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Comenius Project 2012-2014 Plan to Preserve this Pretty Planet.

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1 Comenius Project 2012-2014 Plan to Preserve this Pretty Planet

2 Invitation to take part Ovens NS was invited to participate in this project by the project co-ordinator Maria Grazia Cardani who teaches in Lonate Pozzolo in Milan This was based on our previous successful project work Good working relations and good work ethic Ovens NS always worked well in project activities and completed deadlines when required. This is Frosinone in Italy

3 New Project Ovens NS is about to embark on its 3 rd Comenius project 2000-2003 Children’s literature through Fingers We made the film Clann Lir and the DVD of Diarmuid agus Gráinne during this project 2008-2010 Good Behaviour A rainbow that colours our life We made a Multilingual dictionary, a DVD of proverbs, a Comic strip book, an E Book and many other products during this project

4 Is every applicant successful ? Not all applications are approved February 2012 --- application form completed by a small group of people Grace Donovan was part of this group and played a pivotal role in the application process Very rigorous procedures applied to the selection process Lucky that all the other partner schools also got approval for this project

5 Europe in the Classroom We have a really good work plan The ideas and project proposals fulfil the criteria for European Union objectives relating to sustainable development Preserving the planet is a key objective Communication with pupils and staff from other schools is very educational We learn about other cultures

6 Curriculum The work of the project is conducted within the existing curriculum objectives The aims and activities will be planned as part of the broader curriculum A thematic approach to environmental awareness and care is encouraged Activities should be part of the normal school day. Romania is one of our partner countries

7 Guidelines for project Each class select a country for project work Communicate with one of the partner schools Undertake one of the listed activities Research and learn about ESD

8 Participants United Kingdom Birmingham France Italy 2 schools one in Milan and one south of Rome Romania Malta Finland Ireland

9 Comenius School Partnerships We work with partners across Europe We learn together We hear other languages We see how other schools work We see their resources and They learn about our country and Our rich cultural heritage

10 What is Comenius It is part of the European Community’s Lifelong Learning programme Aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages It aims to help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for future employment and for active European citizenship

11 Multilateral partnerships Working in interdisciplinary teams New subject matter Motivation to learn Knowledge of other school systems Positive influence on everyday life in schools ICT competences improved

12 The Four Ps Project Comenius team Pupils committee Staff committee Comenius corner Communicate with partner schools Adopt a site – find a site/place which needs to be improved Improve and change the site

13 Aims of the project To raise awareness of environmental issues To look at the local environment both in the area and in the school To increase communication and knowledge of partner countries To encourage a variety of communication strategies To promote and increase the use of ICT for practical purposes

14 Planned Activities Recycling materials Art creations from recycled materials Art work Famous paintings: Creation of a joint photo/ebook of damaged/ruined works of art Poetry writing Exchanging ideas and project works




18 What can pupils do? They can learn about the countries in the partnership They can suggest activities for the project Pupils can communicate with children from other countries They can ask questions, exchange letters, send information They can have good fun learning about the other schools and seeing how they do things in other countries Polite Paddy in Slovenia

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