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100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Medieval Literature Pardoner’s Tale Wife of Bath.

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8 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Medieval Literature Pardoner’s Tale Wife of Bath & Miller Prologue Literary Devices

9 Medieval Lit-100 This is the author of The Canterbury Tales. Answer. Game board

10 Medieval Lit-200 Answer. Game board Before The Canterbury Tales, most literature was written in this language, spoken only by the more educated folk.

11 Medieval Lit-300 Answer. Game board The fact that Geoffrey Chaucer was well-traveled during his life allowed him to achieve this with his writing.

12 Medieval Lit-400 Answer. Game board This is why Chaucer is often called the “Father of English Poetry.”

13 Medieval Lit-500 Answer. Game board The Canterbury Tales was written during this century.

14 The Prologue-100 Answer. Game board This is the term for a religious journey similar to the one the travelers embark upon at the beginning of the Prologue.

15 The Prologue-200 Answer. Game board This is the term for a story within a story; The Canterbury Tales is an example of this.

16 The Prologue-300 Answer. Game board This is the challenge the host proposes at the start of their journey.

17 The Prologue-400 Answer. Game board The pilgrims are on their way to visit the shrine of this person (I will accept either the name or the title this person held).

18 The Prologue-500 This is one of the groups of people Chaucer criticizes in his prologue AND this is what he is so critical of. Answer. Game board

19 The Pardoner’s Tale-100 Answer. Game board The three rioters all make a pact to kill this person.

20 The Pardoner’s Tale-200 Answer. Game board This is what prompts the men to begin plotting against one another.

21 The Pardoner’s Tale-300 This is how all three men end up dead by the end of the tale. Answer. Game board

22 The Pardoner’s Tale-400 This is how the advice “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” (from Hamlet) is somewhat relevant to the lesson in “The Pardoner’s Tale.” Answer. Game board

23 The Pardoner’s Tale-500 It is ironic that the Pardoner is the one telling this story for this reason. Answer. Game board

24 Wife of Bath / Miller-100 Answer. Game board From “The Miller’s Tale,” Absalon is tricked into kissing this.

25 Wife of Bath / Miller-200 Answer. Game board The Wife of Bath gets her name from the fact that she has been married this many times.

26 Wife of Bath / Miller-300 Answer. Game board In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” this is why the old woman decides to be both beautiful and virtuous for the knight.

27 Wife of Bath / Miller-400 Answer. Game board In “The Miller’s Tale,” this is how John the Carpenter ends up breaking his legs.

28 Wife of Bath / Miller-500 Answer. Game board In the description of the Miller in the Prologue, it says the Miller enjoys “ribaldries.” This is what a ribaldry is.

29 Literary Devices-100 Answer. Game board The Canterbury Tales as a whole is considered a 17,000-lines one of these.

30 Literary Devices-200 Answer. Game board This is the term given to a situation in which the opposite of what we expect to happen occurs.

31 Literary Devices-300 Answer. Game board This term given to any situation in literature or drama when the reader knows more than one of the characters does.

32 Literary Devices-400 Iambic pentameter has this many syllables per line. Answer. Game board

33 Literary Devices-500 Answer. Game board The “penta” in iambic pentameter is meant to indicate five of this.

34 Medieval Lit-100 A Who is Geoffrey Chaucer? Game board

35 Medieval Lit-200 A What is French? Game board

36 Medieval Lit-300 A [something pertaining to how “realistic” his characters were] Game board

37 Medieval Lit-400 A What is Chaucer’s of use of English as a literary language (previously unheard of)? Game board

38 Medieval Lit-500 A What is the 14 th Century? Game board

39 Prologue-100 A What is a pilgrimage? Game board

40 Prologue-200 A What is a frame tale? Game board

41 Prologue-300 A [each pilgrim will tell 2 tales each way on the journey; the best story wins a free meal/trip] Game board

42 Prologue-400 A Who is St. Thomas a Becket OR the Archbishop of Canterbury. Game board

43 Prologue-500 A Game board [answers may vary]

44 The Prologue-100 A Who is Death? Game board

45 The Prologue-200 A What is the prospect of being rich (they find gold coins)? Game board

46 The Prologue-300 A [two of the men stab the third, and those two drink the poison the third brought for them] Game board

47 The Prologue-400 A (answers may very – must address the fact that friends and money don’t mix) Game board

48 The Prologue-500 A What is he is just as corrupt and greedy as the men in the story? Game board

49 Wife of Bath / Miller-100 A What is Alison’s butt? Game board

50 Wife of Bath / Miller-200 A What are five times? Game board

51 Wife of Bath / Miller-300 A What is because the knight gave her control? Game board

52 Wife of Bath / Miller-400 A [he affixes bathtubs to the roof which will then be cut down when the floods come so he can float along; he cuts the ropes when there isn’t any water and falls to the ground] Game board

53 Wife of Bath / Miller-500 A What is a bawdy or raunchy story? Game board

54 Literary Devices-100 A What is a poem? Game board

55 Literary Devices-200 A What is (situational) irony? Game board

56 Literary Devices-300 A What is dramatic irony? Game board

57 Literary Devices-400 A What are ten syllables? Game board

58 Literary Devices-500 A What are feet (one unstressed and one stressed syllable)? Game board

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