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Recommendation for Final Draft Strategic Plan 2016-2020 High-Level Seminar on ACSS Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Bogor, Indonesia, 17-18 June 2014.

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1 Recommendation for Final Draft Strategic Plan High-Level Seminar on ACSS Strategic Plan Bogor, Indonesia, June 2014

2 Recommendations On prioritisation – For the most part, prioritisation is not straightforward, and further discussion and consultation are needed and to be guided by the Blue Prints and the ASEAN shared goals. – In areas of major concern on which prioritisation cannot be defined straightforwardly, establishment of an expert group or ‘partnership’ as needs to be explored. On strengthening ASEANstats – The overwhelming demand for ASEAN statistics has again brought to the front the need for strengthening ASEANstats. – Efforts need to expedited on the strengthening of the ASEANstats. – Strengthening ASEANstats staff, for example by establishing an Assistant Director and additional Senior Officer position is recommended.

3 Recommendations On Post-2015 SDGs – Since inputs concerning the goals and targets are still open for discussion until September 2015, the ACSS needs to take part in the process. – It is recommended to put the discussion on the Post Sustainable Development Goals as one of the ACSS Committee and Sub-Committee agendas. – The overwhelming demand for ASEAN statistics associated with the growing initiatives to monitor ASEAN integration, the Post-2015 SDGs, the call for a new generation of ASEAN Scorecard and the emergence of some new frameworks, should be seen as an unavoidable reality that ACSS needs to strategize and to explore its long-term solution.

4 Recommendations On Regional and Global Programmes – Noted the progress in the development of the ASI consolidated template of prioritised indicators - which also incorporate the 20 indicators of the “Core Set of Economic Indicators”- and recommend the update during the Committee’s sessions. – Despite the insufficient attention given to agricultural statistics, the decision on whether ACSS should embark on a broader ASEAN cooperation on agricultural statistics needs further discussion and should be guided by the ASEAN shared goals and Blueprints, and the “Broad Framework”; likewise for ASEAN cooperation on improvement of civil registration and vital statistics.

5 Recommendations On Major Components of the Strategy – Recommend the endorsement of targeting a broader scope of statistics beyond IMTS, SITS, and FDIS while retaining them as the first priority statistics fields. Some areas mentioned include ( – Recommend the endorsement of providing new emphasis on dissemination and communication of statistics – Recommend greater attention for the narrowing development gaps and catching-up strategy.

6 Recommendations On major components (cont’d) – Recommend the endorsement of the following major components : o Institutional strengthening, enhancement and sustainability of the ACSS o Improvement of the response to greater data needs o Enhancing dissemination and communication, visibility, and use of ASEAN statistics o Catching up and narrowing development gaps

7 Recommendations On the Major Challenges to be addressed through the Strategic Plan – The 10 major challenges identified through the Mid-Term Review; – Diversity in statistical development amongst the AMSs – The limited resources to respond to contribute to the discussion on Post-2015 SDGs and regional programme; – Lack of involvement from the entire national statistical system – Ensuring greater investment in statistics, funding from government budget, high-level support, and active involvement of senior management.

8 Recommendations On finalisation of the Strategic Plan – Ensure the finalization of the draft Strategic Plan according to the proposed next steps and time frame; On engagement of concerned partners – Recommend the continued engagement and support of international statistical organisations and development partners in the implementation of the Strategic Plan


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