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Business Model Presentation Learn. Earn. Share and be Blessed. EAZY EXPRESS INC.

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2 Business Model Presentation Learn. Earn. Share and be Blessed. EAZY EXPRESS INC.

3 Our Story… We are a “team” of dedicated professionals in Traditional Business Management, Information Technology, Sales and Network Marketing Business has formed a group of individuals coming from different background decided to embark into an ambitious undertaking of subscribing to Multi-level Marketing Industry, as we all know that MLM is one of the fastest-growing business industry for the past decades. Our business concept is a unique program specifically designed by focusing on how to improve the lives of our countrymen. Revolving around an innovative network marketing model created as a strategic force responsible in building long-term passive residual income and combining it with a much needed coverage from a reputable insurer, this would clearly aid the growth of financial freedom of all members that can leverage their energy and effort through a small or big number of people. ESURE In order to meet the needs of every individual, EAZY EXPRESS launched its unique business concept which is; ESURE “Secure your FUTURE with ESURE”, to its broad-based group of every member, clientele and focusing as to financial stability and over-all security. As EAZY EXRESS expanded the horizon for business, we aim to top, change and re-shape the world of Network Marketing Industry. Our story starts with every success of our members…

4 EAZY EXPRESS INC., EAZY EXPRESS INC., is formally located at Suite 905 DMG Centre, 52 DM Guevara Street, Mandaluyong City, 1550 CORPORATE OFFICE CORPORATE OFFICEVISION To be a leading service provider and best retailer of convenience in serving people nationwide.MISSION Profitable growth of products and services through innovation, quality and excellent service and commitment to gain success of the company, clients and staffs. COMPANY’S CREDO -Profitability -Excellent Customer Service -Efficiency and Quality of Products and Services -Growth

5 Legalities

6 What is ESURE? In one stroke of misfortune, you will lose all that you’d value most, that’s why family matters and things matters. ESURE was created to offer not only over-all security but giving an opportunity to build a new dynamic people willing to learn something that would benefit them in terms of financial stability and capability. ESURE will help people to understand and deliver the beauty of entrepreneurship concept. ESURE will deliver the concept of Network Marketing Business to every individual, by sharing the business, learning from it, earn something and create a big impact to the world of Network Marketing Industry.

7 Worry-free with ESURE… EAZY EXPRESS Inc., in partnership with Pioneer Life Insurance, one of the leading life insurance company in the Philippines for 60 years in the making.

8 Seven (7) Features of ESURE 1.Personal Accident Cover 2.ReHouse Benefits (Fire, Flood/Typhoon, Earthquake) 3.Burial Cash Assistance 4.Medical Reimbursement 5.Electronic Loading Business (personal discounts for smart, globe and sun) 6.Unlimited Income Opportunity 7.Incentives program

9 What is Accident? An event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause. An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in partially or totally damage or injury.

10 1. What is Personal Accident Cover? Personal accident cover is designed to provide financial help if you have a serious accident or injury, or if you suffer a fatal accident. How does it work? With personal accident cover, you pay a monthly premium which usually remains the same during the length of the policy. You will receive a cash benefit if you have an accident or receive a serious injury during the policy term. The cover also helps to ensure your family are provided for if you have a fatal accident. Personal accident cover usually gives you coverage almost anywhere in the world (T&Cs apply) and medicals aren’t normally required before you take out the cover. You must keep paying your premiums or you will not be covered. If you cancel your plan or stop paying your premiums, you won't get back any payments you've made.

11 2. ReHOUSE Benefits typhoon or flood, earthquake and fire accident This benefit gives the insured individual or member a cash assistance if the declared home address was damaged by typhoon or flood, earthquake and fire accident. The cash assistance is based on percentage damage caused by a calamity or natural disaster. Pilipinas Note: Ang LUGAR na TIRAHAN ay dapat nasa Pilipinas lamang.

12 3. Burial Cash Assistance This benefit gives the insured individual or member a cash assistance if incident happens resulting to death of the insured individual or member. Matatanggap lamang ang Burial Cash Assistance sa declared beneficiary kung sakaling mamatay ang nakaseguro. Ang Burial Cash Assistance ay may contestability period of One (1) year.

13 4. Medical Reimbursement EAZY EXPRESS This additional benefit gives the member a cash reimbursement from the company EAZY EXPRESS one-time benefit Medical Reimbursement is a one-time benefit only for active member(s). Requirements 3 consecutive months Must be an active member for 3 consecutive months

14 5. Electronic Loading Business It facilitates dispensing of airtime credits via web-interface or SMS based. This system can dispense electronic PINs (e-PINs). Any person with laptop, computer or cellphone can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory, sell e-PINs of any brand of prepaid products. LOAD and Cellphone Earn up to 25% rebates on prepaid load.

15 How much will you save in Personal Load Rebates? 20 pesos P600 20 pesos a day x 30 days = P600 P600 x 12months = P7, 200 per year 432 pesos savings!!! P7,200 per year x 6% (rebates)= 432 pesos savings!!! Not bad compared to the interest of the bank… WALANG LOAD?! Buti nalang may Retailer Account ako sa ESURE!!! I can load my phone anytime! Don’t worry! I’ll give you eload, member ako nang ESURE!!!

16 6. Unlimited Income Opportunity Network Marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing “MLM”) today is a 170 Billion pound industry. With over 90 Million people involved and tens of thousands more getting involved each year this type of business is quickly becoming the place to work

17 7. Incentives Program 3 ways to EARN in our Payplan System 1.Direct Sale Bonus 2.Cycle Sale Bonus 3.Indirect Sale Bonus

18 1. Direct Sales Bonus For every ESURE Premium Package you sell, You will earn UNLIMITED P150 for every Direct Sponsor. Don’t LIMIT yourself, the more direct sponsor you have the more people will be blessed and insured. Help others do the RIGHT thing. P150 Up to INFINITY……

19 2. Cycle Bonus Earn UNLIMITED P300 for every two (2) down- the-line group on your active account. P300!!! Cycled, you will earn P300!!! P300!!! You will earn another P300!!! P300 You can EARN as many P300 as you want in a day/week/months!!! NOTE: NOTE: On your second cycle board, you will have a re-entry account back to the first cycle board to earn another P300 Cycle Bonus… First Cycle Board Second Cycle Board Conservative Sample Computation: 15 cycle a day x P300= P 4, 500 per day P4, 500/day x 7 days= P 31, 500 per week P31, 500/wk x 4 weeks= P 126, 000 per MONTH!!!

20 Indirect Sales Bonus 3. Indirect Sales Bonus Earn P10 up to 5th LEVEL on your down-the-line group. More direct sponsor, more Indirect Bonus will be. LEVELNo. of NetworkIndirect CommissionPossible income 15 225P10P250 3125P10P1, 250 4625P10P6, 250 53,125P10P32, 250 Total Accumulated P39, 000 THE POWER OF 5 PEOPLE


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