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Investing in Bright Futures Year 8 Conference Friday 13 th February 2015.

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1 Investing in Bright Futures Year 8 Conference Friday 13 th February 2015

2 Timetable GFri:1 HALLGFri:2 ClassroomsGFri:3 Classrooms Group 1 LHD : Ms HindeEJH: Mrs HorneACE: Mr Crapnell HallLM2 Group 2 SHL : Miss HullACE : Mr CrapnellNPL :Miss N Patel HallC2 Group 3 MW : Mr WalkerNPL : Miss PatelAST : Mrs Stevens HallW24 Group 4 RM: Mrs MoultCJW : Mr WormaldAME: Mr Milthorpe HallC3 Group 5 ID : Mr DoughtyMPL : Mr PatelGD : Mr Dickinson HallS11 Group 6 CT : Mrs TongeCH: Mr HumeAMN : Mr Mason HallS21 Group 7 SLN : Mrs LowndsPBY : Mr BattersbySCN : Mrs Schofield HallL11 Group 8 RBN : Mrs BruenKSH: Mr SheiakhKP : Mrs Park HallL14

3 Conference Aims To make YOU more aware of Careers you may wish to pursue in the future. To help YOU appreciate subject choices can support future careers. To get YOU started in making plans for YOUR own bright futures

4 SESSION 1 : PERIOD 1 PERFORMANCE BY 2ENGAGE 2Engage are a theatre company and will be presenting OPTIONS in the HALL Period 1. The aim is to give students a basic introduction to Options and help them to start thinking about the process and the decisions they will be making shortly.

5 SESSION 2 : PERIOD 2 Objectives: To provide an opportunity for students to explore careers and understand the job as well as the ‘requirements’ to be able to access such careers in the future. ( requirements include; GCSE qualifications, experience, skills & qualities, level of qualifications for post 16 route.)

6 Would you go on holiday without having done any planning ?



9 Specialist areas anaesthetics general practice medicine obstetrics and gynaecology ophthalmology paediatrics pathology psychiatry radiology surgery (including dental surgery) MEDICINE Many students want a career in MEDICINE Do you realise just how many areas of medicine there are and how many jobs there are to be explored? These are just a taste…

10 Maybe you are interested in ENGINEERING ? Have a look for yourself 1. Click onto the school Website 2. Follow the pupils then careers tabs. 3. Click onto CAREERSCAPE and create a login for yourself (See next slide for more information) Do you know how many different types of engineering there are? List them below

11 USE LICENCE Goodread32

12 A-Z Career Challenge Use CAREERSCAPE to help you Find a CAREER beginning with each letter Letter Career area/Job AN B O C P D Q E R F S G T H U I V J W K X L Y M Z

13 Subject links to Careers DID YOU KNOW? For SOME careers you need to have studied SPECIFIC subjects For example MEDICINE To pursue a medical degree at University you will need to have studied Chemistry and additionally two of the following Biology Physics Maths

14 Subject links to Careers DID YOU KNOW? For SOME CAREERS Universities will ask for PREFFERED subjects For example ARCHITECTURE To pursue a degree at University for architecture they look for traditional A level subjects including Mathematics/Physics and another science Art and Design/Design Technology are highly desirable Humanities subjects

15 English LanguageJournalism Mathematics Science PE RE History Geography Languages Business Studies ICT Hospitality & Catering Engineering Health & Social Care Product Design Psychology Sociology Performing Arts Hair & Beauty Media Studies Music Art & Design Have a think which Career each subject MIGHT support.

16 Do I have enough Knowledge of different CAREERS? Do my skills & qualities match those needed for my chosen job What Qualification s will I need to access my chosen career How much could I be earning if I chose to pursue this career area? What subject areas compliment this career area? What experience can I get NOW to help me later?

17 CAREER PATHSCAREER PATHS The next three slides outline CAREER paths for the following; Paramedi c Pharmaci st Mechanic Who are the first healthcare professionals at the scene of an accident or medical emergency. Who are experts on medicines, supply and sell medicines, and advise on their use. Who service vehicles, replace worn & damaged parts and measure how vehicles perform. Can you MATCH them correctly? Do I have enough Knowledge about different CAREERS?




21 You should have completed this in your FORM TIME. Keep it safe for options evening

22 SESSION 3 : PERIOD 3 Objectives: To produce a CAREERS PLAN looking at a specific Career students may wish to access for the future. Students can present this any way they please but it needs to be produced and brought with them to their options evening for use during their guided interview. Teachers: Please escort your students to the HALL at 12.00pm to collect options booklets.


24 Member of the School Band/play an instrument Involvement in Sports TEAMS Librarian WHAT EXPERIENCES will I have to record on MY CV for the future? Represented Smithills in External Competitions Positions of responsibility ( form rep, sports captain, peer mentor ) There are many more you could add. What are you involved in currently ? What do you need to get involved in for a BRIGHT FUTURE? Work experience Involved in Duke of Edinburgh Award Represented Smithills in External Competitions

25 WHAT EXPERIENCES can I record for MY CV currently?

26 Ask your teacher or another member of the class questions to try and uncover which job/career they are pretending to have. You can use the suggested question below if you cant think of any of your own GUESS WHO? Yes/No answers only! 1.Is this an outdoor job? 2.Is this an office job? 3.Are there opportunities to travel with the job? 4.Would I need to work as part of a team? 5. Would I work long hours? 6.Would I need good IT skills ? 7.Would I need good Maths knowledge 8.Would English be a good subject to study for this job? 9.Do I really need good scientific knowledge? 10.Would I need to be able to drive for this job? 11. Do I need to be artistic or creative for this job? 12. Would I need to wear specialised clothing or a uniform? 13. Would I need to work closely with other people? 14.Do I need to do a degree to become one of these?

27 YEAR 8 OPTIONS 2015 Please come to the Hall at 12.00pm to go through your options. At the end of your conference today you will receive your options booklet and form to be able to record your option choices.

28 Guided Options at SMITHILLS Read the options booklet yourself very carefully and also look through together with your parent(s)/carers. Attend Year 8 Parents & Options Evening with your parent(s)/carers on Thursday 5 th March 2015. Use the following documentation at your guided interview to help make the right option choices for you. Your report Options Form activity booklet 2015 ( Investing in bright futures page- subjects you enjoy and do well in) Your Careers plan from the Year 8 bright futures conference


30 Engineering There are even more as you look through CAREERSCAPE

31 A-Z Career Challenge Letter Career area/Job A Anaesthetist N Nurse B BuilderO Optician C ChiropracticP Paramedic D DentistQ Quantity surveyor E EngineerR Radiographer F Forensic ScientistS School attendance officer G GynaecologistT Teacher H HairdresserU Undertaker I Insurance brokerV Vet J JoinerW Warehouse manager K Kennel assistantX L LawyerY Youth worker M Medical technical officerZ Zoo Keeper

32 English LanguageJournalism MathematicsAccountancy ScienceMedicine PESports coaching RETeaching HistoryLaw GeographyLand Surveyor LanguagesInterpreter Business StudiesInvestment banking ICTWeb designer Hospitality & CateringChef / Hotel management EngineeringAeronautical Engineer Health & Social CareNursing Product DesignDesign assistant PsychologyCriminology SociologyPolice Performing ArtsScript writer Hair & BeautyHairdresser/Barber Media StudiesProduction assistant MusicMusic Therapist Art & DesignInterior designer The following SUBJECTS support which CAREERS?




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