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Location: POD 60 Phone: (416) 979 – 5177 Website | | Hours: Mon – Thu 8:30 am – 6:30 pm/Fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

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1 Location: POD 60 Phone: (416) 979 – 5177 Website | Email: | Hours: Mon – Thu 8:30 am – 6:30 pm/Fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

2 Agenda 1.Discovering yourself: Values, Skills, Personality, Interests/Goals 2.Discovering the labour market Networking 3.Identifying gaps in skills/experience 4.Finding ways to fill these gaps: Education and volunteering opportunities 5.Summary

3 “Most job-hunters who fail to find their dream job, fail not because they lack information about the job market, but because they lack information about themselves.” ~ Richard Bolles, Author of What Colour Is Your Parachute?

4 Increasing Your Self-Awareness Values What is important/core to you E.g.) Altruism, work-life balance, independence, job security, etc. Skills What you are good at E.g.) Knowledge in Nutrition, public speaking, 1:1 interactions, program management, etc. Personality Your individual traits, needs, attitudes and work styles E.g.) Extraverted, prefer to follow structure and directions, etc. Interests/Goals What you enjoy doing or want to do/learn more about E.g.) Taking photos, playing basketball, socializing, etc.

5 Make informed career decisions Construct strong resumes with relevant information Better prepare for interviews Present yourself authentically in networking situations An increased sense of self-awareness will help you:

6 What Are YOUR Values? Ethical Workplace Independence Work-Life Balance Income/Job Security Relationships Structured Environment Work Locations Lifelong Learning Professional Status Community Involvement Creativity and Flexibility Others……

7 Skills Technical Skills: Measurable Factual knowledge Specific processes/ procedures Learned during formal training, at school or on the job E.g. Food preparation techniques, knowledge of nutrition and balanced diets Transferable Skills: Talent that can “transfer” from one field of study, job, leisure activity to another Acquired throughout entire life: school, work, volunteering, hobbies E.g. Communication and team work, research, project management

8 What are YOUR Skills? Public Speaking Event Planning Research and Analysis Sales and Marketing Client Counselling/Coaching Cooking/Food Preparation Administration Writing and Editing Community/Team Building Budgeting Curriculum Development Others……

9 Personality Sociable ExtravertIndependent Introvert Structured and LogicalCreative and Spontaneous Competitive LeaderCommunity/Team Builder Big-Picture Thinker Detail-Oriented Implementer Being able to article your styles can help you determine if you are a good fit for your organization/team. In the professional context, your personality is your traits, needs, attitudes, and work styles:

10 Interests/Goals Employers appreciate university graduates who are willing and prepared to learn Ask yourself the following questions as you continue with your studies and embark on your career journey: What do I enjoy doing? What skills can I further develop? How can I do these things and apply these skills in this career field/organization?

11 To discover a career that is suitable for you, and seek and maintain meaningful professional relationships, it is important that you know and can articulate your: VALUES SKILLS INTERESTS PERSONALITY


13 School of Nutrition Alumni Careers Position TitleCompany Food Services SupervisorMount Sinai Hospital Nutrition ConsultantAmbrosia Natural Foods Nutrition AssistantNorth York General Hospital Nutrition & Health Communications AssociateKraft Foods Recipe DeveloperVeg-Pak Produce Senior Food ScientistE.D. Smith Foods, Ltd. Technical and Regulatory Affairs SpecialistWILD Flavours, Canada Product DeveloperLoblaws Program OfficerHealth Canada Nutrition MarketingJamieson Laboratories Projector CoordinatorCanadian Diabetes Association Food Safety CoordinatorEmbassy Flavours Regulatory Affairs SpecialistMaple Leaf Foods, Inc. Dietary TechnicianCAMH

14 Labour Market Information Research Do you have what it takes to enter and succeed in a particular occupation? Is it really your dream job? Consider the following: Education requirements Work environments Salary & benefits Duties & responsibilities Skills required Occupational outlook There are many tools that can help you learn more about these things…

15 National Occupational Classification (NOC) Occupational information tool developed by HRSDC Extensive list of job titles, duties and requirements Web address: You can search for a particular job title to find more information about that occupation or other related positions.


17 Job Bank Web address:

18 Career Cruising 4 Main Sections: Complete Self-Assessments Explore Sample Career Paths Find Education and Training Employment Search Log-in Username:ryersoncruise Password: 00ru01f


20 Networking Online research is a good start, but it cannot replace in- person connections and networking: Involve in on- and off-campus groups Attend networking events and career fairs organized by Ryerson and professional associations in your field Conduct informational interviews with professionals (consider using LinkedIn to find potential interviewees)

21 LinkedIn LinkedIn is a powerful professional social networking tool with many useful functions: Add Connections Find Alumni Search for Jobs Join Groups Check out the Ryerson School of Nutrition Alumni Profession Network group on LinkedInRyerson School of Nutrition Alumni Profession Network Attend the LinkedIn Essentials workshop offered by the Career Centre to learn more

22 Identifying Skills Gap You have done the homework: You’ve learned what you have to offer, and gathered information about a career path. Now what? Requirements for position Skills you can offer Skills Gap!

23 Filling the Gap: Volunteering Develop new skills (e.g. time management), your maturity and sense of self-awareness. Build your network and expose yourself to various career paths and work environments. Be strategic when seeking volunteering opportunities: What skills will you develop in this position, and how will these skills help you in your future career? Is there room to grow in that organization? Challenge yourself and find a volunteer position that has a high level of accountability and responsibility (e.g. serving on boards).

24 Filling the Gap: Education Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) MinorCE Certificate DC Academic Eligibility Work & Volunteer Experience Education Food Service Science Promotion Registered Dietitian Research/ Sustainability Align to Professional Pathways

25 Summary Start Planning Early Stay Open-Minded

26 Connect With the Career Centre! @RyersonCareer Ryerson University Career Centre Contact Information: Location: POD 60 Phone: (416) 979 – 5177 Email: Fall/Winter Hours: Monday-Thursday8:30 am – 6:30 pm Friday8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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