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Knights of the “Rectangular Table” Elk Lick Scout Reserve Summer Camp 2014.

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1 Knights of the “Rectangular Table” Elk Lick Scout Reserve Summer Camp 2014

2 Coat of Arms Knights wore bold colors on their tunics and shields, tapestries and flags so everyone knew who they were. Only seven colors where used: gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, purple. Since most people could not read in Medieval times symbols and sayings were used on coat of arms.

3 Coat of Arms Common Coat of Arms symbols Antlers-strength and fortitude Bear-strength and protection Beaver-perseverance Bow and arrow-focus and accuracy Buck/deer-peace and harmony Dog-courage and loyalty Fox-wisdom and witty Lion-bravery and strength Wolf-perseverance and hard-worker GoldGenerosity and knowledge Silver or WhitePeace and sincerity Red Martyr and strength BlueTruth and loyalty GreenHope, joy, and love PurpleRoyal majesty, sovereignty, and justice

4 Design a Coat of Arms A great way to participate in camp!!! Each Pack should design a Coat of Arms! Represent your Pack! Tunics and Shields for the Scouts – Use a pillowcase that has been cut for head and arms with felt or foam designs to make a tunic. – round-table-blue-and-gold-banquet/ round-table-blue-and-gold-banquet/ Flags and tapestries in your campsites Individual Coat of Arms to identify tents and Scouts.

5 A Knight in Shining Armor Chain Mail Vest-Use six-pack holders. Staple three holders together along the long sides. Repeat to make another set. Staple two sets end- to-end for the front and two for the shoulders. Staple the remaining two holders to the top outside of the front and back pieces. Spray paint silver and use yarn or string to lace up sides. Use cardboard and foil to make a shield. Visit links below to learn how to make a knight’s helmet. There are many easy to more involved options on the internet. – –

6 Slay Your Dragon Every brave and valiant knight must be prepared to slay a dragon at any time. A dragon may appear in your campsite with a challenge for the Scouts. The Scouts will defeat the dragon by completing good deeds, picking up trail trash, helping others, etc.

7 A Knight’ Quest This summer Scouts will embark on a Medieval quest. Upon being “knighted” they will begin a search for the treasure, they will train to be strong and brave, they will use knowledge to and teamwork to defeat dragons and will seek the most coveted possession of Cubalot.

8 Training your Knights Did you know that games such as tag, hide and seek, tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, and hopscotch all originated during Medieval Times. Host a Medieval Game night for your Pack! Have the kids make catapults from wood pieces, plastic spoons, and rubber bands. Hold a marshmallow catapult contest to see who can catapult their treat farthest.

9 Campsites Think of your campsite as your CASTLE! Decorate your site with your Pack’s Coat of Arms. Does your castle have a tower or drawbridge?

10 Other Knightly Ideas Change a familiar song – Three Brave Nights (Tune: Three Blind Mice) Three brave knights, three brave knights Stand tall and proud, stand tall and proud Their swords and shields are shiny and bright, For king and country they’re ready to fight, They live by the and stand for what’s right, Those three brave knights. Do a skit or tell a joke Boy 1-What was Camelot? Boy 2-I don’t know, what? Boy 1- A place to park your camel.

11 The Knights Code Sound Familiar? Defend the poor and help those who cannot defend themselves. To HELP other people Do nothing to hurt or offend anyone. The Cub Scout gives goodwill. Be prepared to fight in the defense of your country. Duty to God and my Country. At whatever you are working, try to win honor and a name for honesty. Do your Best. Never break your promise. I, (say your name), promise

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