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Black Rune For PC, Mac, and Linux For Teens to Adults.

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1 Black Rune For PC, Mac, and Linux For Teens to Adults

2 Summary Axil, The local scoundrel of the town Tiris, meets up with a mage, warrior, necromancer, paladin, druid, and a bard that has the same goal as him….to defeat evil at the source. They embark on a quest to defeat the Shadow Behemoth

3 Character Main Character: Axil Yiltay Character’s Backstory: Axil witnessed the downfall of his village, Tiris, and seeks revenge on the dragon that caused it. Personality: Shady, intelligent, cunning, charismatic How does he respond to challenges?: He responds to dangerous challenges by thinking of a strategy and face the challenge head on but with caution Signature Abilities: Axil uses his dark dragon power to open Rifts to summon Dark Allies, Axil can grow black wings on certain occasions, and he can summon a sword of darkness.

4 Character Art



7 Game World The game takes place in the world of Demacia. The environment consists of forests, mountains, grasslands, wastelands, swamps, and deserts. Forests contain plants, evil enemies, and wildlife. Mountains- Ice Monsters, different types of ore. Grasslands- Grass. Wastelands- A lot of evil monsters. Swamps- Boggy Monsters and different types of plantlife. Deserts- Sand Monsters. Music- New Medieval like music.

8 Gameplay Mechanics Mechanics- Opening doors,Talking to NPC’s, Activating switches, slippery ice, recruiting for your party, Crafting, Sleeping. Hazards- Lava Pit, Fall Damage, Enemies, Poison. Power ups- Armor, Weapons, Runes. Collectibles- Gold(For shopping) Can craft spells and abilities

9 Enemies Type of enemies- Shadow Enemies, Regular Wildlife, Different monsters depending on environment(Slide 4). The Shadow enemies are unique because they channel a small amount of dark magic from the Shadow behemoth himself. Boss Characters- Shadow Behemoth(Dragon), Shadow Lietenant, and occasionally Dark Rift Officers

10 Game Experience Theme- Unforgiving, Hardcore, and Dark. The player sees the Shadow Behemoth destroying his town when he begins the game. Moods- Vengeance, Anger, Sad, and sometimes happy (Especially when the player has a full party of teammates. The music is usually dark and minimal for suspense, but when in a town or a regular forest the music is light and calm. The player navigates the open world game on foot, fast traveling through waypoints, and sometimes on a horse.

11 Gameplay The story is told through the main quests in the game that the player can accept from important npc’s. The game also has crafting and side quests for the player to do for EXP, items, or just gold. The main quests will be in a linear sequence and will be available for the player to do after he or she passes the current story mission.

12 Cutscenes My game has multiple cutscenes in it but usually during or after a main story quest. After talking to a main quest npc or when the player is at a key location a cutscene might appear.

13 Controls WASD- Move Tab-Inventory 1-9- Abilities Esc-Game Menu Space- Activate/Normal Attack

14 Bonus Materials Unlockables: A harder Difficulty, Funny things to put on Axil and other Party members, Onslaught mode.(You should have the Harder Difficulty after completing the game once.) Incentives to play again: 1. New, better, and cooler looking weapons and armor that is better than your first playthrough’s weapons and armor. 2. Harder enemies. 3. New Party members to recruit.

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