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George Nelson – “I had a stroke.”

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1 George Nelson – “I had a stroke.”

2 Anthony Latoski

3 Vladimir Shcherbinin

4 During the October 2012 Follow-Up, Julio Ortega presented his compelling experience on how he healed his eyesight with the focus and disciplines he learned at RSE and no longer requires glasses.

5 Ana M. Mihalcea used the Neighborhood Walk® and Blue Body® healing disciplines learned in the School's curriculum to heal herself of cancer markings and additional complications.

6 Michelle Horkings-Brigham, an RSE student for more than twenty-five years, has used Ramtha's teachings to embark on a journey that surprised every medical professional who crossed her path. She reversed menopause and naturally became pregnant at age 51. She also eliminated a cancerous tumor in four days and healed herself in less than six weeks.

7 Christopher Duncklee regrows his finger!

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