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Binder Assignment-DBQ

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1 Binder Assignment-DBQ
“I contend that we [Britons] are the first race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honourable race the world possesses.” CECIL RHODES, Confession of Faith 1877 According to Cecil Rhodes, what is the duty of the British? What does this passage reveal about the attitude of many Europeans during this time?

2 Lesson 1: Africa Unit 9 - Imperialism
Europeans embark on a new phase of empire building that affects both Africa and the rest of the world. Textbook Correlation: Chapter 27 sections 1 & 2

3 Today’s Standard MWH-7.1 Analyze the relative importance of economic and political rivalries, ethnic and ideological conflicts, social class, militarism, and imperialism as underlying causes of World War I and World War II, including the role of nationalism and propaganda in mobilizing civilian populations around the world to support the two world wars.

4 Essential Questions Why did Europeans begin colonizing Africa?
What were the effects of this colonization?

5 Nations Compete for Overseas Empires
Imperialism—seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country Europeans wanted to control all aspects of their colonies: political and social lives of people shaped economies to benefit Europe wanted people to adopt European culture or assimilate

6 Forces Driving Imperialism
Industrialization led to need for raw materials Nationalistic pride and competition Belief in European Superiority Racism—belief that one race is better than others Social Darwinism—survival of the fittest applied to human society White Man’s Burden: European’s duty to “civilize” the rest of the world

7 Binder Assignment- DBQ
Read the Primary Sources on page 785 in your textbook and answer the following questions. According to Hobson (A) what mistake did European imperialists make in Asia? Is Jules Ferry (C) for or against imperialism? What does the cartoon in source D suggest about the cartoonist’s view on imperialism?

8 Europeans initially stayed near the coast Obstacles to Exploration
Early European-African Interaction Europeans initially stayed near the coast Obstacles to Exploration African Armies Rivers Diseases Missionaries and explorers were the first to go into the interior of Africa

9 Binder Assignment- Reading Comprehension
Read “Factors Promoting Imperialism in Africa” on page 775 in your textbook. What advances/technologies allowed Europeans to overcome the following problems with entering Africa’s interior? What allowed them to defeat African armies? What allowed them to navigate African rivers? What allowed them to resist malaria?

10 Africans were divided by language and culture
Factors Promoting Imperialism in Africa Technologies Maxim Gun: first automatic machine gun Steam Engine: transportation on rivers Quinine: drug that protects from malaria Africans were divided by language and culture Discovery of gold and diamonds

11 “Scramble for Africa” King Leopold II of Belgium
Acquired land in Congo Brutally exploited Africans; millions died Competition between European countries almost led to war Berlin Conference 14 nations agreed on how to divide Africa African nations were not consulted Most African resistance failed due to European weapon superiority Ethiopia: only nation to successfully resist European control

12 South Africa Shaka Zulu chief Created a centralized state around 1816
Defeated by British in 1887 Boers Dutch farmers Took Africans’ land Clashed with British over land and slavery The Boer War ( ) Between British and Boers British won Boer republics united to form South Africa

13 The Sun Never Sets WORD BANK Class Work: Flocabulary Boers
Listen to the lyrics and fill in the blank on the right hand side of the page with the appropriate word. The song will play twice. WORD BANK Boers Cecil Rhodes Colonized Diamonds India Quinine Raw Materials Sepoys Shaka Zulu Social Darwinism Steam Boat White Man’s Burden

14 The Legacy of Colonial Rule
Negative Effects Africans lost land and independence, many lost lives Traditional cultures broke down Division of Africa created problems that continue today Positive Effects Colonialism reduced local fighting Sanitation improved; hospitals and schools created Technology brought economic growth

15 The Legacy of Colonial Rule
Economic Changes Based on extracting raw materials Businesses develop cash-crop plantations Great Powers Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Italy, and France competed for territory Began amassing weapons Built large armies Led to the first World War



18 Binder Assignment-Check on Learning
Why did Europeans begin to colonize Africa? What obstacles did they have to overcome and how did they overcome them? What was the only African country to successfully resist European imperialism? List three effects of European imperialism in Africa.

19 Lesson Extender

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