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Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers 1.

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1 Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers 1

2 Advance Manufacturing Technology Centers 2 Asnuntuck Community College Enfield Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson **Statewide Replicated Program

3 Mission of the Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Centers The mission of the Advanced Manufacturing Centers is to offer a variety of credit and non-credit certificate courses in advanced manufacturing for: incumbent workers, displaced workers, returning veterans, current community college students, adult education students, and, technical/comprehensive high school students. 3

4 The Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Manufacturing Machine Technology First Semester CourseCredit Hours Introduction to CAD3 Blueprint Reading I2 Manf. Machinery – Drill Press & Saw1 Manf. Machinery – Grinding2 Manf. Machinery – Bench Work2 Manf. Machinery – Lathe I2 Manf. Machinery – Milling I2 Manf. Machinery – CNC I2 16 Manufacturing Machine Technology Second Semester Course NameCredit Hours Manf. Math II3 Blueprint Reading II3 Principles of Quality Control3 Manf. Machinery – Lathe II3 Manf. Machinery – Milling II3 Manf. Machinery – CNC II3 18 4

5 Additional Competencies Students earn 576 hours of related instruction toward an Apprenticeship. Students earn their OSHA 10 Certificate during their AMC manufacturing program. Continuing in the tradition of a statewide replicated model of the Asnuntuck manufacturing programs. – Asnuntuck Community College is a NIMS accredited site. – The three new Centers began to offer stackable credentialing opportunities through the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS), Fall of 2014. 5

6 Examples of CT Manufacturers United Technologies Corporation Pratt & Whitney Sikorsky Aircraft PEP Lacey Preferred Precision Moore Tool Barden Corporation Orange Research And many others from all regions throughout the State of CT 6

7 Compare meaningful ways to strengthen and enhance connections with industry 7 Greater Involvement with Partners – Do they have a say? YES! Partners Review and assist with the curriculum Industry advisory committees: Statewide Committee, Subcommittee Meetings (monthly, quarterly) Engagement – willingness to hire Partners commit to support credentials, internships, faculty externships, scholarships They support with time, energy and money Real-time involvement re: curriculum, recruitment, retention, planning (Phase II), hiring, other related personnel issues Modification of program from two certificate to one year

8 8 Opportunities to strengthen the manufacturing pipeline

9 9 Continued investment Advanced Manufacturing Centers

10 10 National Institute of Metalworking Skills NIMS Competency based skills assessment tool that meet the industry standards for metal working skills. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Certificate program, in which all students have the opportunity to achieve a (minimum) the following four (4) NIMS credentials upon graduation: Measurement, Materials, and Safety CNC Milling Operator CNC Turning Operator Job planning, Benchwork and Layout. Towards Machine Level I – NIMS credential (11 total) Graduates- of the program earn nationally recognized portable stackable credential Employers -have a tool to differentiate between skilled and unskilled workers before hiring.

11 11 Advanced Manufacturing Centers Enrollment Data June 2014 Level I outcomes as outlined in MOUs between BOR and the Colleges Students Enrolled Fall 2013 Level 1 Fall 2013 Student Completions Student enrollment Level I spring Students Complete Level II Spring 2014__________ Student completed Level I Spring 2014 Graduates Internships Employed summer of 2014 Industries employed All AMCS Top 10 Industries employing graduates Housatonic CC 3330 2926 1322 Tool and Die General Mfg. Aerospace Stamping Automotive Medical Device Plating Molding Construction Comm lighting Naugatuck Valley CC 4438 ___________ 21 in level I 38 ________ 17 level II 34 2730 Quinebaug Valley CC 5147 44 2841 Asnuntuck CC 196181 109 1899 TOTAL: 323327323213 86192

12 12 Advanced Manufacturing Centers Enrollment Data Fall 2014 Advanced Manufacturing Centers Student Enrollment Fall 2014 __________________ These include students in first semester, 2 nd semester and part- time students in the credit certificate program Student Enrollment Spring 2014 _______________ Students who graduate Students Employed Summer 2015 Housatonic CC 44 Naugatuck Valley CC 57 Quinebaug Valley CC 30 Asnuntuck CC 200 TOTAL: 331

13 13

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