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Start The Art of Friendship: Northwest University an VU and Partnership Putting the policy into practise.

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1 start The Art of Friendship: Northwest University an VU and Partnership Putting the policy into practise

2 Our discussion today Aim of presentation is to present the processes and outcomes of the partnership within the context of internationalisation in education Northwest and VU have a longstanding partnership that is based on knowledge exchange. Established in 2008 the partnership comprises study tours, collaborative art exhibitions, joint research framed within an ongoing exchange of ideas about curriculum and research.

3 International perspective and tertiary education Current Buzz words. What do these terms really mean and how do they relate to what we do? Internationalisation Globalisation Global citizenship Intercultural competency

4 Literature What does the literature say about the buzz words?

5 The partnership journey 2008 visit to Northwest by AD International for FAEHD and Megan Chudleigh- Digital Media was mapped against the Bachelor of Digital Art and Animation at NW. 2009 Silk Road Art exhibition in Level 17 Gallery attended by 4 senior staff members from Northwest. 2010 MOU signed between the 2 universities– Liz Harmen and Frank Vincent in attendance at Xian for signing 2011- Study tour -17 students and 2 staff to Northwest for three weeks. 2012-Visit by Northwest University Vice President to VU 2012 Reciprocal visit to Australia by 16 chinese students and 2 staff members ( first such tour undertaken from NW Art School) 2012 Ethics application for joint research project approved 2013 Data collection visit to Xian and data collection from VU students

6 Study Tours 2011 and 2012 VU Undertook a Unit of Study for credit towards degree programs( including lectures and assessment ) 17 students 3 weeks staying at Northwest. Team of 20 Chinese students as partners Attended galleries, historical locations, classes in discipline related areas, social activities” Incredible learning experience, great fun BUT also Dealt with challenges!!!

7 NW China Study Tour to VU

8 But what were the study tours really like? (Montage of pictures and sounds from both study tours)

9 Research Project So we are trying to utilise action based research into the wider context of the literature to attempt to understand the nature and benefits of international experiences within education Methodology of action based and narrative research Basic literature Data collection process

10 What participants said Three main themes are emerging from the data: – New knowledge – Friendship – Self

11 New knowledge –first impressions Traffic Food Language Noise People History Environment

12 New knowledge Learn about other culture’s art – new influences on own creative practice Learn about the way other cultures learn Learn about how others see the world – not just one world view Learn about common cultural aspects World view – it’s a big world, lots out there to see Career choices – better equipped, new skills

13 Friendship Friendship – this was to an extent unexpected or not anticipated Things changed after the ST – e.g. relationships, energised with new or clarified focus Have fun, enjoy, laugh, be passionate

14 Self Challenging assumptions – other people and cultures Personal growth - learn new things about self- independence, confidence, problem solving, tolerance, acceptance, empathy Have fun, enjoy, laugh, be passionate Sought or seeking further international experiences such as exchange and/or travel – “living international lives” where are they now? Career choices – better equipped, new skills

15 Shared conclusions Data shows both challenges and benefits of study tours Study tours are important parts of partnerships (show how…) Ways to improve study tours Connection to the wider context of internationalisation and education

16 Contextualising our processes and our outcomes to the literature (Relate outcomes to literature and relevant institutional policies and aims)

17 Some concluding thoughts about partnerships Both universities appear to have developed a shared philosophy of developing partnerships with offshore universities to build solid and long standing partnerships as opposed to short term partnerships based on expediency. The idea is to focus on ‘quality over quantity’. We believe it’s better to have one partner with a deep relationship rather than several partners with limited understanding and potential for substantial and long lasting mutual benefits. Whilst we understand that international partnerships often involve financial considerations and imperatives, we see this partnership as being about building real friendship. Once a friendship is established the it is easier and more realistic to embark upon meaningful and mutually beneficial activities. That this gives students in the partnership the opportunity to be part of a wider friendship – to learn and grow together.

18 Why is friendship important? There are differences between Chinese and Australian Education and Culture. In education there are different pedagogies, curriculum design approaches, administrative processes and systems and funding arrangements. There are differences in the way we communicate, differences in governance and policy and protocols We can easily stumble along the way so a deeper relationship allows us to be able to work through differences (which at times are challenging) in order to move forward and achieve the goals that the partnerships were established for in the first place.

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