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THE PATH TO A NEW, SHARED NARRATIVE CCIC’s Leaders Forum February 4, 2014.

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1 THE PATH TO A NEW, SHARED NARRATIVE CCIC’s Leaders Forum February 4, 2014

2 Overview of presentation 1.Where we come from: when, why, how? 2.CCIC's Communications Task Force 3.Presentation at the 2013 Leaders Forum 4.Increased synergy in communications and messaging 5.Content of Narrative Toolkit 6.Questions and feedbacks 7.Exercise on how to use the Toolkit 8.Next steps 2

3 Where we come from... CCIC's Annual Forum 2012 Changing environment, both at home and abroad Agreed on need to reframe the way we communicate about international development Need to better connect with, and engage with, Canadians, on issues that are of interest to them IMAGINE Canada starting similar exercise Should we embark in a common campaign? 3

4 Communications Task Force -Created in September 2012, with reps of 12-15 CCIC member organizations -2 main objectives: Share expertise, resources, ideas and lessons learned Develop a new, positive narrative for the sector -Objectives of the new Narrative: Short term: improve consistency of external messaging on international development by CCIC members Long term: Increase public understanding and support for international development; increase Cnd understanding of role of CSOs in international development 4

5 Communications Task Force Between Sept.2012 and Feb.2013: -Scan of our environment -Scan of existing and recent polls -Development of a first outline for a Narrative Toolkit -Development of a first series of key messages 5

6 CCIC Leaders' Forum 2013 Presentation of key messages Discussion of different scenarios for working together Recognition that we need to shape opinions, not only react to what is out there Agreement on "Campaign Hybrid" model 6

7 Increased synergy Campaign to reach out to MPs after CIDA-DFAIT merger Launch of the Ottawa Citizen blog on Aid and Development Mobilization to save the IYIP Program Joint communication for International Volunteer Day Reactions to budget 2013 Stories for International Development Week Reactions to Muttart Foundation survey report 7

8 Content of Narrative Toolkit Key messages Backgrounders on key issues for the sector Impact story gathering tool Examples of stories Reality checks How to use 8

9 Narrative Toolkit/Key Messages Take action on global poverty and inequality Development works. We’ve made progress in addressing poverty. Much more needs to be done. What’s been achieved should give us all hope and spur further action. Empower Canadians as active global citizens Canadians are making a difference. As active global citizens, their efforts are critical to fighting poverty and inequality both at home and abroad. 9

10 Narrative Toolkit/Key Messages Build local-global connections and action Global challenges impact local communities. At the same time, individuals and communities work together, making choices, advocating and driving local, national and global change. Foster effective international development Effective international development fosters self-reliance and resilience. It puts human rights, addressing poverty and environmental sustainability at the core of global development initiatives. 10

11 Narrative Toolkit/Key Messages Strengthen civil society action to achieve life-changing results Canadian civil society organizations work with partners in Canada and around the world to achieve life-changing results for people in developing countries. Five key messages will also be represented as infographics 11

12 Narrative Toolkit/Backgrounders Role of Canadian CSOs in global development Accountability and Transparency of CSOs CSOs advocating for positive change Rules on political activities for charities International development vs humanitarian assistance Focus on Women's Rights and Gender Equality 12

13 Narrative Toolkit/Impact stories Impact story gathering tool Examples of impact story 13


15 Narrative Toolkit/Other How to use the Toolkit: -With members, volunteers, donors, partners -In social media -In traditional media -In campaigns To be completed 15

16 What's new about this? A resource by and for the sector A go-to place to find common and key messages, facts and stats, response to common misconceptions, etc. An evolving, flexible, online resource Complements, builds on comms work of organizations 16

17 Comments and questions? 17

18 Next steps To complete the Toolkit To present and share in webinars Official launch at the May 2015 Annual Forum 18

19 Using elements of the Toolkit Accountability and Transparency of CSOs Advocacy and political activities for charitable organizations 19

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