Mobility nformation Session 19 August 2014 GEM Discoverer Work & Study.

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1 Johnie Goh Office of Global Education & Mobility nformation Session 19 August 2014 GEM Discoverer Work & Study

2 Overview 1.Why Choose Work & Study? 2.What To Expect From The Internship? 3.What To Expect From the Study Component? 4.How Do I Apply for Work & Study? 5.How Do I Finance My Trip? 6.Student Presentations 7.Q & A

3 Enhance Your Employability Boost your career prospects. Add value to resume Differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive job market Why Work & Study?

4 Gain Insights Into Emerging Markets Gain insights into emerging markets not far from Singapore. How to moving ahead of others? The drive to improve Why Work & Study?

5 Generous Financial Aid Available You stand to receive up to $7000 in scholarships for Work & Study Additional co-funding from IE Singapore available. Opportunity to utilize PSEA and invest in your future. Why Work & Study?

6 Do Something New – Holistic learning experience – Gain valuable insights into emerging markets – Seeing the world teaches you stuff like economy, history, culture, politics, geography and sociology – Perhaps learn a new language Earn AUs While Interning – Complete the internship requirement of your course – Earn additional 6 AUs towards GER-PE (AHSS) or GER-UE for the study component. Why Work & Study?

7 Semester 2 January – May * Semester 1 August – December * 20 – week Work & Study 20 – week Work & Study Programme Duration * Programme Dates ( 12 Jan 2015 to 30 May 2015 ) are subjected to change and may stretch into the vacation period. Programme Dates 1. China The course will begin about 2 weeks after internship start date. Classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays. NTU students will learn together in a class. 2. Vietnam The course will generally start before the internship and the duration of the course is about 3 weeks.

8 20-week attachment to companies based in - China - Vietnam Fulfill academic requirement for industrial attachment or internship Work Component

9 Examples of some companies students were attached to: China Stryker, Sulzer, Corning, OCBC bank, Siemens, Raffles Hotel, Pratt and Whitney, Rhodia Vietnam Keppel Logistics, APL-NOL, Transinex, Henkel Vietnam, Capitaland, CPG consultants, Glowtec, Planet Sports Work Component

10 Study Component A specially tailored course that covers topics on history, culture, politics, language and economics of the host country Conducted by reputable universities Earn 6 AUs for study component. Can be allocated to GER-UE or/and GER-PE(AHSS), including Minor in Chinese Singaporeans and SPRs receive 85% subsidy for course fees from NTU. International students bear 100% of course fees

11 Study Component DestinationHost University Medium of Instruction Academic Focus Academic Units ShanghaiShanghai Jiao Tong University Chinese History, Culture & Economics 6 AUs towards (i)GER-PE (AHSS) or (ii)GER-UE (including Minor in Chinese) or 3 AUs towards GER-PE (AHSS) and 3AUs towards GER-UE (including Minor in Chinese) SuzhouSoochow University

12 Study Component DestinationHost University Medium of Instruction Academic Focus Academic Units Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi Vietnam National University English History, Culture & Economics 6 AUs towards (i)GER-PE (AHSS) or (ii)GER-UE or 3 AUs towards GER-PE (AHSS) and 3AUs towards GER-UE

13 Course of Study WORK Component (Internship)STUDY Component Accreditation for 20-week attachment Excess AUs for GER - UEs Grading Accreditation to GER - UE / GER - PE (AHSS) Grading Engineering8 AUs of IA-Pass / Fail Option 1 6 AUs towards GER-PE (AHSS) Option 2 6 AUs towards GER-UE (including Minor in Chinese) Option 3 Spilt 6 AUs equally towards (i)GER-PE (AHSS) and (ii)GER-UE (including Minor in Chinese) Pass / Fail NBS4 AUs for PA6 AUsPass / Fail HSS6 AUs for HPAP4 AUsPass / Fail Communication Studies 16 AUs for PI-Pass / Fail SPMS CBC 12 AUs for IIP PAP 10 AUs for IIP MAS 8 AUs for IIP ------ Pass / Fail Graded Pass / Fail SBS17 AUs for IIP-Pass / Fail Academic Units

14 Important Dates Application Selection Offers & Acceptance 14 - 24 August 2014 4 - 11 September 2014

15 Before You Apply…  Understand how Work & Study fits into your academic and personal goals  Ensure that your cGPA (at the point of application) meets the minimum requirement of 2.5  Understand the credit transfer policy  Check your calendar and mark the programme dates  Plan your finances and carefully work out your budget  Read up on the financial aid schemes available on NTU OAFA website

16  Minimum cGPA of 2.5  Students must be eligible to do Attachment/ Internship  Priority given to Singaporeans and SPRs  SPRs applying to home country must have demonstrated at least 10 continuous years of residence in Singapore

17 No.ItemAmount (S$)Remarks 1.Return Air-tickets$700 – 1,200 Depending on airline & class of ticket 2. Programme Fee For Study Component (15%) $300There are no placement fees for internship 3.Medical Checkup (Singapore)$200 4.Insurance$100 Depending on insurer, type of policy and coverage amount 5.Visa (Single Entry)$$70 Payable in Singapore before departure 6.Residence Permit$120Payable in China 7.Medical Verification (China)$100 - $120Payable in China Sub-Total$1590 – $2110 8.AccommodationVaries depending on location 9.Personal ExpensesVaries depending on lifestyle 10Traveling ExpensesVaries depending on schedule Estimated Cost (China)

18 No.Financial Aid SchemesAmount (S$)Eligibility 1. Temasek Foundation’s LEaRN Outbound Scholarship $7,000 (China) $6,000 (Vietnam) > cGPA 3.5 2.Ng Bok Eng Scholarship$3,000 Based on household income. No min. cGPA requirement. 3. YTP – Market Immersion Funding # (co-funds with other awards) $100 per week, up to maximum of 24 weeks > cGPA 3.0 4.OSP Loans Up to $6,000 (Cap of $3,000 for Singapore PRs and International Students) All Full-Time NTU Undergrads 5.PSEA Up to maximum of available funds (on reimbursement basis) Subject to available balance Financial Aid Schemes # By invitation only For more information, please visit

19 Applying…  Submit an online application via StudentLink  Consider carefully and enter your 2 choices in order of preference  Application outcome expected on 4 September 2014. Please check your NTU account

20 After Acceptance  Company selection  Interviews and company placements  Attend the pre-departure briefings  Prepare to embark on Work & Study Job Expectations Allowance

21 Quiz Participation in the Work & Study programme will allow me to clear my internship/attachment requirement. I can also earn an additional 3 AUs from the study component. True / False

22 Quiz In the Work & Study programme, the study component generally takes place after the internship. True / False

23 Student Presentations

24 Apply Today!

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